i need help because i was trying to kill the elder but this big blue piece of shit showed up

  1. This happened to me not three days ago! I got elder to about 55%, then outta nowhere, a 1-star bluey whacks me from behind. He also brought a large gaggle of dwarfs. 6 headstones later, I got my elder trophy. Silver lining was that elder krocked down about three stacks worth of core wood.

  2. Had a pack of 5 fulings run up on us our first yagluth fight. That was super fun. We managed to kite them around long enough while the other person ran back for their body to kill them all and the boss still but the whole thing took a good 25 minutes.

  3. Same exact thing happened to me but I didn’t die during the elder fight I died after that fighting the troll lol

  4. pro tip, don't bring pickaxes and other non-fighting tools to boss fights. You may need them to collect resources if you die and can't get to your grave for some reason.

  5. Def solid advice for early game bosses, not as impactful for later in the game, as you've probably already upgraded a couple pickaxes and have older ones laying around. Still, great advice for new players.

  6. But then how are you supposed to build a tall perch to sit on and comfortably kill elder with arrows while he can't hit you?

  7. well the pickaxe is handy for digging a large tunnel under the altar to just chill out in mid fight :)

  8. dodging makes the whole progression thing almost feel unnecessary. Im approaching 500 hours in game, and I can dodge almost every attack in game without much of an issue. Mistlands is different, though. Either it's just not as "easy", or im not practiced enough.

  9. I mean I just whacked him with my abyssal knife a couple times and he fell over. I don’t think you gotta prep that much for Elder lol

  10. If you ever need help, there is a subreddit dedicated to helping Vikings recover their lost gear in the event of an untimely death. It is called

  11. Had something similar with Moder. A stone golden decided to say howdy mid fight. Try running to keep distance and try to kill the troll first.

  12. I found a great hack for that. First you need to cause the golem to spawn then find a way to cut a ditch around it. I kept having two spawn around Moder so it made spawning the boss fight impossible. In the end both Golems got to watch from a distance the moder battle. Some say they are still stranded on those rocks to this day

  13. Dig under the altar so you have somewhere to bail to until he wanders off. You can even put a portal down there

  14. Pro tip, when prepping for boss fights take a bunch of core wood and make a big fence with the posts around the area, monsters tend to try to run between instead of attacking them and will leave you alone during fights

  15. Had an abomination and wraiths spawn while fighting bonemass, just have to kite until your out of aggro range and then continue the fight

  16. You can run away and make a temporary shelter with a bed. Set it as your spawn and go at it till you kill then both.

  17. Super run away, kill the big blue asshole, then kill the elder, the elder won’t chase you after a certain distance

  18. Could be worse, he could of been a 2 star, took a long break before mistlands update and feels like I am seeing more 1* 2* mobs then I used to

  19. when i fought the elder for the first time…. He was on a relatively small island. so i walked the whole thing and smashed all the greydwarf spawners, and found all the trolls (there were two).

  20. If the elder hits a tree or rock with one of his attacks, any enemies 100m from the tree/rock will hear it and come investigate. Best bet there is to fight with your back towards the water to not aggro nearby enemies.

  21. Same thing happened to me today too! Died 3 times before I was able to kill the troll then whittle down the Elder from afar

  22. I've noticed the elder is near the water often now. Or is this a coincidence?! I'm assuming the fire arrows will be ineffective with him playing in the water while shooting roots of death at me.....

  23. Stay mobile, continue to whittle the elder down at range and keep your distance from the troll. You can finesse your way through the vine summons and they actually block the troll pretty well. Happens to me every single fucking time but I’ve learned to manage.

  24. I hope you have a maxed bronze spear and bronze buckler. Chew up that big blue meanie in no time.

  25. Purely anecdotal. Anytime there is an area with troll spawn I don't want to deal with I kill the first fucker then just cut down all the trees in the area and then they seem to stop showing up as much.

  26. First time my friends and I fought the Elder we had two Trolls show up, our portal base got wrecked and we all had to naked run back to the fight across an entire continent. Epic!

  27. My latest game had 2 trolls, one with a log, and a massive swarm of Grey dwarves show up mid boss against the Elder, was hype as shit.

  28. The last time this happened I had two chasing after me. I had to go find their caves and kill them first, and then mess up the Elder. Went waaay smoother

  29. Troll caves are not connected to the world like that. Any troll that is inside will never ever come out.

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