Bill Burr On Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theories

  1. Related to helicopters: His bit on the guy that took over the family helicopter tour and had a dude jump out the first day is freaking gold.

  2. He said "Go for your instrument rating" so casually that I could tell he's educated on the subject in some way or another.

  3. He passed the written portion of the pilot test before this interview. He's talked about it a lot on his podcast.

  4. I remember Bill always saying (maybe as a joke) at the start that he was learning to fly because when "the shit goes down" he knows he'll need to get out and flying is the only way.

  5. I just finished my ground school for my pilot’s license and I understood what he was talking about with the VOR. Felt pretty neat.

  6. yeah, like not only did he get a recreational pilots license, but he then got instrument cert'd, and THEN got a helicopter license.

  7. Bill Burr is awesome. But what I took away from this is that I actually prefer this type of a show in a format without an actual live audience. I’d rather only hear the people having the conversation laugh than a bunch of onlookers that I don’t see.

  8. Well, you would love "Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend" then. It's a podcast where Conan gets to interview people one-on-one, and it's hilarious no matter who his guest is.

  9. Live audiences demonstrably heighten the energy though. I mean you can see in previous Conan interviews where the crowd laughs and Bill just keeps it going, or when they pull back and he makes fun of them for it.

  10. Bill Burr actually has his helicopter license! He first mentioned getting one in a bit about a zombie apocalypse while living in LA, but the mad man actually went out and learned!

  11. The whole ice wall thing is just baffling. I know we're supposed to be accepting of people but I'm sorry, if you believe that, you're just an idiot. Leave your online chatrooms and get a pilot's license like Bill said. Or shit, learn to sail and try getting yourself from point A to point B without using true north. You'll either need to admit you're wrong or die somewhere in the ocean.

  12. What they need to do is, get a boat, sail out to Antarctica, pull up alongside and start sailing until they get back to where they started. Keep track of whether they keep having to correct course toward the "ice wall" or away from it.

  13. One of my favorite moments of all time is in a flat earth documentary where they do an experiment of using a laser to show there is no curvature by keeping it level and shining it on a board a decent ways away. Their theory was that the laser would be the same height from the ground because there is no curvature.

  14. The kind of “conspiracy spiral” part of flat Earth is interesting to me. Like if you think that the NASA faked the moon landing, you can kind of neatly wrap that shit up in one go “US didn’t have the tech, wanted to prove their supremacy over the USSR, so they shot a fake rocket up and filmed and broadcasted some sound stage shit.” Pretty clean.

  15. And that's why I really respect that whackadoo that crashed a homemade rocket in the desert trying to prove the earth was flat. Yeah, he was a fucking moron, but at least he had the stones to put his ass on the line and the decency to die for his belligerent idiocy.

  16. Reminds me of that documentary i saw clips of recently about flat earthers, and they were doing really involved scientific experiments with like gyroscopes and planes and were like "If the earth is round, then X would happen, but since the world is flat, what you're going to see is Y." And then X happened and they were all quiet for a minute, and then they started having an intense conversation about what could have gone wrong with their experiment and what they would need to fix to get the "right" result.

  17. The mental image of someone buying a plane or boat and disproving himself out there in the ocean is hilarious lmao

  18. Or just witness a lunar eclipse, where you can literally see the shadow of the curvature of the Earth projected onto the moon. You can see this with your own eyes, it takes no tools. They are pretty common.

  19. I think in a Flat Earth model, there could still be some sufficiently strong magnet at a fixed location to act as a Magnetic North for navigation. I'd be very curious to hear why they think its there though.

  20. I don't think people like that really want to learn it for themselves, or would even be able to. If they can be convinced of insane things like that, there's no telling what kind of mental work arounds they'd use to justify their findings.

  21. What a lot of people don't realize, is that the whole "flat earth conspiracy" thing is motivated by religion.

  22. There are several flat earthers who have the money to confirm/deny their own theory with high altitude air ballons, boats, flying their own plane, etc.

  23. I saw another thread earlier where someone said their boss at a company that launches satellites for television/internet communications turned into an honest-to-God flat-earther. AT A SATELITE COMPANY.

  24. Having worked at a TV studio (long time ago), being a TV meteorologist doesn't mean you're that bright. There's a wide gamut of intelligence, from the nerds that just really want to talk about how jet streams in Minnesota affect traffic in San Francisco, to narcissists that are there to look good on camera and don't really care what they read. The weather that local TV stations report is beamed in from a national feed and they're basically just updating their powerpoints (yes, it's more complicated than that). Getting on TV and reading the weather spoon-fed to them by someone else isn't all that complicated, and the information that you're being told doesn't take all that long to learn to interpret - especially to TV viewers that aren't going to hold your feet to the fire if you get it wrong.

