My dog keeps throwing these worms up. I think it’s tapeworm but even my vet cant identify them. Anyone have any ideas?

  1. This doesnt even look like worms. Like not even tape worm segments. Has the vet sent it off to be studied. It looks like broken up cheese slices.

  2. I showed my vet a picture of them on out last visit. She only said “oh i see why you compare them with pasta… maybe up the frequency of your deworm treatments?” Which i did. Nothing changed.

  3. They used to look alot more worm-like… almost like cut up fettuccine. Its been months now and they’ve only increased in size now to the point that they look like this. It might not be worms but its definitely growing

  4. If you puzzle them together do they fit to form a larger shape? Kinda looks like hide of some sort. Any way someone else is feeding treats?

  5. My country has rapidly raising covid cases. I havent had any guests over in months. My partner only feeds her the treats i provide. She gets a dried cows ear or smoked chicken foot to chew on every now and then. But ive been keeping them from her for about a week now to see if maybe it’s just that she hasnt been digesting those well. In the end she still threw these things up so I dont think its that :(

  6. Those are not worms. If it’s not cheese, my next guess would be plastic that he is breaking off of something

  7. First time she puked these up was about 6 months ago, back then i thought she’d eaten the rubber lining of a shoe, the texture is like a tough rubber. They continued to show up in her stool on and off (2 out of 5 poops had these in them) in the past months following. We’ve moved house in the mean time and she’s with me all day (i work from home). It cant be anything that she’s getting into, ive got my eyes on her like a hawk all day long. What worries me is that these things have been increasing in size… I’m convinced that whatever it is, its growing. Now that she’s throwing them up I’m sending a sample to the vet.

  8. Looks like cheese slices. I'm super curious what it is... Are you sure it's not just some thing the dog is chewing that's not food? You mentioned rubber . Maybe she's been chewing an old shoe or something? Id follow her around like a hawk, leashed or in a crate at all times for a few days and see if it stops.. In if it does, then you know she's getting into something, then you just need to figure out what that thing is

  9. Funnily enough the first time she puked these out i though she had found a shoe and eaten it. Thing is she’s not really a chewer. She never destroys anything. We’ve also moved house in the meantime so it wasnt anything in our previous home she was eating in secret. I’ve stopped giving her chews for the past week and instead have been feeding her food in a kong to see if its any of the chews ive been giving her… no change..

  10. Vet called. She has no idea what it is. All she can say is that its not a parasite. Rest remains a mystery. She suggested i switch up her diet. Thing is i already did that 5 times. She said she wont look further into it until i put her on a very specific kibble. Im going to look for a second opinion.

  11. My dog had really bad tapeworm infestation when I adopted her. You’d be able to see the tapeworms in your dog’s poop and coming out of their butt before it reached the level of them throwing up tapeworm segments (unless the worm travelled to the wrong spot in the body, but given your dog is throwing them up this would not seem the case for tapeworms). Have you seen anything weird in their poop? Also how is their appetite and weight? Tapeworms can increase or decrease appetite, but will definitely cause weight loss, especially if it’s the size those segments would suggest. But the size is really throwing me, cause as bad as my dog’s infection was the worms were no more than two inches and very, very thin.

  12. They didnt, sadly. They tried to sell me their in-house brand kibble as a solution and when i asked them if there was no other way to look into it they told me no. I got a second opinion at the animal hospital and they scheduled an ultrasound for Thursday

  13. So what are the odds that the ones months ago were worms, and this is pieces of the dried pigs ear that haven't digested? Hide would be soft when wet and hard when dry..... try skipping the ears and chicken feet for awhile.

  14. Someone on a facebook group told me their dog had a very similar issue whenever she fed him smoked bones. I feed her smoked chicken feet sometimes so im gonna withhold those for a while and see if anything changes

  15. We don’t have any candles in the house, so it cant be that she’s been eating those. They have the texture of a very tough rubber. I’m so confused what it might be. She’s with me all day (i work from home) and i watch her like a hawk. She doesnt eat anything besides her normal food, and that has nothing in it that even remotely looks like these things. I even stopped giving her chews for a while cause i was afraid she wasn’t digesting them properly or something.

  16. They felt like rubber when she freshly threw them up. When they dry the become solid like uncooked pasta… its really strange..

  17. I got a second opinion at a different vet. We’re doing an ultrasound on thursday.. hopefully that will tell us more

  18. Tapeworms are generally much smaller segments. They look more like rice or spaghetti. They are not typically that large. I’ve been in the veterinary field for several years and that doesn’t look like any worm I’ve seen. Definitely worthy of further inspection.

