I’m tired of seeing the argument that we don’t have good fan attendance because “this is a transient city”. We don’t have good fan attendance because we havent been good. We would sell our arena out every night if we were.

  1. 2017-2018 games were packed and almost unanimously supporting the Wizards. Would’ve never had Heat fans take over our arena like they did this year. Also this city loved Wall more than any other basketball player we’ve had in recent memory including Arenas imo. We don’t have that guy anymore.

  2. I still have pictures of people holding up signs saying, "JOHN WALL IS MY PRESIDENT!" That was such a fun time.

  3. I remember there being a shit ton of bulls fans in the 14 playoffs, and shit ton of raptors fans in the 15 playoffs and a fuck ton of celtics fans in the 17 playoffs

  4. Was it? Only for great opponent matchups. Even in the playoffs we couldn’t even sell out arenas. The only time it was actually sold out in the playoffs was the game after Oubre pushed Olynyck. Before that, they were handing student rush tickets and begging people to come to the games.

  5. And I could actually hear people that were supporting the Wizards as opposed to whatever opponent they were facing actually yelling and chanting for our team, especially in crunch time situations. It’s so deflating hearing opposing fans being the ones that fill the arena with their chants

  6. A few year ago the Wizards had great attendance. I think DC fans in general have been burned enough times that they have a more fair weather attitude than some other cities with long time teams. The Capitals and Nationals have proved that if you have sustained success and/or win a championship you will create a new generation of die hard fans. Don’t have to win a chip though, they can start by consistently making the playoffs and providing a reason to care.

  7. I went to a regular season Wiz-Celtics game in 2014 and remember being impressed with the crowd, albeit it wasn’t the same as say a caps game. That said it was nothing compared to the shit I experienced when I went to the Wiz-Celtics game a couple of weeks ago. The stadium was full of Celtics fans and they were actually chanting MVP for Jason Tatum. That was so embarrassing. It’s no wonder our locker room got so toxic at that time..

  8. I agree. Most cities are transient but if you win, fans will support the team. That said there was an entire decade when Abe spent significant marketing dollars on promoting visiting stars. Not sure how much that plays into this but it could be a factor.

  9. Ted Leonsis views basketball as a means to drive certain people to his betting windows, and nothing else.

  10. Usually when I look tickets are $15 or less on resale. Often times they are below $10. I’ve been several times this year. I paid $45 for 5-10 rows from court earlier this year. I don’t think this is that bad.

  11. If people will only come out if you win all the time, then you have frontrunner and fair weather fans, not actual fans.

  12. It’s not about winning all the time imo. It’s about winning.. like ever lol. I mean it’s unrealistic to be good all the time, but we really haven’t been good ever for any real stretch longer than 5 years

  13. I live in Boston and even they, with all their history, couldn’t give away tickets in the years right before KG and Ray Allen got here. That was after barely a decade of what we’ve had (middling at best to straight up bad teams). KG comes to town, people get hyped up, and they came back.

  14. It’s not that the team is good or bad, it’s that they haven’t been able to sustain success long enough to draw a massive pool of fans that can grow accustomed to attending games. Teams that want sustained crowds in down seasons have to have fans that feel a sense of community at games. It’s a thing that they do, every year, and something they look forward to.

  15. Caps sell out because of Ovechkin's popularity. He's transcendent. Would be like if the Wizards drafted Giannis.

  16. I agree with you, but if the wizards had Giannis it would be much bigger for the city than ovechkin is my point. I say this as a huge caps fan. More people care about the NBA. But we may never know lol

  17. There are a lot of opposing fans at the arena because it’s a transient city. There aren’t a lot of Wizards fans there because the team stinks.

  18. Well, ok that’s fair. Yes there are more fans from the opposing teams than your average arena bc of transients.. but it wouldn’t be noticeable if we were good.

