Police narrative on Texas school shooting in question as new details emerge

  1. Just say it, they lied. They lied to make themselves look better and not like the spineless cowards they are.

  2. Police waited outside the school for at least 40 minutes while parents and onlookers urged them to do something.a father was restrained and handcuffed by police when he attempted to help his daughter.

  3. A cat would have done much more for the children & teachers, with that $4.385 Million budget the Uvalde PD has. The Uvalde SWAT team should be defunded, as they obviously are "unfit for intended purpose".

  4. Pathetic. Embarrassments to the profession. You’d think at least one would have said screw you all, I don’t care if I lose my job, I’m going in. Cowards!!!!!!

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