Best Wizards podcasts?

  1. Locked on Wizards is 30 minutes of ads and vanilla analysis based on the episode I just listened to.

  2. Folks have feelings on Mayo, but when he decides to put out eps of The Quinton Mayo Show, it's my favorite Wizards podcast. Aside from that, it's Locked On Wizards for me.

  3. Haven't heard it. Is he the one that comes off as Bradley Beal's publicist on Twitter? Or is that Ava Wallace? (still learning my wizards guys)

  4. Agreed, I think they're just getting a little better at podcasting. I find it not as choppy and a little more entertaining over the last few weeks,

  5. I’m an Al Galdi podcast guy. He doesn’t exclusively hit the Wiz but he does review the high notes. Obvi there aren’t many

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