  19. Feel like we would have better attendance if we werent smack dab in the middle of DC. I cant stand the time it takes to get to the stadium and Im not a fan of the metro. Most of my friends are the same way. I would go to a lot more games if they were somewhere else

  20. It’s not at all difficult to get to the arena. Metro is super accessible. And it’s close to a lot of apartments. I live in MoCo and have absolutely no difficulties- and I drive in

  21. I live in NOVA and I don’t find it very hard to get there, but maybe that’s just me. But either way, I don’t think this argument is valid for explaining the extent of how bad the attendance is. You could maybe say that changing the location would add a couple of hundred or thousand fans, but it’s not a reason that we are just bad at attendance. Look at the Capitals, they sell nearly every game out and they are on the same arena for a much less popular sport.

  22. For me it is easy to get to the arena and there is plenty of places to hang out before or after the game. On the weekend you can make a day of it in DC seeing sights before you go to the game.

  23. If they want to boost the attendance, they can also temporarily lower prices. Most families cannot afford to go to a game

  24. Yeah, I guess I just don’t understand where people are looking. To me the resale market has been kind, but I haven’t looked at purchasing from the source. My understanding is that tickets are very overpriced directly from the team. I don’t understand why. If you aren’t selling tickets you would think they would just lower the price

  25. Oh it’s absolutely winning. All cities in general are transient these days. To varying degrees obviously but there’s so much mobility.

  26. I agree. This team since they lost in the NBA Finals in 1979 have been a mediocre franchise. They are in their 43rd season since then. They have missed the playoffs 25 out of the 43 years since 1979(possibly 26 this season). They have only made the playoffs 17 times and 12 of those appearances ended in the first round. They have not advanced past the semis since then. They have 0 50+ win seasons and 14 50+ losing seasons. They have a franchise winning record in this span of 1469-1965(.428), way below .500. They have gone through 17 coaches. This has been a very mediocre franchise since they last made the Finals in 1979. It's not even about them being a "transient city". Fans are gonna come to watch a consistent winner. They aren't gonna be invested in mediocrity unless they are die hard fans. This team hasn't been good at any point in this 43 year period since they last made the Finals. They are either at the bottom or in the middle. The 2017 Wizards was the only team that really peaked fans interests and even then the Wizards front office managed to screw that up. Besides the Cavs this is my 2nd favorite team so I wanna see them succeed. It's gonna take them really developing a consistent winning team. They also gotta get someone to wanna come to Washington. Washington, despite public perception, is a big market. No one wants to come their though because they don't have any rich history, have bad management, and are mediocre, as well as not really having an established culture. Sorry for the long rant. Just like you I wanna see the Wizards succeed. I haven't been a Wizards fan long so I couldn't comprehend the pain that long-time Wizards fans have gone through

  27. DC being a transient city is part of it. It’s both. The tickets, food and drinks are pricey and expensive for no reason. Most locals are not paying for all that, cause like you said the team hasn’t been that great. But people who live and work in the city will pay whatever to see their hometown teams play. They have the money, the means, the motivation to go see them. Wizards fans don’t come out and I think a lot of it has to do with prices and the team doesn’t have that flashy showtime attraction/player to them. People also see and support other teams cause of their attraction to showtime stars/franchises. When MJ, John or Gill were here I’m sure there were more supporters at the Verizon Center.

  28. This was a brief period of 2-3 years. We have not been that good in over 5 years. And guess what? We were 13th-16th in the NBA attendance during that stretch

  29. Caps got a championship and Ovi is going for the scoring record, so they're at least fun to watch despite not being amazing. Plus just anecdotally a lot of the people I see on dating apps are super into the Caps, and they're usually transplants. Winning is the best way to get fans.

  30. Right, but it also didn’t even take a championship. The caps and nats both had good atmospheres before the actual championship. It was just years of sustained success

  31. Agreed, although because we’re a transient city, it leads to fair weather fans. Certain fan bases have good attendance, even in down years. That’ll never be us, unfortunately.

  32. Sky high? Just curious.. where have you been looking?? I’ve seen several tickets for under $10 after fees this year lol

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