I know that you guys wanna trade Beal rather than pay a max but do we really wanna send him to sacramento after everything?

  1. if we could grab davion mitchell in the trade to, that would be what i want. backcourt of davion mitchell and shaedon sharpe or jaden ivey going forward. built for the future

  2. There's no chance we could just "grab" Davion Mitchell. He was pick #9 in 2021 and turned it on the second half of the season. Brad for pick #4 is a good deal. If offered, wizards need to take that and then tank next year for any hope at a decent team in 2024 or 2025.

  3. Sigh. We can’t trade Beal to Sacramento unless Beal wants to go to Sacramento and I promise you he doesn’t.

  4. After everything has been poop since John Wall got hurt. As the first option he’s done nothing. I love the guy and he’s a walking bucket but he doesn’t lead to wins

  5. I feel like 10 years as one of the longest tenured players on any team has to mean at least a little more than relegating him to the hell that is Sacramento.

  6. Fox/Beal/Sabonis would be a pretty good combo in the west, dunno if that's "win now" caliber but not a terrible decision for them. I don't think Beal or the FO would do it though.

  7. I actually really like Bradley Beal contrary to most of our fanbase. But that said, I’m a fan of the Washington Wizards before anything. And it’s time for once in his whole tenure here, we did what’s best for the wizards, not what’s best for Beal and friends. I loved him here but if we could get Davion Mitchell who I’m really high on and the 4th pick, I’d take that in a heartbeat. Hope we’re smart enough to take Sharpe though. Wouldn’t mind Ivey either at all. Davion 4th and 10th is already a really good offseason for us especially if Mathurin falls to us. And maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but WUJ actually gives all our young guys consistent minutes👀👀👀

  8. We don't hate Brad by any means. Just don't think he's a number one option. Maybe he won't have to be with KP but it remains to be seen.

  9. Yeah I agree with everything you’ve said. I know you’re not a wizards fan unless you hate the players but I just really like Beal. And if Ivey is still there at 4 it would be the only way for me to be okay with any trade.

  10. I like the offer, but I’m not sending him to sac, that’s just cruel. We may not like the idea of the supermax, but he doesn’t deserve a franchise worse run than us

  11. If the Kings organization is dumb enough to reach out with a trade offer, the Wizards owe it to the fans to screw that team over.

  12. There’s no way he’d ever be okay with that. After All the years, and the trust from the franchise, as well as the 2 years where he was the best scorer in the league, I believe the guy when he says he wants to stay here. Is that good for the franchise long term? Probably not, but there’s no way in hell Beal says yes to having the last 10 years of cementing his status in DC thrown away to be in Sac man, there’s no way in hell he arees to a sign and trade with the Kings.

  13. I would rather be exploring Kuz + 10 for 4 plus salary filler. Or if they stay at 4 and take a guard I would be looking at prying Mitchell out of there.

  14. I absolutely would. He's done us more harm than good the past few years and now he promises to catastrophically cripple the franchise for the next half a decade.

  15. I agree it would be better if we could get Davion and #4 for Beal and that the last few years have been hard. But Beal’s a hell of a player and a walking bucket. Only reason I want to see him go is because it feels like we’ve been building to separate teams for the last 4 years and it’s been frustrating and I don’t want any more of that

  16. This would be one of the few trades i would entertain and do should Beal agree. Maxey and Thybulle would be great too, but Davion and 4th? Thats an easy jump start to a fast rebuild, especially with our other young guns.

  17. Beal would agree to go there. He’s a west coast guy, and won’t turn down max money to work in Cali. Roster is on the same level as here if not slightly better.

  18. Highly doubt it. If he wanted max money to play for a dysfunctional, small-market, non-contender he would just stay with the Wizards.

  19. The only way we send Beal to the Kings now is in some kind of sign-and-trade, that’s not going to happen unless Beal agrees, and I don’t see him wanting to go to Sacramento.

  20. If this is true…this is such a Kings move. I want Beal to go to a contender, but are they really gonna give a first and a player for a play in spot?

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