  25. Sometimes I take a much longer pause reading something, because it is so utterly fucking dumb I am not sure if I ingested the info properly. So I read it again, then stop and basically look like the Pablo Escobar Waiting meme. Then I feel comfortable accepting that an asteroid should just go ahead and fuck our shit up.

  26. To be fair, a lot of local TV weather people are just talking heads who don't actually know any meteorology.

  27. Well, see, HAARP gets its orders from the NWO, and then informs the NWS about their results, who then tells the TV meteorologist what to say into the camera.

  28. I love this. You can tell Bill and Conan tried to make a difference in a humorous way. They are approaching the anti vaxx idea by first entertaining the idea, then pointing out the self contradictions. It's the most effective way to kickstart the cognitive dissonance and hopefully get some people back to reality.

  29. The internet has made all information look the same. Before the deranged ravings of the insane were scrawled on the bathroom wall in human shit. Now those same messages are spellchecked tweets and people think they are opinions worth listening to.

  30. Political books are considered non-fiction even if they're full of outright nonsense that is objectively false, though, unfortunately.

  31. He's not but I like that he gave libraries a shout-out anyway. But yeah, a lot of people still don't realize that "non-fiction" is not synonymous with "fact". Comic books, for instance, are often considered non-fiction.

  32. Does anybody know if this is going to be the format of the Conan's HBO show? Just a long interview with one personally chosen guest? Basically Conan Needs a Friend on television. Cause that would be great.

  33. A Conan and bill commentary talk show would be a masterpiece. Their dynamic is the best I've ever seen between guest and host. Both amazing Hon Rowards

  34. He hasn’t revealed the format, but I’m guessing it will stray pretty dramatically from a standard talk show. My guess is that it will have more in common with Conan Without Borders than his late night shows, but nobody who knows is saying anything.

  35. Worked in small office, and had to still go in and (thankfully) had work throughout the entire ordeal. I will forever miss the quiet roads going to and from work. It's gotten back to how it used to be, just over an hour long with constant stopping/going along the parkway.

  36. I actually remember the Fonz getting a jab. It's been forever ... but I remember him being so cool to get it with no reaction.

  37. I don't think he was shitting on Fonzie, but the phrase "You'd just be left with a couple of Fonzies in their leather jackets" rolls off the tongue really nicely.

  38. Bill did in a way call him an idiot to his face in his own show for spreading misinformation, not that it stopped (let alone reverse) the damage joe already caused with his bullshit, nor did it prevent the man himself to go and catch covid (and any bystanders who Joe could have infected)

  39. I'm so glad Bill Burr didn't fall down the Q rabbit hole over covid like so many other people.

  40. Bill is the best example of someone who recognizes they aren't perfect and need to change. It's wild listening to his podcast now, and going back to listen to his shit 10 years ago.

  41. So many people that I used to like and respect as celebrities are now on my "never support again" list. I hope one day we will look back and laugh at all the stupid "edgy" and attention-seeking people who tried to capitalize on the pandemic by going Q.

  42. Bill Burr was a huge conspiracy theorist back in the day, especially when he was on Opie and Anthony, he really came back to reality after he got married and had a few kids.

  43. I like Bill Burr because he comes across as a real person. Nothing seems fake about what he’s saying or how he’s saying. He speeds freely but within reason. He understands that just because he has a stray thought about something or a theory it doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

  44. They did vaccinate doctors and other medical staff first, so I guess my question is what will those that killed us do when they need medical care in the future?

  45. I had the argument with a guy I know who said the vaccine are gonna kill everyone and I was like why the fuck would they kill the obedient to an extent "sheeple" wouldn't they kill all the disobedient cunts instead that make much more sense and he stopped talking to me

  46. Why Fonzie getting flack from top of the ring? He wasn't doin nothing but mindin his business at the juke box. I love you Bill but these conspiracy theorists will never be a Fonzie. Fonzie listened to Aunt Marian and ate his vegetables and would of gotten the vaccine, dammit!

  47. And even when he goes off the deep end you can tell he isn't being serious, just doing that comedian thing so you remember that he is not a serious social commentator.

  48. Loved when this guy was on Joe Rogan and had yhe balls to be like lets iust shut up we dont know WTF were talking about.

