Why you shop at amazon or walmart use bbby instead

  1. Sooo gme investors flex their GameStop receipts and get tons of upvotes I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be posting bbby receipts 😉😉

  2. people shop Amazon and Walmart bc it's cheap and convenient.. why would anyone go out of their way to pay more, when you can click a button and have it show up on your doorstep for half the price?

  3. Nah man what they do isnt rocket science. Tons of startups do cheap and convenient in their market losing shit ton of money in process to become biggest player in that market so they can charge whatever they want. If the competion doesnt die they can never do that. We can own the store and be the customer at the same time and bbby can compete with big boys long after balls are squeezed and watermelon are fucked

  4. Yeah i'm not driving 2 hours to not get the things I want when it's a 3 minute drive to any Walmart to also not get the things I want. Retail is fukt.

  5. I think it’s gona the same but faster I drs my shares like a year ago for gme…. I sent all my bbby shares to AST already. And i have only held bbby for 2 months now. I can’t be the only one doing this

  6. Makes me think it won't pump anywhere near as high as gme if people are already on copium and forming a cult around being loyal holders and customers when the run has just started.

  7. Why would you get money back for purchasing products you want? I'm shopping with whoever can get me what I want cheaper and faster, period.

  8. Why wouldnt you? In time they'll make it cheaper, deliver faster. And i own part of that company, my shares worth a small fortune(might even lend them to hedgies to short if i feel degenerate enough), plus it pays me divident so i can lose all of it with my fellow regards

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