[Post Game Thread] The Sacramento Kings (6-6) defeat your Golden State Warriors (5-8) 122-115.

  1. Way too many wide open shots created down the stretch that didn't go in, from Klay to Lamb to Wiggins. This team just cannot win on the road.

  2. honestly other than klay’s shot selection and jp’s defence, this loss was a lot better than the other losses. wasn’t outright atrocious, just couldn’t make open shots to give us a chance at the end

  3. Forget the shots, let’s talk about the defense. Specifically Klay and JP. When they aren’t providing much offensively they are forcing Wiggs, Dray and Steph to hard carry on both ends of the floor. Two max contracts being met negatives for majority of the season is not a good thing.

  4. Sabonis had 22 rebounds. This team desperately needs some veteran wings. All our guys leave Looney and Dray in tough spots for rebounds.

  5. Lamb simply cannot switch onto a center or a guard. He’s only like 6’7” and not strong enough. Sabonis ate his lunch on every rebound and Fox blew past him. I can’t believe Kerr kept him in in the 4th over Looney.

  6. 5 unplayable roster spots being given to literal children. Iguodala taking a roster spot as a player coach. And didn’t even sign a 15th player. The two timelines plan is murdering steph’s prime

  7. somehow we’re back in the “double steph and make one of these other losers beat us” era, shame. thought we had more weapons than this

  8. Do people not watch the games? I see a million comments saying Steph should shoot more, he was being doubled half the game

  9. 5 unplayable roster spots being given to literal children. Iguodala taking a roster spot as a player coach. And didn’t even sign a 15th player. The two timelines plan is murdering steph’s prime

  10. Too many turnovers is what killed us. But this was a better loss IMO. Klay looked better and hopefully is shaking off the rust. People complaining about Klay in this sub are impatient and don’t see the big picture. Poole also looked better on offense and he has that swagger back. Draymond continues to play great. I was shocked that Lamb was in during the last 5 minutes. Goes to show how trash our bench is with kids who can’t play NBA level basketball yet. Kings are good, hit timely shots, good win for them.

  11. Yeah, I feel like people keep complaining about Klay but he has been better. The main problem though, is that I notice the other guys tend to stop moving when Klay has the ball so he the. Tried to make a move off the dribble which isn't always good. The other guys should cut or something because he is willing to make that pass if it's there.

  12. Down late in the game and the whole squad start chucking 3s like they're peak Steph wtf man lol. Nobody tries to get some easy buckets or get to the FT line ffs. Steph gets blitzed and the rest of the team don't know how to step up.

  13. We are not going anywhere this season without making some serious changes. Will be a crime to waste a year especially with Steph playing at an MVP level.

  14. 5 unplayable roster spots being given to literal children. Iguodala taking a roster spot as a player coach. And didn’t even sign a 15th player. The two timelines plan is murdering steph’s prime

  15. There aren’t any excuses to stand Pat right now. In 2021 we were waiting for Klay to come back. Nobody’s coming to save this team unless Andre turns back the clock 7 years magically lol.

  16. Lamb is a 3 at best and Kerr is playing him like he was Horace Grant. The dude gets obliterated on the glass by anyone 2 inches taller than him

  17. Kerr special tonight. Wasn't all on him, but he didn't help. Dude can't help himself. Bench player mentality, he just loves a random guy. Cheese. Molder. Varajao............... the list goes on.

  18. Need some actual role players. Please Lacob. 2 of the 3 lottery picks aren't even getting minutes. What are we even doing.

  19. The loss itself is tolerable, Sacramento are a good team. If the Dubs record wasn't so horrible, this one is just a hotter team getting the W, but it is horrible, so this one is a massive blow.

  20. Exactly. I thought we actually looked better than we have. The Kings are just a solid team and we made a few too many mistakes. Rebuilding this team will be a process, not an overnight thing. The fact we looked better means we’re moving in the right direction (finally)

  21. We literally are 0-7 on the road and can’t win a game if steph doesn’t go off for 35+ points. This roster needs trades.

  22. Lol I absolutely refuse to believe that Gary Payton II and Otto Porter are the difference between last year's start and this one. That's fucking absurd. Something bigger is off/wrong right now.

  23. GP2 didn’t even play in the 18-2 start, Damion Lee was the 6th man. I think Mike Brown was a big loss, the team looks very disorganized. Poole has also regressed significantly.

  24. No. They were the 2nd and 3rd best players on the team last year by VORP. They are a gigantic loss if you look at the advanced stats.