  49. I do not need to be a conspiracy theorist to see that something is obviously very wrong in this world and how people are constantly being divided against one another. The rich get richer and the blind get blinder.

  50. Newsmax had Burr clips on their show last night, (relative watches it), and they were like championing him as someone with them, someone against the "woke mob" they're always talking about, since they suddenly love Dave Chapelle (lol). And I just sat there thinking of the shit he'd throw back at them.

  51. I love the ivermectin conspiracy that BiG pHaRmA is suppressing ivermectin which... is... made... by big pharma and big pharma would ludicrously profit from if it actually worked.

  52. Think he understands the problem. Their side is to accuse the libs and the dems and practicing doctors as liars and evil doers. Then when they get infected and start to die they start seeing the truth of the matter as when libs and dems catch it they are at home and coughing a few times but never really dying like they are.

  53. There are people who believe that they know what’s best for their own body because it’s their property. They think, “oh how could this doctor or whatever know what’s good for me when I have lived in my body my whole life?”

  54. I had been saying this same thing to my two anti-vax buddies since the vaccine program started. If you were running this big Grand conspiracy to get rid of a huge part of the population do you get rid of the people that listen or do you get rid of the ones that don't. And I'm pretty sure if the US government was involved in this Grand conspiracy to get rid of large numbers of people that they could come up with a much more efficient way to kill people than volunteer vaccinations.

  55. the second you try to attack a spiders nest, you scare the babies everywhere else into your house. you dont squash the idiot thinking you just smear it into other subreddits

  56. The biggest problem with this suggestion is that (perhaps unintentionally) you are using 'faith' as a synonym for "trust and confidence as appropriate given evidence". Religious people do this constantly, they use 'faith' as a synonym for trust and smuggle in "things i have no earthly/rational explanation for" (often w/out realizing it). These two faiths are distinct and the use of faith as trust only serves to smuggle in religious irrationality.

  57. Do you think Flat Earthers are just pretending to believe the Earth is flat in case some frustrated well-to-do benefactor gives them a free flight around the world to prove them wrong?

  58. Two common issues with conspiracy theories: a) there's usually a huge jump in logic somewhere in the middle. And 2) there's usually a very ill-defined motive.

  59. There is a third: the unending sense that you are somehow smarter than everyone else, especially the people with the aptitude and work ethic to become actual experts on the subject.

  60. Bill Burr has the mind of a child and I love it. He walks into every political debate with no real context or history and just says whatever comes to him. It's amazing.

  61. People who deny that Covid exists or that vax doesnt help really give me flat earther energy.

  62. This makes a good argument for not taking ivermectin, which has become cheerleader by the contrarian anti vax group. What if ivermectin causes unfertility as specific doses and the contrarian ungovernable people die off lol

  63. The part I don't get with the conspiracy theories is the competition angle. You're telling me if there was something fundamentally wrong with the new-technology mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, that good, old, profit-interested Johnson & Johnson wouldn't speak up and say "Hey, yeah, I hate to break it to you, but these mRNA vaccines are screwed up. Thankfully we've got this more traditional vaccine coincidentally made by us that you could buy and use instead." Same deal if there was something wrong with the Pfizer one and the Moderna one is formulated slightly differently. They'd be trying to sell theirs.

  64. Whenever you hear a conspiracy theory that demonizes someone or something, the first thing you have to ask is who benifits from it.

  65. Also, if the virus was created as a killing tool, why make a vaccine right away? Wouldn’t you want to ravage the earths population and make a vaccine in like 3 year?

  66. That's the problem! The virus/vaccine shouldn't be have been political from the start. Yet, here we are.

  67. Bill Burr and his podcast is like a cleanse of the soul that is legitimately a good parallel of the complete garbage that is everything Joe Rogan puts out into the world

  68. I like the idea of fighting fire with fire. Meeting a conspiracy person halfway by suggesting that a bigger conspiracy makes more sense.

  69. Tell them about the documents describing the CIA using conspiracy theorists as useful dupes to influence public debate.

  70. The thing about the internet starting the trend of people finding and reading only supporting arguments to what you already think is bogus though. Just take one look at your grandparents bookshelves.

  71. The government loves our tax money. Why would they kill off people who make them tax money, it's simple.

  72. That library comment is very on point. I am also stealing it and making it mine now and will use this shit relentlessly. 🙌🍻😎👍

  73. Except libraries are full of bullshit too, even in the non-fiction section. You know people like Kelly Anne Conway and Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders have written books, right?

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