Make the new knives, guys!

  1. The new two-handed sword can do even more damage if you heavy attack them in the back, much harder to do though because you don't get the cool lunge of the daggers.

  2. Whaaaaaaaa? Knives that are good for something other than stabbing unsuspecting Deer Asses!? What is this sorcery?

  3. You can take down a troll with 1 hit if you use the secondary sneak attack and an abyssal razor. Knives are severely under rated. They do so much damage so quickly.

  4. Knives were always good. I would even argue they’re the most over-tuned weapon in the game, if you used them regularly for combat you’ll begin to understand why.

  5. How is it that you barely have no mist? Even with wisp lights everywhere and the item equipped, most of the time I don’t see sh*t

  6. Do I need to kill Yagluth again to get the new boss drop or does the placeholder item automatically change into it?

  7. If you look at the hillside where the soldier is you will see the new torches up there. The wisplight torches push the mist back in the area around them. They are not very expensive and require no base parts to place.

  8. Knives have no movement penalty while equipped... so you can keep a knife out while running around as a quick way to take down deer, or slash through a greydwarf in your way.

  9. ~80 since she was my naked melee only perma challenge character where the knife was my main weapon and it was especially successful against Yagluth.

  10. The knives got a whopping 6x parrybonus so most, maybe all damage in the mist can be fully mitigated by a parry. They attack quick enough to where even soldiers only need 2 parries to nuke down.

  11. I mean I think it's pretty clearly a no-star seeker soldier and you can even see the damage that the knives dealt.

  12. To be fair, the feather cape is why you get such glorious air on the jumps. So, make knife and cape to gain sufficient distance to stab those asses.

  13. Nope, that was my character's jump, no feather cape animation, it was a simple, well-timed jump. I have quite a lot of experience in using the knives so I can tell you that there was no cape involved. By the time you reach the Mistlands, your character can jump pretty well so it is easy to jump big enough to do such attacks.

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