You got this, Peloton! WTF?! Anything left to short?

  1. Agree! Their shit is WAY overpriced and then to put a final “fuck our customer” the need a 39$ monthly subscription to use all the feature they’re advertising too 🤦‍♂️. Rather give my money to the ymca for that price.

  2. No position as I said in the OP. ZERO INTEREST. Looking at it now as a potential short play. EDIT: inverse me. I see now. Wish I had something substantial to back up my side, but not this month.

  3. It's definitely gonna crash and burn but speculative growth is rallying hard right now as people look for bargains and rotate a bit back from value.

  4. Their sheet looks good, but the fad is dying. More than anything I think they'll flatline for a while if they don't make some kind of change. Doubt I'll go below $1 anytime soon.

  5. Who could've predicted that taping an ipad to an exercise bike wouldn't make for a sound long term business model

  6. Shorted this week in advance of their earnings and then they announce they are going to sell on Amazon and it goes up 20%. Still hoping earnings are shit.

  7. I wish you the best. I have NO positions currently and I never did, as I stated in my OP. I do still see it as a fad though. Hopefully your positions hit. Don’t be greedy. When they’re up, sell at least enough to cover your initial investment. I’m tied up in having to have a new roof put on my house as well as a new HVAC unit, already DRIPed dividends, so extra money is not a thing for the next few months for me. Good luck.

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