We should feel nothing short of honored to be outjerked by one of the greats:

  1. I don’t understand, how is he supposed to enjoy owning the record if he’s not even gonna hang it on his wall to look at? What else is he planning to do with so many vinyls??

  2. Average listener doesn’t know compression/limiting is an essential part of mixing and mastering. Thanks to the loudness war era genius engineers - average listener became aware of these words. Not all of them even differ mp3 data compression and dynamic range compression. Compression = evil. Vinyls - no compression = not evil. Go figure 🤷‍♂️

  3. But honestly I can't believe he's able to listen anything right there, room accoustic sound terrible hearing his voice alone

  4. a lot of albums, especially but not limited to pop music, tend to resort to digital transfers (not necessarily mp3, but unless it's lossless, it'll be compressed) and the vinyl sounds absolute trash.

  5. FLAC people are the weirdest bunch of make-believe scifi freaks. You could play them the same 128kbps mp3 and tell them that one is lossless, and they'd come up with the weirdest reasons why track B was, in fact, the FLAC.

  6. Looks like it's being pressed in limited editions of every color in the rainbow. IOW, fans will feel compeld to run out and buy all 500 colors at $40.00 - $50.00 a pop so they can hang them on their wall. That's marketing and sales tactics Gene Simmons would be proud of.

  7. But the Walmart exclusive sky blue crap just looks bad, I'll be honest. Sky blue. Where does that colour even begin to correlate with any part of that album???

  8. uj/ While I know this is a shit post, I had no idea this was pressed from an analog tape. I was actually going to skip this record due to the high MSRP, and not hearing anything from the record that grabbed my ear yet.

  9. Flea's son went to the same preschool as my cousin's about 8 years ago. And my cousin witnessed Flea playing bass and singing children's songs to a bunch of preschoolers. True story!!

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