Apartments are better than houses.

  1. If I could live by myself in an apartment I'd move my family in. The problem is that since most of the "good" neighbors wanna live in a house, the remainder are people who won't own a house, and they disproportionately are loud and or criminals (at least more than house owners.)

  2. FR I've realized that the closer my neighbors are, the less I like them. I've made it a point to make as little contact as possible until I settle into a more permanent place.

  3. Yes but apartment living has 24/7 maintenance and upkeep. I live in a Senior living apartment complex and my neighbors are as quiet as a mouse. It suits me just fine and the cost is well worth it.

  4. Add all the money spent on your car and the fuel you need to go anywhere. Plus you need to think about cities in France, not as you know in your own country (especially if you are in the USA).

  5. Ugh, in the US apartments are not sound proofed well enough so you can always hear your neighbors. I’d much rather have a house with a multi car garage and a yard.

  6. I live in a house and I can hear EVERYTHING outside. It was built approx 30yrs ago and I stg this damn house was constructed with papier-mâché and wishful thinking; it’s the only explanation.

  7. I can hear the guy that lives above me as he walks to the bathroom. Then I can hear the piss come out of his dick and flow into the toilet. Then I can hear him flush. Then I can hear him walk back to his couch.

  8. Ugh I once lived in one where the tenant on the floor above me was an old man and you could hear him take his daily liquid shit every morning right above the bedroom. It was so disgusting.

  9. Exact same experience. When the upstairs neighbors first moved in, they would keep their music turned up into the deep hours of the night and I had to resort to the Ole broom stick to the ceiling to shut them up (although I don't own a broom but rather a funky giraffe cane I purchased a year ago) and eventually they stopped but there's like 6 kids/2 families (I think but I haven't seen any of their cars in months but they're still there...) and those stupid little kids are always running and stomping and I can also hear when they beat the absolute dog shit out of their kids too (screams, smacks, a LOT of yelling) and I'm positive the wife/gf is also being hit too so it's just a whole fucked up situation but I still have a year left :/

  10. You feel safer in an apartment? I’ve had way more altercations at home while living in an apartment as opposed to living in houses.

  11. What kind of altercations are you getting into? I've lived in apartments before and I wouldn't say I've ever had an altercation with a neighbor.

  12. I do feel safer. But then again, this my opinion. An unpopular opinion, it seems. So yea, that’s debatable

  13. I think they might mean safer from strangers compared to living in some house by yourself, particularly in a rural area. I can get behind that logic.

  14. I lived in an apartment with a backyard. It was rather small, but it did have a shed and a garden (well, a lawn with outdoor furniture where you could make small parties).

  15. Apartments are better if you live alone, are in a relationship, have ONE child, are in a relationship and have ONE child.

  16. I live in an apartment and have a dog like million of other dog owner. Absolutely no problem, because my dog gets 3 daily walks, where we often meet other dog owners walking their dogs. If my dog would be restricted to a yard most off the time, the poor guy would go crazy from boredom. And walking my dog in every kind of weather is good for my health too.

  17. US here. I like the idea of an apartment but I haven't had a decent landlord in like 20 years. I know I'm going to move when my lease is up and I'm looking into my options to buy.

  18. Good luck to you. I had always rented because I feared the hoops I'd have to jump through to get a mortgage. I had a customer (new young real estate agent) that hounded me every time she came in about how easy buying was. Turns out she was absolutely right. Wish I had bought earlier in life. My mortgage is only ~70% of my old rent. Even with utilities and a hired lawn mower guy, it's still cheaper. I have double the space. I answer to no one. Have no fear of rent hikes or bugs from neighbors.

  19. What I like about apartments is leaving for long periods of time and it being least likely to be broken into. Not saying it doesn't happen but people tend to notice faster when a home owner or renter is gone for a week or month than with an apartment.

  20. Controlled access building, no direct ground level access from outside (e.g. windows), will be loud/noticeable if they try to break my door down. And not many people would be able to match my vehicle to my specific apartment unit to know if I'm home or not.

  21. The biggest reason houses are superior is neighbors. Without fail, every apartment I’ve lived in had at least one shitty neighbor and that goes for a lot of people I know who have also lived in apartments. Last apartment I was in the neighbor below me was a “music producer” and off and on from 11am to 2am some days he would be pumping bass loud enough to shake things on my dresser. Owners refused to deal with it. He also smoked weed all the time which would make its way into the vents of my bathroom. At the time I had a schedule where I had to be up at 7am 5 days a week. It was a literal nightmare.

  22. Oh my god did we have the same neighbor? 10pm til 4am some nights and it didn't matter how many times I called the security company to report it or how many certified letters I sent the property managers.