  25. Why not? We lost a significant portion of our bench, which is one of our weakest aspects right now. Inserting a GP2 or Otto in with our starters could make the difference. Not to mention how Beli and Lee were able to help our ball movement as well

  26. they were. GP2 is one of the best defenders IN THE GAME. He also is solid on offense and a decent shooter. Otto had high BBIQ was a great passer, defender, shooter, and rebounder. They played a HUGE ROLE in our championship. Why the fuck Lacob traded them? Luxury. Who is getting paid 9M this year? Wiseman. The ultimate Sunk Cost Fallacy #2 pick. Wiseman salary + DDV salary is enough for us to have kept GP2 and OPJ.

  27. We had more vets than just those two. Belly, DLee, JTA. As much as people constantly griped about the bench last season, it still mostly treaded water. Starters constantly needing to play the catch up game because bench is so ineffective is exhausting.

  28. Lineup was 11 deep. Depth is the first answer. But the front office will obsess over young guys. Kuminga is unplayable on a championship contender. He needs to make mistakes and learn on a lottery team like the pistons. This isn’t the team for these guys.

  29. I thought we would win after Dray hit that layup with four minutes left to go up three. But then Dray stopped and complained to the refs and Fox dribbled coast to coast for a layup. I had a feeling that would cost us.

  30. Klay 5-12 (excluding that last heave) on 3 is actually okay objectively speaking but it felt like he could've had so many more

  31. He forced a lot of shots, he’s costing us a lot of possessions sometimes at least today he hit a few but still, it’s frustrating to watch.

  32. Yeah but it's nice to see some life with all the hate he's been getting, decent game, I'll take 19 from Klay on 39-40 ish from 3

  33. It really was. His shot selection was infuriating. Poole has a lot of work to do if they’re gonna rely on him to lead the offense when Steph sits.

  34. Maybe an unpopular opinion rn but I really feel like we’re missing Drays energy. He’s been great play wise but I feel like he doesn’t have the green light to call guys out/hold them accountable. A year ago, he would’ve been on JP for his defence tonight and I think the young guys need that.

  35. he needs to work smarter and harder on defense. Poole plays like he is mentally challenged and has 0 energy on D. Zero effort. joran is not that guy yet

  36. We don’t have to play Mike Brown again until April THANK GOD…having to play a team that has the world’s biggest cheatsheet on the warriors 3 times in the span of 2 weeks while they’re also trying to figure out their bench has felt like a special kind of hell but at least we got it over with and get a break for the next 4 months!

  37. I mean we aint winning that one Steph never plays well on Christmas and our bench sucks so unless we make moves just count that one as a loss already.

  38. Ja gonna be like "Gang Took care of Da Christmas Competition..Stuntin" while Adams eats better at the game than he will at Christmas dinner

  39. The offense works best when guys are getting to the rim. Too many three attempts. I didn’t see any back cuts down the stretch and they had to be there the way they were guarding g Steph

  40. 3rd straight DNP for wiseman, at this point either send him to the g league or get rid of him and get Dwight Howard. Why are we content to waste Steph’s prime waiting for a 20 yr old who can’t get on the floor??

  41. Kings fan who was at the game, great atmosphere from both fanbases and feels amazing to beat you guys after a lot of close losses.

  42. The front office definitely overestimated how much the lotto picks were going to help because those 3 and the 2 rookies are in the gleague and take up 2 roster spots, Andre has one (deservingly) and an empty 15th spot so that's about half the roster so the team ends up relying on guys on two-way contracts. I think Moody is going to end up playing and be useful and JMG will come back into the rotation and it's not like these guys were the reason we lost since it was a lot on the turnovers but I hope the front office sees that we need to have a lot more than half the roster be ready to play when the team needs to get it some wins.

  43. If we're running small why not play Moody or J.Green? Surely they are better shooters to slot in other than Lamb. This is the only gripe I have on Steve. He is fucking stubborn with his set lineups

  44. Moody is -19 total playing 17 minutes per game. With this bench I would say that's damn good...did he look at Kerr funny at practice or something? Not sure what he's done (or not done) to get all these DNPs...

  45. Klay’s regression is an overlooked risk right now, and Poole hasn’t stepped into that Robin role to Steph’s Batman. It’s been a baker’s dozen games, the kids will need probably half a season to settle in. (For those that end up making the regular rotation.)

  46. Wonder how much longer til Steph gets over this two timeline bullshit. If he puts his foot down and really shows how unhappy he is, he can easily force the FO to make some moves. He’s been going along with it happily so far. No other superstar would put up with this bullshit.

  47. Kings got hot, Poole's trash D continues to cause a layup line or defensive breakdowns leading to open 3's for the other team. Sucks to waste another good Steph game but it is what it is.

  48. This team legit ain’t making it to the playoffs, all you have to do is double team steph and our support would brick all our shots

  49. Offense got a little stale there at the end. I think as soon as teams start doubling, you need Donte and Poole in the game immediately.

  50. I don't think this is a playoff team we'd be 3-10 if Steph hadn't played like Superman the bench sucks and can't even keep us close in a game. The youngsters have shown zero development the vets we've brought in are a massive downgrade to what we had last year. Playins at best and I'd not expect that unless we made some moves.

