How come WUJ dont want me, man😢

  1. I don't know how to photoshop, but I wanted to make this is express how sad I am about how WUJ is hindering our players development.

  2. Brooks would be playing kuzma more too, and he rarely played Rui at 3. So I'm not sure why you think it would be any different.

  3. he doesn't have to start, but there is no reason Rui shouldn't be averaging 25 MPG minimum off the bench at this point. he's treated like he's Raul Neto.

  4. I like Rui and think he's talented, but wow, a rookie coach shows a preference for the players who've showed up since day 1 for him and aren't 24 years old and still without an idea of how to play team defense

  5. Kispert is a rookie who’s shot bad all season up until now yet been been consistently given 30+ minutes a game… Rui has been pretty steady even given the limited minutes he’s been given. We’re not making any sort of playoff push EVEN if we somehow make the play in game. Now is the best time to be developing young talent, and playing a guy like Rui who has maybe the most upside on the team is just downright wrong.

  6. No, you clearly don’t like Rui lmao. His scoring recently warrants him a starting job without any excuse. This coaching is becoming a literal joke, unless the organization is planning to tank this year, and they are keeping Rui off the court as much as possible, which will make sense then lol.

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