F-16 Over the Shoulder Cockpit View

  1. I was just in death valley this week and had some F35's fly over me about this low or a bit lower. It's insane how LOUD it is.

  2. Favorite part of any air show I have been to in my life has always been the "tactical surprise". BA or TBs diamond just lazing around the the end of the airfield and then outta nowhere behind you comes a solo. I have learned to recognize it is coming and cup my ears over my plugs. Still scares the crap out of the wife.

  3. I went to an air show and they had an F16 come visit for it. I was surprised how loud they are also. It rattled my bones.

  4. To just fly around modern fighters are described as easier then things like small engine Cessnas. One of the main difficulties of flying planes is power and speed (pilots describe it as energy) management. In a fighter you just plug max power and you'll be just fine unless you've put yourself in a really dumb situation. And with all that power you can then maneuver the jet however you want vs a lot of beginner planes you have to be extremely gentle with.

  5. You would be surprised. The more advanced you get in aircraft the easier they are to fly. These fighter have advanced radar, autopilots, autotrim, autoflaps. They can turn on a dime and go 90 degrees rotation without stalling. They are absolute beasts.

  6. Controlling an aircraft is dead simple. The difficulty comes in doing it safely. That involves following checklists, understanding the onboard systems, being able to communicate with air traffic control, understanding the weather, being able to navigate, knowing what to do in an emergency, etc.

  7. I am amazed the transitions aren't a lot more smoother between maneuvers. I don't know shit about flying, and probably thinking too much like racecar driving where smoothness is king. but the jerky movements felt really felt really anxiety inducing.

  8. Well every time you shift directions at that speed, you're fighting against gravity multiplied by a factor depending on how fast you're travelling and how quickly you're attempting to turn.

  9. A certain amount of that is related to how pilots have to clench to account for g-forces and not pass out. It seemed like this guy at least was often only moving his stick during clenches (where you're tensing most muscles in your body to keep blood in your brain), pausing to unclench and suck in air, then completing the maneuver; which might be standard protocol during high-g maneuvers, for all I know.

  10. We’ve got computers in our pockets, billionaires in space, but the military can’t get crisp and clear radio communication?

  11. We were on a sport fisher about 10 miles off the Florida coast when I spotted a jet coming up fast and low behind us…before I could get off the chair to the door, he was on top of us. Best freaking experience ever!!! It was so amazing, I actually felt honored that I got to have that moment. I’m grateful for that cheeky pilot to this day.

  12. What's with all the fog in the cockpit? I mean, I know it's water vapor, but how is it being formed?

  13. Most likely the A/C in the cockpit vs the humid warm outdoor air. A similar effect happens in commercial jet cabins when the conditions are right.

  14. The game engine has a clipping bug with rendering volumetric fog. It will get updated in the next patch. Not a lot of fighter pilots in the simulation so wasn't a priority for the devs.

  15. Altitud god dam! On a serious note, is this part of a training video or part of an assessment? One thinks that a jet is a big chunky apparatus and its not. It still is a powerfull machine. How these flying skills can translate into a spaceship pilot with all the different conditions? Starting with gravity.

  16. Military planes in airshows are the capitalism equivalent of marching trucks with rockets on them through the streets.

  17. Not really. They are more a demonstration of the incredible engineering feats of mankind and the high skill of the pilots. Purely military airshows like the one at Miramar could be argued to be such a demonstration, but even then, the airshow doesn't take place directly within civilian areas like a tank parade would.

  18. I don't care who you are or what your political leanings are, fighter jets are just plain cool. Missile trucks, not so much.

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