My inventory while mining silver

  1. Yeah instead of dropping and moving on place down stone piles somewhere near your mining area and come back another time.

  2. I like the mod that halves the amount of stone used to build things. It feels much more reasonable to build projects with stone when it doesnt require manually strip mining an area single handedly.

  3. Every time I have like 10 dedicated chests full of stone I feel like I can build a big ass castle out of it... and every time I am wrong.

  4. But then u just mine stone by building your base into a land island 50 feet straight up with a single winding path that allows u to murder things easily lol

  5. I always have a portal ready and waiting at my base. It's called "sad." Because I have died so many times and going through that portal means I died

  6. To add to this, you should always have at least one portal nearby, especially in harsher biomes like plains or mountain

  7. It was.. until I changed it cause I kept accidentally pressing it and missing a ton of loot. It is now safely "P" for "Push me again, motha fucka"

  8. But wouldn't this cause too much clutter and make it more difficult to pick up the Silver? I feel like it's better to pick those rocks up and throw out full stacks of 50 that still appear as 1 rock physically.

  9. I'll bring a large stack of lightweight items, split the stack into single stacks of 1-2, and fill the whole inventory with them, then leave one spot for silver, collapsing stacks as the silver fills up. after I have a ~5 silver, I'll split them up into 5 separate stacks of 1-2, this keeps stone from picking up.

  10. the solution is pick up the whole heap of everything while over encumbered after popping the silver. easier to manage 5 or six stacks of rocks than scores of individual ones. i also usually have my silver mining portal fairly close by so i can stow the rocks at my base for castle construction and then manage silver stacks after cleaning out the rocks

  11. I have the deep rock galactic subreddit on my homepage, thought for sure I was about to see a rock and stone meme, hahaha

  12. I stick a chest (or two) down by my return portal so I can quickly stash items and get back to what I was doing.

  13. If you don't want it I'm sure someone will be willing to take it off your hands. I always need more stone lol

  14. You wanna keep that stone. I use a mod to set stone drops to drastically more than the normal amount and I still need to do strip mining runs. Those rocks on the ground that you can pop by pressing “e” give me 5 stone instead of the default 1 stone.

  15. Set up a "misc" portal at your base. Bring portal building materials and when done, take all of the stone back to your base through the portal, manually take the silver back to your base via boat etc.

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