  23. Houses have bad neighbors too. The difference is that with an apartment, neighbors change often, while with a house youre stuck with that neighbor. The point goes to apartments on this one.

  24. I love living in an apartment. Super modern, floor to ceiling windows, view of the city, tons of amenities including a pool and fitness center. Having friends that you can just walk over to. A house just isn’t the same experience.

  25. Yes!! I bought a condo and buying a condo is 100% better than buying a house. Things like the roof, sewer, and exterior are not only on you to repair, everyone contributes to it so the cost to you is lower. They’re more affordable and most have decent soundproofing so you don’t hear the neighbors too much. Still able to paint and renovate certain things. Plus it’s a better use of space than single family housing.

  26. Home mortgages are a locked in price. Rent goes up regularly. Within a few years of home ownership rent will have surpassed the price of a mortgage payment. Plus mortgage payments build equity. Apartments are better for people that need mobility especially if their work moves them a lot but home ownership has serious advantages in the long run.

  27. Exactly. I’ve only been in my house for a little over a year and my mortgage payments on a 3 bedroom home are cheaper than what renting a 1 bedroom apartment would be now. Judging from what similar properties in the same neighborhood are selling for now, the value of my home has increased significantly more each month than the amount of my payments. Unless someone needs to be prepared to move for work like you mentioned, I see no reason not to buy if you can afford a down payment. Even if I did unexpectedly have to move, by selling my home I’d at least walk away with something to show for it.

  28. Ikr! Like what the last horror movie you remember that took place in an apartment? All the damn horror movies are in big ass nice looking houses!

  29. I noticed that too from American horror movies. That's why those movies from elsewhere (such as Japanese) don't usually have those themes.

  30. I mean renting is cool because I don't pay water, trash or taxes. I'd say it's less responsibility. Only problem is it's not an asset. Buying a condo with low HOA fees is best to me but you could have shitty neighbors.

  31. Where I am, it seems apartments have started charging their tenants for water, sewer, and garbage. And also charging extra for a parking space for your car.

  32. Where I live in Kansas almost all the apartments charge you for water, trash, and sewer every month. Trash is the same for all units, but water/sewer is individually metered for each unit.

  33. I have a condo and it's sweet. Ground maintenance, plowing, water, trash all taken care of. On site laundry provided. My mortgage+condo fees are about the same as my old apartment building charges for rent now. Condos are pretty awesome.

  34. When I rented I still paid trash, electricity and water. Also you can never upgrade your place without getting a monthly charge to go with it. If I upgrade my house, I just get to enjoy the improvement without raising my mortgage.

  35. Except that with apartments, you lose your money when you pay rent. Houses gain value over time, making them more of an investment.

  36. I always found those gigantic suburban neighborhoods in the US and in many other aglo-saxon countries really disturbing and alienating. I'm from Italy, cities here are much smaller and compact, we have suburbias but they are very small.

  37. No. My SO and I moved from a 3 bedroom, 1000 sq. ft house with a huge backyard into a 700 sq. ft apartment that costs $300 more per month in rent. I hate the apartment. It's noisy and there is zero storage space. Give me a house any day over an apartment.

  38. I personally dream of a huge garden to grow flowers and fruit in, so apartments aren't really my thing

  39. In the US, in general, mortgages are usually cheaper than rent. This depends on a lot of factors including your credit, where you live, when you're buying (the market has lots of ups and downs though seasons) but again in general, a mortgage is cheaper.

  40. In just the short year I've lived at my apartment I've experienced. •loud neighbors at nightime •15 parking lot car break-ins •1 attempted break in •nosy neighbors complaining to management about trivial matters •threats of eviction from said management for trivial matters and no ability to paint or hang up whatever I want on my own walls so yes. Definitely unpopular.

  41. In the US the walls are paper-thin, in the rest of the world they are usually made of stone/concrete, so I've never had this problem.

  42. I live in a house that's been split into two apartments. It's got the benefit of only having 1 neighbor in the property and we have a backyard.

  43. I knew a lot of people would disagree with this so I don’t mind you thinking this is a bad opinion, but thank you :D

  44. Most apartments are not adequately sealed from each other. As a kid, we always had a problem with neighbor's cigarette smoke coming through our vents. Nowadays fewer people smoke tobacco, but the scourge of vaping & marijuana is upon us, so if you have medical reactions to the stuff or even just don't like the smell, you're screwed. Add to that the superpowered laundry fragranced products we have now, which means if your apartment complex has a W/D in every unit, you're stuck breathing laundry fumes from all your neighbors.

  45. This is a view shared by many Asians. It's quite nice to have a modern apartment with all mod cons in a safe well maintained building in a nice part of town, rather than a house which is more suburban.

