[SJ Earthquakes] After 17 seasons in @MLS , including 14 seasons with the San Jose Earthquakes, Chris Wondolowski has announced his retirement from soccer. Thank you for everything, Wondo.

  1. He had 7 MLS goals at the age of 27 and then went on to become the all-time leading scorer in the league. Incredible.

  2. I think that when he started in the league hits salary was like $25K or something absurd like that. Dude is just the epitome of grinding and persisting his way to greatness.

  3. Out of all USMNT goal scorers with double digits, Wondo was the oldest when he received his first cap. You gotta wonder what he could have done if he came up in today's environment.

  4. Wondo is the only USMNT player I've ever played against while professionally active. Schooled a bunch of randoms during street soccer pick up in San Francisco. Good times

  5. During his farewell speech he said he was looking forward to playing in Sunday leagues and pickup games so you may get your chance to get schooled by him again! Imagine having your men’s rec team adding a random free agent and it’s fucking Chris Wondolowski

  6. The story of Wondo is just incredible. Grinded his way through the lower ranks of college soccer and reserve squads to become the MLS goal scoring GOAT! Amazing moments and heartbreak along the way. You can’t help but love and respect the guy. He’s a total class act and I wish him the best in whatever’s next!

  7. Incredible player and competitor. And I’m still pretty sure that he’s the only player in world soccer history to score double figures in international goals with none coming before the age of 30.

  8. Would love to see Wondo as a coach in the near future. He certainly has the intelligence and desire to see others improve

  9. The passion Wondo played with was second to none. You could just tell when he scored it really meant something. I hope he stays close to the game, perhaps in a coaching role, and passes that on to the next generation. Call it heart, grinta, whatever… you can’t help but love players who play like Wondolowski did and leave it all out in the field.

  10. The best coaches are not the ones who were standouts as players. Wondo may be the exception, because he gained in scoring ability over time. He must have learned something to do that.

  11. Gonna be really fucking weird popping on an Earthquakes game and not seeing him there. Hell, I'm still not used to watching a Salt Lake game without seeing Beckerman. Absolute MLS legend

  12. Kind of an interesting note, but Wondo is I believe also the only native american player to have played for the USMNT. He's a Kiowa tribe member.

  13. The perfect MLS 9. Built in a lab to combat bad defending and horrible goalkeeper play. Wondo will forever be my favorite soccer player ever

  14. My teammates were coached by wondo’s brother, Stephen. They’d ask him about him, at the time it was when Wondo was in peak form early in the 2010s. It was said that Chris Wondolowski was not notable for anything, nondescript even, but in the box he’d just be devastating. Apparently this was always the case. As somebody who’s watched Wondos entire career in person, it wasn’t until he was playing regularly for multiple years that other aspects aside from box play became up to par with the level he was playing at. Just a testament of his incredible aptitude/intelligence to finishing and movement on the pitch that got him far enough to make it and go from there

  15. as someone who’s really come into the sport recently, Wondo was one of the first American names I learned, even in his older years. wish i could have found the love for the sport earlier to watch players like him for longer

  16. I get saying the notion that his legacy shouldn't be defined by that moment, but to say that it wouldn't have mattered is just as asinine.

  17. It would have mattered, but yeah I dont care anymore. The guy is a great player who gave it his all. One miss doesn't define him.

  18. What are you talking about? We would have won the game. It would have been possibly the most historic goal is US history, and by a guy who shouldn't have even been called up. But was. To poach goals. But couldn't.

  19. After 17 seasons in @MLS, including 14 seasons with the San Jose Earthquakes, Chris Wondolowski has announced his retirement from soccer.

  20. The most frustrating thing about that miss as a Quakes fan and Wondo fan, is like emotionally with his career, he deserved to score it, he deserves to be loved by all US fans. He's exactly the sort of guy who should be a not incredible player for the National Team but absolutely beloved by fans. But things didn't go that way and I understand why many people are still unhappy but those of us who are Quakes fans just wish so many people didn't have a reason to miss out on appreciating one of the most likable players in American soccer.

  21. You might be surprised to learn that MLS is very important to the US team and writing off MLS like that would be writing off a large chunk of the US pool. At the game today I was paying very close attention to Pepi because he’s our best striker at the moment... just in case you needed reminding.

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