Is registry really required??

  1. I’m an American. I also think registry’s are not required. I didn’t have one. When people asked what I wanted- I told them their attendance at my wedding. it worked. Everyone attended. And those feeling generous gave us cash 💕

  2. Same! I didn’t have a registry. We even politely asked for no gifts. Literally said the same exact thing. And every guest brought something LOL. Mostly cash. I think people really want to celebrate weddings and are inclined to shower the couple with gifts. We were totally fine with it. We just didn’t want a toaster or blender (and we didn’t get one ha ha).

  3. I think it depends a lot on your guest list. There are some people that really prefer giving physical gifts and for them, not having a registry as a guideline is harder/more stressful and you're more likely to end up with stuff you don't want. And if you're doing an American wedding shower, there may be an expectation that physical gifts will be opened.

  4. Registries were not established as a way to ask for gifts. They are a list of what the couple would like to own, even if they had to buy it all themselves. If someone has already decided they are going to buy you a gift, it might as well be something you would want in your home.

  5. Not required, but if you’re particular as you say about details, a registry makes it less likely you’ll end up with random stuff you hate. At least with a registry you have some level of control over the gifts people do give you. You can encourage cash gifts by having a small number of physical gifts on the registry and then some kind of “fund” like a honeymoon fund or newlywed fund.

  6. Yeah we did a combo of registering for stuff and a honeymoon fund and it worked out great. I got my Fiesta Ware “formal china” set and nothing I didn’t want.

  7. Young generations of Americans are relatively happy to just give money. Older generations of Americans prefer to give gifts and think giving money is a bit trashy. I set up a registry through Zola that had tangible gifts and cash account options as well (honeymoon fund, kids college fund). I would say about 40% bought gifts from the registry, 50% gave to the cash account and 10% gave checks. The checks are a pain though because everyone writes your names differently so it’s hard to figure out who can deposit what.

  8. I'm Canadian, and the whole idea of asking for stuff at my wedding just makes me feel uncomfortable. We already have everything we need and just want people to attend and have fun! For the people who really insist on giving something, we're planning on setting up a fundraiser and each picking a local charity that people can donate to. I'd say do what feels right to you!

  9. Nah. I found making a registry too stressful/awkward. We invited our guests to contribute to their favorite cause/charity if they wanted to do something. About 5 people did that, some people gifted cash, some people wrote a nice card. It worked out fine.

  10. Not doing a registry, just going to ask for donations to charity, and offer a couple of options.

  11. We don’t have a registry! We are having a destination wedding that’s already costing people a decent amount of money to get to, so I just felt so uncomfortable indicating in any way that we’d be expecting gifts.

  12. We don't have a registry. Small wedding anyways with no bridal party or anything so keeping it low key. Only a couple people asked if we had a registry but we said no. A good amount of people will have to travel for the wedding so we are saying that just them being there is our present.

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  14. I wouldn’t ask for cash, or deny a gift. However, if you don’t do a registry and it’s cultural to give cash then you’re probably gonna get a lot of cash. I wouldn’t specifically mention anything one way or another. I’m thinking everything will work itself out.

  15. Not every person/culture gives cash, so a selection of items you like is a good idea to avoid getting things you don’t want/need. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just a few things at various price points in case people choose to go the gift route. As a wedding planner I can say that the average wedding sees about 90/10 split cards to gifts, but depending on the culture I’ve seen it go as high as 70/30.

  16. If your culture is cards with money then that’s fine- Nobody does registries in my country, it’s all cash and the odd sentimental gifts from immediate family/bridal party.

  17. One think you can do is make a registry with like Bed bath and beyond, where you can sign up for the item but you’ll just get the money instead! But In general people will want to give you a physical item, or at least think they are haha

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