Is this it…? Not sure what they’re protesting but they’re outnumbered 2:1 by police

  1. Yep. Freedom of speech! At least they’re brave enough to get their faces out there. I’m Pro-Choice. Hmmm…I should go out there too!

  2. Can’t put my finger on but something about this group has always seemed super Astroturf to me. Like they’re either feds or some rich guy bought a bunch of racists matching uniforms.

  3. This looks like the Patriot Front group. They are nazis trying to co-op the March For Life. Laugh at them, it’s the best weapon.

  4. I'd expect them to hang around for the weekend and wouldn't be surprised if they did some sit-in style protests against the vaxx mandate. Not a fun weekend to be working at a restaurant near the Mall.

  5. Even worse… This is the Nazi group Patriot Front. And the cops are there to protect them…. Absolutely disgusting.

  6. It's such a fake group. Look into where the money is coming from and how it is funded. It's not grassroots and it's just there for an agenda and to incite and rial up people. It's not representative of any movement or people in society.

  7. Literally 400GB+ of leaked conversations just got released today, thats a hell of a paper trail for a fake group.

  8. I thought the MPD were too underfunded to prevent all the shootings and dangerous drivers. But they made it a priority to protect these assholes!

  9. Since I’ve been on there’s usually a heavy presence with these kind of assholes because the faster they march the faster they get the fuck out. I remember a few years ago getting detailed to parallel a white supremicist march sometime around 2010/2011 and the assholes stuck around much longer because people blocked every intersection between Lincoln Park and the Capitol.

  10. There were far more anti-abortion marchers out and about today, just an hour ago when I was at Union Station there were hundreds of them (mostly unmasked).

  11. "Everyone that i agree with that does anything bad is a plant." is a goofy take and you should feel bad.

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