  46. I live in a condo right now and it's fine. But once you have kids, an extra room and some outdoor space is nice.

  47. Lived in an apartment for almost 10 years while saving up to buy a house. Owning a home can be expensive, and some of the work can be a pain, but I have no interest in living in an apartment again.

  48. Absolutely not my opinion. We have lived in apartments (quarters) with paper thin walls and no privacy and even once with a mentally ill neighbor who went off her meds and terrorized the entire building - except me (but that’s another story).

  49. Until your drunk neighbor starts a kitchen fire and almost causes everyone you live next to, to be homeless.... Yeah, apartments are awesome. Lol

  50. I'd love to live in an apartment one day. The one I'm looking for is up in the mountains on a private road, about 5 acres of forest. Maybe 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 bath, an outdoor fireplace, and no neighbors within eyesight or hearing distance.

  51. If you luck out with a little or no wall sharing then I'd agree. The biggest difference is the house is an's like a savings account you can live in

  52. Same. I’m too paranoid to live in a house where there are multiple entrances for robbers/ killers/ rapists. I like being able to go downstairs and buy literally anything I need within minutes without taking a car or other transport. I like the feeling of having people around— i hate deafening silence and loneliness. I like not having to care or worry about water, trash disposal, external maintenance etc.

  53. Houses = a man with family and responsibilities. A unit that comes together towards a common goal, a unit with its own little quirks and idiosyncrasies. An apt= a dude with a bunch of other dudes sharing or a couple with a new start going to tulip festivals and shit, a couple who probably won’t stay together until next Halloween cuz she fucked a baguette and a pantomime clown who was somewhat good with an accordion 😂

  54. Your post may be applicable to where you live, but in many many other places, most of what you say is just wrong.

  55. Agree. A lot of rich people whine about not being able to afford a house, like that's the finish line of success and happiness 🤣🤣

  56. Agreed! That's why I have a villa (like a big duplex) instead of a traditional single family home. I'm also a fan of urban density to help stop the sprawl.

  57. I have no desire to own a home ever. I love my apartment because if something goes wrong, my landlord takes care of it. No need for the stress of owning a house, besides, I move often so it really wouldn't be practical

  58. As someone who just moved into a house from an apartment at the beginning of the year, I would like to say, respectfully: ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT. My little house is 3 bedrooms instead of 2, I have a yard with a fence, my floors are not literally falling apart and the paint doesn’t come off the walls if you look at it wrong. I would’ve burnt my apartment to the ground if I could have. Fuck apartments. Houses are more responsibility and more maintenance but they’re so worth it.

  59. If I could buy an apartment I would gladly do so. I don’t like houses. Yes houses can gain equity but with COL going up house ownership doesn’t seem likely for me unless I inherit my grandmas house and even then I don’t like it cause I hate my home city.

  60. They’re better for the landowner and apartment manager since they make more money per square foot per person than if you moved into a house.

  61. Ah yes, a person who hasn’t lived in enough apartments to encounter neighbors that are actually malevolent creatures carved in hell. Wait til you get there my friend, you will grow to resent them.

  62. You buy a house, it’s yours. No rent. No landlords. People are just too lazy/and or dumb to take care of their house.

  63. Yeah I love spending money monthly but in the end I'm left with nothing to show for it and I move out instead of being able to sell the house I bought. Oh wait no I don't.

  64. Buying isn't the investment people think it is. Renting is fine and shouldn't be looked down upon. Its all individual though. A family in an apt would probably not agree with you. I had a roommate with three boys. It wasn't always fun there....

  65. Not everything needs to be about maximizing efficiency. They might be a waste of space in a small, densely populated country but the US has plenty of space to spare.

  66. Personal opinion obviously. But, yeah, I’d prefer a flat in a decent building. Having everything on one level instead of having to go up and down the stairs to get between rooms is a big plus, and I really wouldn’t want a garden, far too much trouble no matter how small it is.

  67. Everything has its pros and cons. Apartment is cheaper and easier to maintain than house, but house gives you more privacy and freedom.

  68. Not having to care for and maintain a yard has advantages as well. If apartments are well built you can have decent privacy and heating or cooling becomes a more shared expense with everyone.

  69. I just bought a house and my monthly payment is cheaper than the rent my friend pays for a one bedroom apartment. I have a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house on 0.4 acres. I’m excited to be doing house shit. I have started to hate having neighbors in every fucking direction.