  19. I think this looks more like a dietary issue. That almost looks like fat settles at the top of her stomach and doesn’t pass so she regurgitates them. It would take a pretty gnarly worm infestation to have them coming up visible like that in vomit or with stool. Usually worms are only apparent under microscopy. I also don’t know of any parasitic worms that would be that large.

  20. I agree that it’s probably something she’s eating.. Im just not big on kibble or commercial wet dog food.. especially for a Dalmatian who need lots of hydration. They tend to develop kidney stones on a kibble diet. There are of course “special low purine blends” but those are just cornmeal, meat derivatives, and a vitamin mix.. Its kind of depressing.. My dog already gets a very varied diet, her food is very finely ground raw meat, organs and bone with some occasional vegetables. I switch between 7 different blends of meat throughout the week. It’s the diet her breeder has been feeding her Dalmatians for 20+ years and has never had any health issues with them that are typical to the breed. I emailed her about this issue as well and she has never seen anything like it in her 25 years of caring for her dogs.

  21. How often does this happen and is it the same time of day or occur after something specific like eating? Is this all she throws up or does food come with it? Is she on any preventives like tick medicine? I think some of them can cause crazy allergies/gastro issues. Hope the second vet figures it out!

  22. It is 100% the chicken foot bones. I’m positive. Not a vet, but a trainer & someone who grew up raising livestock, dogs, cats and others. We lived in the country & had to have basic vet/medical knowledge to treat sick animals in the field when vet access isn’t immediate. I’ve had several instances of my dogs throwing up seemingly “unknown”/unidentifiable items. Dogs seldom throw up actual worms, unless there’s a serious infestation and certainly not tapeworms, except in rare & extreme cases. If there was an infestation, your pup would seem sick. She would be bloated, shedding excessively & her eyes would seem tired. Dog usually only throw up when they have ingested something that upsets it, just like humans. Now, dogs’ stomachs are much more acidic than ours, so they can get away with eating things we can’t without harm. That said, one golden rule with dogs: NEVER, EVER feed any kind of cooked bone, but particularly, NEVER EVER feed your dog chicken, pork or fish bones of any kind. These bones, extra after being cooked, splinter & shard upon pressure, aka dog teeth. The dog then ingests those shards & splinters, which can be sharp & poky. They can cause serious internal harm to your dog, not to mention it is extremely painful for them to poop out those shards. Does she take a long time to poop? Diarrhea? While dogs’ stomachs are acidic, they are not able to break down bones that way. While a natural, raw diet is a great option, it is critically important that you choose foods suited to their digestion & dietary needs. I encourage you to contact a dog nutritionist and/or find a vet that supports that diet who can offer guidance & tips on how to make sure your pup is getting the right raw foods & not things that could potentially seriously harm her.

  23. I’m aware that cooked bones are super dangerous. It’s the reason i was hesitant at first to give her smoked feet to begin with. Every online source i checked seemed to suggest that the feet were somehow a exemption to this rule and were safe when dehydrated. Even now i cant find anything that specifies that the feet are dangerous when dehydrated, in fact i only find things insisting theyre safe but that you shouldnt feed alot of them. But maybe im just bad at looking up sources. I can find ALOT about large smoked bones like legs, wings and ribs being dangerous though. It’s strange that chicken feet somehow got away with it?

  24. Do you by chance give your dog rawhide chews? If so, maybe stop those. I could see how maybe the pieces would get bigger with age as the bites she takes get bigger as she grows. Other than that, I’m at a loss. The vet may be on to something with the kibble. We sometimes will do a food trial to see if a sensitive tummy food can help what’s happening. Usually if the food helps, it’s stomach/digestion related. This can help rule out some things based on if it works or not. I hope that you’re able to get this figured out! Sending lots of petting to your sweet pup!

  25. Might be a stupid question, but have you seen them move? Personally, I don't think these look like tapeworms, or any kind of worm for that matter. They also look very large and irregular to be tapeworm proglottids.

  26. I did! She wasnt properly digesting the chews i was giving her. The main culprit being the smoked chicken feet she got pretty much regularly. They’ve been banned from the house. Other culprit may be dried ears.

  27. I’m wondering if they are intestine or stomach lining pieces. The only reason it came to mind is because of the people who were taking horse dewormer thinking it was “working” when really they were shedding lining in their intestines. I’d insist your vet runs tests, have someone else drop a sample off. It’s not okay to just guess at this stage- I’m sure you are very worried.

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