Don't want a divorce but pretty sure Wife does. What to do?

  1. I understand it was her choice but I still can't help but blame myself. When she got sick and lost her job I kept getting on her about house chores (she kind of did the same to me when I was without a job a few months finishing college) and I'm sure that didn't help any. The guy online we had been fighting because of my siblings (who have moved out now) and it shouldn't really matter but definitely hurts that she told him she wasn't married.

  2. Stop blaming yourself for things. Be a strong, confident, and independent man who can find another woman if she leaves. Fight like hell to give her nothing if you guys divorce, she’s been sharing her affection with other guys so she doesn’t deserve to take anything. She’s screwed you over long enough. If by some chance it does work out, she needs to know you can get by without her. You don’t need her, just want her…and if she doesn’t want you, then she can screw off.

  3. I can't help but blame myself, And I don't want her to leave. I have forgiven her because I know she's sorry (she said so and said she didn't know why it happened) She knows I can live without her but knows I don't want to (when we first moved into our house I was the only one paying bills and make more than enough to cover everything if we did split) I do need her, I have no friends and no family (her family has always treated me better than my own, and just recently I've been pretty much disowned by my family outside of my siblings {who get on my nerves quite often})

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