  70. Don't you hate that there are cases of mortgages lower than rent and yet they tell you cannot afford a home

  71. I live in a small studio apt there are 6 units in the building.. The building was originally a boarding house. But it's pretty quiet unless you walk the hallway to go downstairs. Then the Nieghbors dogs bark. The rent is $600 with all bills paid. I do miss having a house out in the country but at least it's still pretty quiet here. And the building is at the corner of 2 busy State Hwys

  72. I bought my house a few years ago at 23 with my Gf we grew up in poverty and lived in apartments with others our whole life until me maintenance is not bad the only thing i have had so far as a problem is my fridge line leaking water and my In home AC breaking down ( nothing a window fan or Ac can't fix).... When you buy a house sure it's work to maintain but honestly it's not different than an apartment lol i never understood people who say to rent. Rent is not cheaper, at least where i am. i live in colorado and most apartments go for the same price if not more than im paying my mortgage...

  73. Also apartments usually mean being closer to actual amenities you care about. Otherwise you need a car for legitimately everything

  74. I like my property, garage and not sharing walls with other people. But if we all liked the same stuff the world would be a boring place.

  75. In America, home ownership means paying for maintenance, utilities, and property taxes, which, if you're still paying a mortgage, almost always means higher payments than you would make renting a similar place. It's not worth it.

  76. As my apartment is implementing a new policy that I have to ask permission from the management to have a visitor pass, and they can only stay for 3 days in a row for 6 days a month MAX.

  77. Apartments might be easier and rent cheaper, but that rent goes down the drain where a mortgage builds equity.

  78. I would agree with you that apartments are easier as you aren't responsible for the major structural aspects of the building (roof, foundation, outside walls, grounds/yard). I went with the middle ground in the US and got a condo, so I own my unit within a building with other units. I'm free to change anything inside that isn't structural to the rest of the building, so like if I wanted to change the layout, install hardware, take down walls, etc. and sell it.

  79. i feel way safer in my house in the middle of my suburban neighborhood than I ever did on my apartments on busy streets. so much theft and shady people always hanging around the apartments.

  80. I've heard my down stairs neighbors have loud ass porn star sex at wild hours of the night. Recently they've been yelling at each other because one is cheating on the other.

  81. Maybe it’s different in France it it’s different depending on the apartment structure. I share walls and floors/ceilings with my neighbors and we always get drawn into their drama. People always have shady people coming over and what not, extended family members coming over running around, people getting into arguments. Sharing laundry room space and a parking garage is not fun either. It’d be nice to be separated a little bit of a yard at least.

  82. I agree, at least for a nice apartment in a tall, secured building with soundproofing where you can't hear your neighbors. Picture a downtown hotel or a loft rather than a regular paper thin walls apartment.

  83. Fully depends on where the apartment is and how good management is. At my complex, there is animal feces (both dog and cat) everywhere, and management doesn't care.

  84. find me an apartment with no neighbors where i can store my 24 ft boat, ATV, RV, Trailer and 2 cars and i dont have to pay a monthly HOA fee and i will agree with you.

  85. Might be a France thing. Here in America, apartments are typically pretty bad quality and even a crappy house would be preferable entirely thanks to knowing you don't have any neighbors directly above or below you

  86. A decent apartment costs as much as a mortgage, puts you around random people you don’t know and in busy areas not sure how that makes you feel safer, I’ll concede it’s easier to maintain but that’s all they got, and that’s because you have less room more so than anything

  87. I agree with you, but in America people love “freedom”, space and status. That’s why owning your own home in integral part of the fairytale that is the American dream.

  88. My apartment surprisingly somewhat soundproof, though my apartment is in a multi-family Victorian home, not an apartment building.

  89. In the US prices are going up drastically for renting apartments and houses, although I prefer a house because the apartment buildings here are absolutely shit with sound proofing unless it was a refurbished car parking garage to apartment structure. Those are usually concrete and are quite lovely with the silence.

  90. I have 1/2 an acre for my dogs, and my house has spent the last 3 years out-earning my wife and I each year. I’m not upset that I own it and can later sell it.

  91. I just moved into an apartment last year and it's the first time I've lived in an apartment in over 30yrs. There are pros and cons. Building is only six years old so the sound proofing is good. I never hear my neighbors. My unit is fully self contained so I have my own laundry machines and I have air conditioning which is nice but it does make my electric bill high. I'm on the main floor and I have a cute patio that is big enough for a full set of patio furniture and a barbeque. I also enjoyed the heated underground parking this pass winter. Things I don't like are that there are a ton of rules. I mean some rules are good but they bitch about everything here and they had out fines when rules are broken. I miss having windows on various sides. My unit doesn't get the sun until about 4 in the afternoon and in the winter the sun was already setting by that time. My old house had west and east facing windows so there was always sunshine somewhere in my house. I miss having space. My apartment is a 2 bedrooom, I live alone but I work from home so the 2nd tiny bedroom is my office. The apartment is cute but it's so little and and I'm always having to find new ways to create storage. I miss having a yard for my dog. Now I have to take her out for every potty break. That really sucks in the cold and the rain.

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