Just got rejected for being a late life virgin

  1. Well at least this happened early, imagine being deeper into a relationship and finding out she's this kind of trash then. At least now it's easier to move on, nothing has been lost.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately being an adult virgin is a red flag for a lot of women - especially if it’s revealed on a first date and she has no real reason to take a chance on you.

  3. What do you learn from this experience? I've warned people many times on this sub to not admit you're a virgin it never works out and it indicates low social status which makes you undesirable to 99% of women. If you're a virgin she's wondering why no other women was willing to get intimate with you. So don't ever mention your a virgin just say your body count is lower without mentioning any number.

  4. She wasn't a good person, that's it. I'm sorry that this happened to you, but don't lie in your future dates if you are looking for someone to love. Your partner should value yourself for who you are, period. Also, if you lie and say that you had sex, that would probably affect your performance if you get to bed.

  5. You said she was on her phone a bit. That's a red flag. She didn't seem interested in you. I doubt she took the date one bit seriously and was probably looking to waste someone's time.

  6. Hey dude if you take away one thing from all this let it be that this was definitely a her problem, women have problems too they are human just like us. And it is not at all normal to boast about having fucked so many people that you couldn't count them especially to a stranger. As a matter of fact that would be like you boasting about being a virgin with out being asked its definitely wierd. From what you told me I'm pretty sure she just wanted a one night stand anyway but was too afraid of seeming shallow so she used a different excuse as to why she didn't want to see you again. But thats just speculation all you have to worry about is the fact that she took the time out to sit there with you meaning some other less sex focused woman will do the same.

  7. These are the same type of women who tell you they don't care if a man is a virgin or not. I swear, if that were the case, most men wouldn't be stuck in this virgin-rejection cycle! LOL

  8. I suppose I am just too old to understand why people would be discussing their past sexual partners on a blind date and a ton of deeply personal questions like that. Also not really sure why you would just blurt out you are a virgin to a complete stranger the first time you meet them. I noticed this profile was just created so I am really hoping this is not something that actually happened. It seems a tad far fetched.

  9. Oh, it certainly happened. Just like I'd does for hundreds of other dudes who are now to old to get into sex and what women wants to teach a 38 year old adult male how to have sex when she has been having it since her teens? Can't wait for some sex haver to come hear and gaslight me into thinking sex doesn't matter, when it clearly fucking does cause I was rejected for having had none my whole life.

  10. Yeah but what kind of person boasts about not knowing how many people they've slept with on the first date? I don't think she was looking for a relationship at all i think she just wanted to hook up. I don't think OP could've done anything differently some people don't want virgins and that's ok. OP should just take this as a bullet dodged because he didn't get attached before she decided to move on.

  11. I'm sorry to hear that happened, that really sucks. I find it really odd though that she would bring up past experiences and ask you how many girls you have been with and tell you how many guys she has been with on the very first date. You probably dodged a bullet. Try to think positive and assume she has HIV or syphilis.

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