Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (22-43) at Washington Wizards (28-34) Mar 06 2022 6:00 PM

  1. Random thought. Does basketball have the highest amount of high fives per game? I feel like it's disproportionately higher than any other sport

  2. Will you look at that - we were 5-17 and pulled ourselves out of the 3-point shooting hole and ended up shooting 40%! (17-42)

  3. we should really have gaff in to close the game if KP is at his restriction but Gill is acceptable too

  4. I was just thinking a couple days ago. I feel like of all the teams, it's about time we got a favorable "bounce" on draft picks. It just feels like it's time.

  5. kp looks like a great fit with you guys! mavs fan happy to see him balling. truth be told i think he can be even better than this, especially defensively!

  6. LOVE it. Best part about it is he's just straight confident now too. He's developing that amnesia. Looks strong with the ball. Definitely taking a leap. If he does good work over the summer, he could look like a much better player to start next season.

  7. I really hope he stays healthy. That's was his biggest downside us. If he stays healthy he is unironically a perennial allstar.

  8. Is that dude who's Courtside on the right side trying to coach? Lmao dude was giving the guys the shot clock hand motion. Dude living his best life

  9. Deni made that Gill 3 possible by cutting through the lane and dragging the defenders. GREAT play.

  10. Defense is suspect but I’m really loving this lineup on offense. Best flow all game. Hope kcp and kuz don’t mess it up when they come in

  11. This is my first time at a Wizards game, I’m traveling from raleigh for vacation. Gotta say the crowd is super engaged! Been a really good vibe in here.

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