Cramer has tweeted about BBBY 11 TIMES in the last 23 hours (see pics)!!! You can't tell me he's not short, FUCK CRAMER!

  1. Yeah conversely he's in media and loves the attention we give him. Clicks keep him relevant regardless of what he spouts. Better to ignore him. That's what he fears the most, irrelevance.

  2. Cramer ranting this much can only mean one thing…his coke dealer is short BBBY and Jim owes him a favor😉

  3. He’s heavily restricted between his personal investments and his public stock persona. I don’t know how he could be this vocal and involved in the stock. So it’s gotta be for his buddies.

  4. I liked him last week when he said $ASTS (I like that shit, holding 1000) wasn't a buy @7.50. Inverse rule went full effect and now it's up like 60% 🤣🤣 thanks Jim 😘

  5. Imagine if Bye Bye Baby gets sold for 1 billion. There was a ton of way OTM calls Jan 23 purchased today between $60-80

  6. Did Cramer just low key trying ask CEO Sue Gove to ask the board to issue 20mil more new share to help his buddy out because there isn’t any shares out there? Idk I can’t read and think 🤷🏻‍♂️ I just know how to hold a bags.

  7. Do the opposite of a Cramers intentions I can feel and see his stress level he’s blaming this sub again like GME in 2021 he hasn’t learned

  8. At this point I am just waiting for a flying rocket shooting motorcycle to take me out (GTA online payphone hit mission reference)

  9. With the markets closed it feels like the Wild West movies. Cramer has 11X down and WSB has YOLOd everything into BBBY for this week.

  10. I can tell you he's not short. In fact, he cannot take any position, short or long, on any stock he recommends or comments. If he did, he'd have the SEC on his ass.

  11. No, but he has plenty of trust funds he manages, like the one he pushes on CNBC called 'Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust' 🤣

  12. The best way to deal with Jimmy is to never mention his name ever. Just let him phase away like the turd sucker that he is. Stop posting this twat.

  13. If Sue Gove tweets this guy a will smith meme telling him to keep her name out his mouth I’m gonna fucking lose mind! THOSE ARE HER TENDIES! I mean shares. lol

  14. He probably isn't short. But all his Hedge fund buddies probably are. They need their public manipulation mouthpiece to work hard for them.

  15. Dude coulda tanked the stock by saying he thinks it's gonna go up. And even if it didn't tank he would at least be right for once.

  16. If he does that then he will belive he is a jinx. Soon as he does this and know he is the cruse is broken and it turn he becomes the god among us and picks 1000% on OTM FUD but he will never embrace the jinx

  17. You would think by now he would know his sentiment carries the opposite intended effect. He should be saying BBBY is the comeback story of the year, instead of begging the CEO to sell shares to create liquidity and dilution with real shares.

  18. Our overlords are getting nervous about the prospect of retail getting paid. Stay tuned for a special PSA about the harm these short squeezes are doing to pensioners lol

  19. The apes need to make a very public stand. Go to BBBY and buy a cartload of stuff or some gift cards. Let the lines of apes be shown on media and this will further drive the stock

  20. Love how he calls 6x the total shares in volume as some type of manipulation against shorts. If the shorts weren’t active in it there wouldn’t be enough free shares to maintain that volume.

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