Manufacturing Consent

  1. It's amazing the west still thinks that Russia is about to collapse and just some more weapons means Ukraine will drive them out soon. It not just a thought, it's a belief, people have placed faith in propaganda that is gonna see many people killed, and that's the 'good ending'... where nuclear war is avoided.

  2. Russia has been in a slow motion death spiral for years. Demographically they're getting much older, and not replacing the population. Some have said that Russia chose now to start wars because this is the last chance they would have to mobilize enough young men to win. There has been significant brain drain from Russia and they're not educating the young like they did during the Soviet Union's best years. Much of the Russian oil fields were being developed by the Western Major oil companies, and with them pulling out Russia's oil output will drop and with that much of their GDP.

  3. Maybe just because he stuck around unlike the Afghani president. Also war time presidents generally have higher approval. I would say that he's managed to hold onto a lot of territory that probably would have folded had he just boarded a plane for safer pastures. They are fighting back and even though they've lost territory, they also managed to gain some very significant land back not long ago. This war will go on for quite a while, and the west wants to bleed Russia like a vampire and damage their offensive capability so it can't do this again. They'll always be able to threaten the world with Nuclear destruction, but they will have to think hard about invading anyone again.

  4. TBF, the quotes don't exactly contradict each other. I mean, Liberal values do tend to fall in line with corruption. Neo-naziism can be a common cause to unite with. America does need to learn that entertainers can go into politics. And finally, it does seem that authoritarians have become America's heroes.

  5. i told people about Ukraine after the war started and oh man a whole lot of experts sure told me. All i said is we should keep track of the stuff sent over there. they aren't pillar of honesty. Why is it impossible for them to be impartial about anything? You don't have to be stupidly on one side of a topic yet its always "best thing ever" or "literally hitler"

  6. There's a ton of propaganda on both sides of this war. Ukraine has been corrupt for many years, and just the fact that the left has overwhelmingly supported Ukraine makes me question everything about them. Russia has been just as corrupt, if not more though. Putin has effectively castrated the political leadership of Russia because he's paranoid of anyone getting close to his seat. The billionaires of Russia controls everything that Putin allows, and basically run the country like the mob. There's extreme nationalists on both sides of the border. I can't help but support Ukraine though. They were invaded by a hostile foreign military, and many of their cities have been reduced to Rubble. Russia hasn't experienced any of it's cities invaded. Tens of thousands of civilian deaths in Ukraine, none in Russia.

  7. I don’t doubt one bit the Ukrainian government is and was corrupt. And I’m certain that a portion of our aid in money and arms is going to unintended and illegal places and people. And that should be investigated, tried and punished. BUT it is absolutely the right thing to do to arm them against Russia. We just need to be smarter about it.

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