The driver of the Kamaz did not see the mother with the child. Russia, Vologda.

  1. Well the truck was going slow at first and only speed up when the mother was already on the crossing. This is the drivers fault.

  2. Not according to the traffic laws there. Mom correctly expected the truck to stop, the truck should've stopped, it looked like the truck was stopping, but then the truck accelerated. The truck is completely at fault here

  3. Not to mention that the mom also stopped in the middle of the other lane, potentially playing chicken with the cars coming from the other direction. I'm sure she was panicking, but what a moron.

  4. Obviously the mother should have waited for traffic to stop, but in fairness the speed of the truck did seem to indicate awareness of people waiting to cross...I may have been caught out here.

  5. I want to cry because of moments like this. Imagine working day in day out as a father only to realize your entire family died from a totally preventable cause. Even if they didn't, I can't imagine the countless families that suffered from when they did. I can't imagine the suffering it would bring

  6. I don't know what's worse- walking in front of the truck, or stopping in front of the other truck to look back at the first truck you just walked in front of...

  7. Bruh the people saying it's not the truck's fault are insane. If you are blinded you do not speed up at the crosswalk. Also, if you are blinded you do not drive, either you bring sunglasses, or you stop and figure it out. You cannot keep driving just because "you have to", or else you get the shit you deserve if you run over someone after deciding to keep driving

  8. No one says it wasn't the trucks fault. They are saying that woman is an idiot. She walked blindly into traffic. There is no way she could see the second lane at all, so she was completely banking on there being nothing behind the white car. A slow moving monster of a truck? Yeah just wait a few more seconds until you can see everything. Case in point, she was a second off from getting obliterated by the white car, then stopped in front of the second truck to look back. She has no survival instinct or common sense WITH A CHILD.

  9. And this is why I always await cars/trucks before crossing, because I just don’t trust people with a weapon like a car/truck can be, and that they’ll react in time if they were unattentive.

  10. Can we all agree that no matter what the laws are, it’s your responsibility to cross the street safely? 😳😳🥺

  11. I was always taught that you make eye contact with any driver while walking a cross any intersection. All it takes is a second for the driver of a car to look away at God knows what fpr you to get hit. Never just walk just because it's your turn to do so. Fuckin stop, look, and listen lol even if you do have the right-of-way

  12. Are there no pedestrian signals at intersections in Russia? I would think if traffic is flowing there should have been the “do not cross” symbol for pedestrians to wait, versus it being a random crosswalk that all vehicles should be stopping for.

  13. Let's just walk a small child across a street while a huge truck is barrelling towards us and has given no indication that it is aware we are crossing

  14. Its also the pedestrian's responsibility to be cautious. So tired of people think "right of way" means you can do what ever you want.

  15. My advice: Don't walk in front of a couple tons of metal in movement just because there's some strips painted on the pavement, or because a certain light is red instead of green.

  16. The problem is this is a 4 lane Intersection with no lights this mother should have waited until it was clear the truck driver dropped outta 1st gear, because he thought he was gonna breeze through it only looks like he spread up when the lady was walking out in front of him he had no control of that! plus that truck probably weighs close to 2 tons! You can't stop something like that on a dime! totally the lady's fault she could have killed her and her children.

  17. You don't just wander out into the street in a crosswalk. You wait for a break in traffic or an indicator from the traffic light.

  18. That is a 2ton plus truck it is manual transmission you have to hit the gas to make it move or the engine will die this lady ran out in front of him just as he made the gear switch, He didn't speed up to hit the lady! he didn't have enough time to stop as he had just switched into a higher gear and hit the gas now you want him to stop on a dime people are stupid.

  19. As a pedestrian, you can’t assume vehicles will stop for you. Always make eye contact with driver. Although, I think this doesn’t work in Russia…

  20. Mom is the biggest moron. #1 rule of crossing in front of vehicles is you only physically have the right of way so much as it’s provided. You might legally have the right of way but if the other person doesn’t see you, you will pay. Always look both ways and ensure you physically have been granted the right of way before blindly running into traffic dragging you child along. Not to mention looked like a crossing the pedestrians had to hit a button to turn the light. She just went running straight out and multiple vehicles were still proceeding as if there were no light change.

  21. Not surprising.. The driver of the country doesn't see at all. Human validity, the right to coexist peacefully. The right to not be tampered with/bullied/enslaved/murdered.

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