[Post Game Thread] The Boston Celtics (25-24) defeat the Washington Wizards (23-25), 116 - 87

  1. Yeah out of everything that's going on that's been the real kicker, he's been a zero on this team and he's being paid the second highest, your second best player can't have no impact every game

  2. Late 2nd round pick, 8 year vet, only 2 years as a routine starter, with G-League stint and no All Star appearances - who didn't see this coming? Other than the Wizards front office, of course.

  3. Watching this game after Mayo was on the Beal defense train all weekend is pure comedy. Tatum showed us how it's done, he's good.

  4. So hard to take him seriously when he's too biased. Can't even give constructive criticism on Beal even when it's warranted.

  5. Bertans is not even g league worthy, i don’t understand how he get 40mil contract and just laugh at everybody’s face

  6. Tommy Sheppard is awful. There might not be a single worse roster top to bottom in the league. Maybe the Pacers, maybe the Kings. But I would take both over ours.

  7. I'm with you but it's a problem a guy his size rarely dunks and gets to the ft line. Deni showed some good stuff driving to the basket this game. Also he should post up more

  8. This team lacks leadership. Last year we did not have the depth, but we had Russ. And guys looked to him. He played hard and so did the rest of the team. It doesn’t feel like we have that this year.

  9. Who are our young players with high ceilings? Top 1-2 guys on a team that could actually compete and win a playoff series or two? I don't think we have a single one.

  10. I'm pissed. It's disrespectful to take stupid shots after 3 seconds like it's the all-star game. Wtf is this. I have no respect for wuj after this game, take everyone out and leave only players who show some effort. The only explanation is a trade is coming, and i hope that's the case. There's no chemistry and no leaders on this team...

  11. It's only his first year but WUJ needs to do something about the defensive effort. BUT I kind of get it, even if I don't like it. Only so much you can do when the org is simping Beal so hard.

  12. WUJ has shown nothing thus far. He’s just another warm body on the bench. What is it with NBA coaches and uninspiring lineups. I know, let’s just keep throwing out the same ineffective starting five out there. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Meanwhile, I can let all this teams puppy dogs sit on the bench and learn a thing or two from alpha dog Brad Beal and Crypto Spence.

  13. This is the first time in quite awhile that I turned off the game half way through. This current Wiz team is just uninspiring.

  14. Nowhere to go but down. Trade everybody and have DC be a 2nd home for every visiting team, or have Beal sign the supermax and watch what we've been watching.

  15. So a supermax contact is supposed to fix this problem? Sabonis? Grant? Ted needs to get in touch with reality and understand just how flawed this roster is. Cut your losses and start over.

  16. At the beginning of the season I thought a lot of these players had something to prove to the world. There hasnt been enough of that.

  17. I don’t know how you can look at this team and think trading for the “missing piece” is a good idea.

  18. Why bother unless you have an idea how to construct a better team? Replacing one or two players or replacing all the players means nothing unless you can put together a winning team.

  19. Wes Unseld Jr is a 1st year coach. The logical thing is to cut him a bit of slack. But with all that being said, this team lacks leadership, vision and direction. His lineups and game plans have been terrible. If the shit they’re doing is by design then we should assess and critique that design. They have to do the right thing on February 10th. Give him a fresh team

  20. this game shows clearly how all of those who know that they are on the chopping block trying to get their stats up but only make it worse for themselves

  21. Our defensive schemes are garbage. We switch everything so teams can post up bigs on our guards and iso with their guards on our bigs in space. The drop coverage is even worse. Doesn’t matter who is guarding guys if their big can set a good screen. Our bigs camp in no man’s land conceding rolls and wide open 3’s. As a ball handler if you know they are never gonna trap on the screen you can breeze into walk up 3’s and don’t have to worry about being secure with the ball or getting blocked.

  22. After all that has been done to improve the defense and 3PT shooting (in particular), how can we shoot 35% and 23% and let the other team get over 130 pts? HOW?

  23. Iverson didn't win a championship and was really a PG at 6' (generous). GOAT won 6 Wade won 3. One with Shaq as the centerpiece. Two others with LeBron and Bosh. Considering Wade the centerpiece of that would be bs. Steph is a freak with unlimited range.

  24. I think WUJ "everybody eats" is what's causing this team's downfall. Some of these mf's can't shoot so when they get the ball, it's always a wasted opportunity

  25. The trades that have been made in the last year were to improve shooting everywhere and to keep Brad free to do his magic. He hasnt been so consistently magical and some other players are just not showing up.

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