What is this plastic pineapple with a house inside?

  1. I'd say it was made like that from the factory. It was injection molded. The factory might have designed 1 mold that makes a house or pineapple. Molds can cost over $1m. They might have a dual use mold hence the two items you see. Step 1 makes a house. Step 2 makes a pineapple (but still makes a house nobody sees)

  2. It's not injection mould-able as it is as you can't make that internal cavity without making it in two+ pieces and gluing it together so including the house is a deliberate step. Also, while you do get multiple parts from one tool sometimes, called a family tool, they are connected by runners/spurs, rather than literally nested inside each other.

  3. The plastic looks a little see through, could it be a slightly quirky piece that the birdhouse is only visible when a bright light is behind it?

  4. Does it have a spot to hang it. This little bird house in it make me think it could be for bird nesting. Even an unfinished hobby art bird house.

  5. This looks like it has been rotational molded, a process that involves melting soft materials inside a heated mold and rotating it to coat the interior mold surface. It's how they make some Easter eggs. It is sometimes used in fairly small scale cottage industry production and I'm wondering if the objects inside weren't just thrown in as extra material and didn't fully melt? It seems unlikely a bird house would end up standing so neatly on the base inside, but not impossible?

  6. Some plastic resins are molded with extra pieces that weren't good enough for selling thrown on the inside for weight. That way they're not wasting any materials.

  7. My post describes the thing. It is made of some type of plastic and is approximately 2-3 pounds. Any searches I have made online have yielded no relative results. It seems to be an ornamental pineapple, however, my biggest question is why is there a house inside? The plastic is not transparent and the house inside was not visible until we accidentally dropped the pineapple and broke it open. Has anyone seen or heard of something like this before?

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