Leicester 0 - [3] Chelsea - Christian Pulisic 71'

  1. i feel bad for every american whos not watching this game, absolutely brilliant game so far from pulisic

  2. I bet playing striker would reduce the risk of injury too. Less making long runs and then getting hacked down.

  3. You might get shit for this, but I’d honestly not be completely against the idea of that. Given our most talented players are wingers. It gets more of them on the pitch. My only concern would be what Christians positioning would look like throughout the duration of the match. I’d be more comfortable with it if we had already locked down a WC spot.

  4. Pulisic should play striker simply because he plays winger so god damn deep for the us. He’s always checking into the midfield to receive the ball and never stretching the field in behind. and that’s not an exaggeration lol. Playing striker would keep him where he should be - by the goal!

  5. I think he's too small to pull it off for how we seem to want to play. Pepi isn't huge or amazing in the air, but he is 6'1" at least so he has enough strength to hold up the ball a bit and is reasonable in the air.

  6. That was something TT brought up with his goal against Mexico: good running off the ball from MF while strikers were flat footed.

  7. It’s hard not to imagine a line up with Pulisic as a false 9, Weah at RW, Reyna at LW, and the MMA midfield.

  8. Should have scored is a stretch. That was a bad angle going across his body like that. Definitely could have been better though

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