What cat is this?

  1. Oh shit, lol, I did NOT understand the Garfield reference, and I just noticed I wrote "cat!" LOL. Thanks again.

  2. Man, I don't know why they didn't get more popular. Thats a good looking body style during the top of Isuzus game.

  3. I've seen them for around 8k. Alittle more than what I was expecting, but I definitely see them getting more expensive and harder to find in the future.

  4. These cars never sold well. With the lower body cladding, I always thought they looked like a hiking boot. I believe it is a Trooper under the skin and the interior did not match the exterior for being unusual.

  5. They only made about 8000 of them. The number is a little fiddley, but roughly 2000 a year from 99-03. They used a ceramic mold for casting the body panels which made for a quick, inexpensive way to go from design to production. The trade-off being that at around 8000 castings the molds were toast. They were ahead of their time styling wise, a tad pricey and limited in numbers. I think they would have sold more if there were more. I will admit I'm a tad biased, because I have one, but... I mean, look at that thing! It's awesome!

  6. They were expensive, impractical, and from a brand known for producing junk (don't take that the wrong way, but Isuzu's trucks, as much as we loved them were cheap and unreliable).

  7. Uhh... wheels/tires, hood lights, blacked-out markers and signals, roof rack, non-factory paint/wrap, decals, probably more.

  8. I've always loved these. Such a unicorn and such a rare car. Isuzu really wanted to make something special and they did.

  9. Fun fact about the Vehicross: Isuzu built convertible version as a concept. Only one was built and was used in a scene in the movie Mission to Mars back in 2000. It stayed in the Peterson Museum for a while before being given back to Isuzu at some point. Sadly it was crushed in 2017.

  10. It's not a cat. It's an Isuzu VehiCROSS! I love seeing these things still on the road! Only 5,958 were made and 4,153 of those were sent to the US. It's nice to see them well cared for and still in good condition. :)

  11. Pretty sure I saw that vehicross in Chula Vista last week. They had "rover" badges on the back of it and got rid of all the Isuzu badges.

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