I have never seen an attractive person wearing transition glasses

  1. The last time I went to the eye doctor I asked about transition lenses. I hate wearing my contacts at this point due to allergies, and I really didn’t give a shit if I looked “silly” or “old” with the transition lenses (I am a male and was 26 at the time). My doctor told me it might be a better route to just get prescription sunglasses.

  2. I have transition glasses and they're definitely not enough for summer mid day or driving. So yeah sometimes it reaches a point where you actually need proper sunglasses.

  3. I got mine from LensCrafters. When I asked for Transitions, the lady helping me looked me over, frowned, and checked a box on the computer. Now I know what she was doing.

  4. I’m a goddamn walking ad for Zenni. I’ve gotten all my friends, family and coworkers to order from them!!

  5. I won't lie friend, transition glasses look absolutely terrible on most people. Glasses that look good, look terrible as sun glasses.

  6. I got them because prescription sunglasses are a pain in the ass to purchase and then carry around if I want to switch back to regular glasses. I also have clip on shades because I am absolutely hideous and need to distract people from the urge to throw up when looking at me.

  7. Why buy a pair of prescribed sunglasses if transition glasses are an option? If you wear glasses only for reading purposes or don't truly rely on them to see, then maybe a pair of sunglasses actually makes sense.

  8. me too but I'm in denial about my level of attractiveness. I like to think I'm cute, and who cares if it isn't what OP considers "cool", what's not cool is losing my sunglasses because I don't remember where I put them when I go indoors.

  9. I love my transition lenses. Do they look a little odd. Kind of like someone wearing baggy cargo shorts? Yes but I still won't give them up. The amount of eyestrain the transition lenses have saved me from is immeasurable. OP is just salty his parents didn't get transition lenses for them.

  10. I do regret my transition lenses I had from my teen years. In every picture of me with them I don't care for that slightly dark look indoors.

  11. Yes I am ugly and I have transition glasses because not wanting to have to bring my glasses with my when I am outside, then switch when I go on stores or something. As an ugly person I don't have time for that nonsense. I had a pair of prescription sunglasses but after a week with the hassle of bringing a bag with my regular glasses in them and then switching when going into the mall and switching back, or choosing to being blinded by the sun. I gave up. Its a time saver, time I use to do to more ugly people stuff.

  12. Beautiful people simply don't understand that being ugly is an all-day affair; and if we don't do it, who will?

  13. I believe he is the last person holding the transition lens infrastructure in place. When he goes, it all goes.

  14. I don't think they're transitions, pretty sure they're just slightly tinted which is pretty bitchin' also its Jeff Goldblum so he could wear almost anything

  15. Literally just trying to see outside and not have to pay for prescription sunglasses does my guy just want to cause me more eye damage

  16. My daughter has to wear transitions. She has a coloboma. So the pupil in one eye is almost cat like, it goes down to the bottom of her iris. Because of this her pupil can't contract to filter light out. She's extremely sensitive to light. Transitions have been a life saver. We don't have to switch between glasses and sunglasses and don't have to buy two pairs of prescriptions.

  17. My partner has transition glasses and it’s uh…something. He’s a very attractive man to me but the lenses slowly darkening when we go outside, he really goes from a 10 to an 8.

  18. Yeah I don't consider myself unattractive... but I definitely feel that my transition glasses do not look good and RX sunglasses would look better. But it's just so much easier and idgaf. I had the rx sunglasses for a few years and carrying them around was annoying. I have no regrets to getting transitions.

  19. Apparently only ugly prople want that, by what OP says. Attractive people don't care about being blinded by light. They already have good look, they don't need good sight too. 😆

  20. My mom does too. I think op probably just had a shitty ex who wore them and is now biased against a normal thing (If I wore glasses I’d get transitions, I always forget my sunglasses lmao) for a dumb reason

  21. I was an ugly kid and am now an ugly adult. Got Transitions on my last pair and realized they upped my dork factor by 10 times. I declined them for my new pair.

  22. This is a perfect unpopular opinion.. half the people agree and half the people are personally offended that you would state an unpopular opinion in unpopular opinion. Sounds about right.

  23. This isn't even gatekeeping it's just nonsensical. Like saying "only fat people use bar soap. Everyone else uses liquid."

  24. When I think about transition lenses, the very first image that comes to mind is Jeffrey Dahmer. Not sure why but maybe he's got similar associations.

  25. You probably don't realize that they're transitions. This isn't the 80s... they go from light to dark, and back, in about 5-10 seconds.

  26. You can take any frame you want and put prescription lenses in them. In fact I often go to designer frame makers with my yearly prescription for my glasses each year.