  51. We have the best 3pt shooter, someone called Steph Curry and yet the last 0-5 shots were taken by the other dudes ...

  52. We've gotta find a solid bench contributor. JP looks lost, JK can't do anything right, and even Jamichael Green isn't seeing minutes. I don't think Lamb is a long term solution here....

  53. I used to second guess Kerr all the time, and I was very wrong about him not chasing wins the past few years. I'm optimistic he'll figure it out, but I'm just hoping

  54. DLee, JTA, belly mean you don’t have to use guys like Ty Jerome and Lamb for minutes. At the end of the day this team lost too many bench vets. Keeping 2/5 guys would have done wonders for the bench. They would have been able to step up for the 8-10 spots when our young guys were unplayable. Now we don’t have that luxury.

  55. Drafting james wiseman over lamelo is gonna come back to hunt the warriors he literally out of the rotation now

  56. I love how out of all teams in the league, the Kings decide to go ballistic from 3 ONLY against us. Fucking bums. Glad I don’t have to see Heurter’s dumb face until April 2nd

  57. It’s clear the young players we have now are going to be mediocre at best in 2-4 years. We will be bottom tier team with these young players as our vets and curry retired. So trade them all while they have some value left, and get curry 2 more years of a chance before the warriors legendary era ends. I’d rather tank once curry retires for 2-4 years and rebuild than pretend this young group is our future.

  58. Panic time boys and girls. Legitimately they are one Steph ankle tweak away from a lottery team. Straight up press and sit on the panic button.

  59. Opening night vs the lakers was the only game were klay had a positive impact for us. What a tunnel vision he has. His fadeaway leaning to the left is starting to get up there with the lebron sidestep and Westbrook Hesi pull up as trademarks shots that are synonyms with bricks. His defense is either lazy or undisplicined.

  60. I've been harping on Poole's defense all season but the nephews love their savior. Poole can do no wrong as long as he splashes a 3 and makes a meme face. I 100% agree with everything you said. Poole is a net negative this year and is costing us games. Read this thread alone, some of nephews think Poole tonight had a good game tonight!

  61. We brought our B- game and kings brought their A game. Still could have won if we hit timely shots. Gotta address the elephant in the room tho. Wiseman and Moody with DNPs + Kuminga with another meh performance. Gotta ship some of these guys for some bench reinforcement and/ or veterans!!!

  62. I didn’t understand why we put Klay instead of Wiggs on Fox at the end. Of course that’s not the reason we lost, but I think Wiggs is quicker and longer than Klay.

  63. They just took way too many 3s at the end there. Sure they were “open” but wouldn’t it make more sense to drive and see if you can get a layup or floater?

  64. Also we’re still only 4 games back which tbh feels like a win considering we were 4.5 games back (I think? Or maybe it was still 4) before the loss.

  65. How frustrating for the starters must it be to get a big lead and then know the next time they come in they're going to be six down and chasing again.

  66. This is simply not a good team. Even with a trade this season, I don't it'll make a huge difference in terms of wins added. I'm expecting this current team to win about 34-36 games, which would most likely make them a 9/10 seed and a play in team. Even trading for players like Myles Turner or Sabonis, the expected wins added is +4, which would make them an 8 seed most likely.

  67. We would be 3-10 if refs would have called those last foul plays. I mean refs also sold us on those games but we are struggling to make playoffs and if you can’t see it then you need a check up

  68. Kuminga looked pretty lost out there tonight on defense, he needs to stop over helping and focus on his man more.

  69. Watching the fan base fall apart rn really shows how most warriors fans haven't been paying attention to the draft since Harrison Barnes.

  70. We’re talking about offense and missing shots down the stretch when the defense again gave up over 120 points. And it’s not just the bench, starters aren’t playing that much better on that side. We’ve always lived with the high turnovers, but if we can’t stop the other team from scoring the turnovers just lead to easy/free points.

  71. this is not a good team. the bench is bad. the defense is bad. Klay is bad. Poole is bad. we're eking out HOME games cuz Steph goes nuclear (frankly we could easily have a similar record to the Lakers/Rockets without him playing as well as he has so far). with the exception of the Heat (who might be just as bad as we are) all of our road losses are against bad teams, which is really troubling. you could pencil in Ws for much of this Kerr era. i honestly can't guarantee in a win in ANY game atm, cuz we play so badly for large parts of every game. ANOTHER game where we squandered a double digit lead. the way we're playing we mightn't cross .500 before the New Year, cuz Kerr doesn't seem to trust anybody on the bench. Moody wasn't playing lights out but he was playing by far the best out of Kuminga/Wiseman and himself, and now he's DNPing.... could have used Jamychal tonight.

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