You’re all equally insufferable to me

  1. You get bitch smacked by the Buffettes and Cramerites while in the back of line for kid size tendies

  2. What’s insufferable is a degen downing on people looking up to symbols of productivity and innovation, personal accountability, financial integrity, and bodily health. Maybe the OP prefers the cult of the mundane feminine dad-bods that is so popular among middle aged men atm 🤷‍♂️

  3. The only insufferable one is u posting this shit in wallstreetbets. Not even ab the stock market anymore go to

  4. a guy telling you to clean your room is now a cult leader? you must be a real piece of shit OP. you on anti-working much? lol

  5. People join the left two because they're intelligent and speak the mind against pc narratives and/or inspire critical thinking on relevant important issues which are not discussed but held as conditions of participating in society

  6. Jordan Peterson is a certified legend. People pretending to be against his takes won’t be able to provide you with a rational reason why. Just they think AOC types will smash if the say it enough out loud.

  7. Jordan Peterson has become a bit of a Lex recently, Crossfit is a stain on the world of health and fitness. I don't know or care about AMC, and Elon Musk has a messiah complex.

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