  27. I used to wear these, absolutely hated them for so many reasons, number one being that they made me look terrible. It's not that only unattractive people wear them, it literally makes people look unattractive.

  28. $15 for transitions or $400 for another set of prescription glasses (because your vision insurance only pays for one pair and the internet glasses place never gets your glasses right.) I find someone good with money to be very attractive.

  29. Costco, man. You will never believe how little they charge, even for progressives. You'll realize that paying $400 for a pair of glasses is for chumps.

  30. This one actually cracked me up. I’m sorry, but they are sooooo dorky—and not in the Velma way. Like, big glasses can be very cute and even hot. Transitions are …. not

  31. I agree with this more than the original comment. I don’t know about unattractive per se, but anyone I’ve seen with transitions has certainly been a huge dork.

  32. damn i just don’t wanna have to choose between the sun assfucking my eyes raw (astigmatism gang) vs. being literally blind with sunglasses.

  33. The title made me crack up! I wouldn't go so far as to say only unattractive people wear them, but I will say you lose sex appeal to me if you wear them. I think they're hideous. Handy, but ugly.

  34. Stupid opinions is the reason I'm here. Most of them are just angrily stated common opinions.

  35. No fucking way, I got my glasses a week ago and my friend was shitting on me for getting transitions glasses. I should've never went on Reddit today, fuck this, fuck you, fuck me this is personal. Why so much violence on a Monday?

  36. I refuse to believe someone is out there keeping tabs on strangers walking outdoors and taking note if their glasses transition or not, and relating that to their attractiveness.

  37. LOL what made you think that? Us, people who aren't able to see without glasses, deserve the right to be comfortable in the sun too!

  38. My friend told me once that he considered getting transition lenses, but then he thought about how much I would make fun of him and decided not to. I realize that makes me sound like an asshole, but I just responded “You’re welcome”

  39. You would think with time they would find ways to make the transition glasses more attractive. But no, it's not just the fact they transition but the frame styles too!

  40. OP, do you live in Seattle or something? I lived there for a few years and they are mostly unnecessary, but transitions are a godsend in Utah. It’s way too bright a lot of the time without sunglasses or equivalent and transitions are way more convenient than prescription sunglasses and look way better than the clip on things for glasses (which are also easy to lose).

  41. This isn't even an opinion; this is an observation. And I have no idea how you observed it because I can't remember a single time I have noticed someone wearing transition lenses, let alone enough times to see a trend in their looks.

  42. I think you may have hit on something here. This may very well be a brand new way of body shaming, discriminating against people for no reason.

  43. I realized before i got them that they are very cheesy in a sense but the functionality is a godsend in Florida at least. Also 34 so idc at all if someone wants to judge my glasses

  44. Well do you ask every attractive person with glasses if their glasses are transitions or you stalk them and wait them to go both indoors and outdoors? . . . I think it's probably second one

  45. I honestly only know one person with transition lenses, are you like a door greeter? Like I don't know how you know someone has transition lenses unless your spending a legitimate amount of time watching people walk into buildings.

  46. It’s been a few years since I worked as an optician, but you know, it seemed like only older people or those that really didn’t appear to care about looking polished and stylish were the majority of Transitions buyers. Maybe I also had the same feeling as OP but I just never actually put a thought to it until now. That was like 15 years ago so basically a new generation could be completely different about them now

  47. I don't think you socialize much, or you have a near-incel level standard of beauty. They exist; they just don't appeal to your whimsical standards.

  48. My optometrist once talked me into transition lenses. The first day I had them I felt so self conscious when walking into work that I just took them off until they were done transitioning.

  49. I read this as every attractive person you have met with transitional lenses has never invited you indoors and nor out anywhere with them. Im sorry

  50. My husband and I call them Virgin glasses. I had them in high school for a year or so and they did not help my love life either.

  51. I’ve noticed this as well. However, I would say that it’s not unattractive people per se, but that transition lenses definitely make the wearer way less attractive. Sorry folks - those things are damned ugly. Get prescription sunglasses. They are infinitely better.

  52. This post made everyone mad because they know. Real stereotypes hurt, this one's just a new one I haven't really thought of, but i know several unattractive people in transitions, usually from middle school, they kinda aged outta it but ya

  53. I have to agree with the op. I'm a middle aged man with transition glasses and my wife says I look like a pedo when they are half tinted. They were my first pair of prescription glasses and cost a fair bit. They look great fully dark or light but in between - yuk.

  54. I’d rather carry my prescription sunglasses in my damn hand than have transition lenses. I like being able to choose whether my eyes are shaded. With respect to my attractiveness? I dunno, 5/10?

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