Having an introverted friend to bring out the extroverted energy in you is really awesome

  1. They also don't know what those qualities actually are. Being an introvert doesn't mean you're shy or dislike social interaction

  2. Reddit like every other place seems to think introverts are shy, awkward, not good with people, and extroverts are social butterflies who are great at conversation

  3. Yeah. Introvert is often conflated with "shy." I am often very gregarious. I really do enjoy spending time with people. But it also is an energy drain. I recharge alone. That's what makes me an introvert.

  4. Yes but there are definitely people who are extroverts and people who are introverts. Most people are in the middle but for example, I would definitely be more on the introverted side of the spectrum. It’s not an either or situation but it’s definitely not just exclusively in the middle.

  5. Hijacking your comment to say that introversion doesn't mean you're never outgoing at all, it just means you prefer being outgoing in a smaller group and being around a whole lot of people is quite exhausting to you.

  6. Actual introverts don't identify with all this antisocial bullshit. They just don't speak up because why bother? It's the internet. Speaking up is optional and you put yourself at risk of having someone else argue with you. If you're at home alone, there are options. You've got books to read, gardening to do, projects to work on, games to play, movies to watch. No need to burn yourself out becoming a target in a conversation with strangers. Save that energy for when your friends invite you out.

  7. Yeah I wonder how long until the words lose their original meaning. I would guess pretty soon if it hasn't actually already happened.

  8. Everyone confuses introvert with anti social behavior. Introvert does not mean shy, avoids talking to people, and prefers to stay home instead of going out. It just means that after a while of socializing, they feel drained and need time alone to recharge. 99% of people can’t seem to get this

  9. I've never met her but if I get the chance I'm gonna be one of those guys that tells her rain on your wedding day is only ironic if you're a meteorologist. And no I don't care if she's already heard it a thousand times!

  10. I don't get how this is wholesome. Isn't it just another "Extrovers are so stupid, am I right guys" introvert meme?

  11. I don’t know why people think introverts can’t be expressive and outgoing with one other person they know or connect with. Introvert doesn’t equal socially inept hermit.

  12. That’s called being social. Nobody seems to know the actual definition of “introvert” and “extrovert”

  13. Someone who understands when you're socially fatigued without having to beat them over the head with the "I'm just tired" bat is nice

  14. Honestly most of them don’t realize that a group of friends isn’t impossible for introverts to have. I’ve got a group of people who I could spend all day with no problem, but put me in a situation with a lot of new people where I have to put effort into being social and it takes all my energy away.

  15. I like to think I'm introverted. While I have loads of energy around people I'm comfortable with, that every drains fairly quickly and after a couple hours, I sneak away to just he by myself because I haven't the energy to entertain anymore.

  16. So many people use the term introvert as an excuse for asocial behavior. It's similar to people claiming their "OCD" is acting up even though having things neat has nothing to do with OCD.

  17. What's it about all those introverts memes on wholesome lately... They make it seem as if socializing and being an introvert are contrary positions... Which they are not necessary. Often for introverts socializing is ofc sth they avoid at great lengths.... But I am also an introvert and I am also very good at socializing... It's just that it's in a way physically demanding to be in social environments...

  18. As an introvert I can say we don't hate being around people, in fact we love people. We simply just need more time to ourselves to recharge then extroverts. :)

  19. Introversion doesn’t mean you hate social interactions. It means you hate large and sometime unfamiliar social interactions. Introverts often thrive in social settings with just one or two other people.

  20. It's almost like some people like to use a single word to convey an idea to someone, instead of explaining the specific factors of their personality and lifestyle at detailed length when asked about such a topic.

  21. I think we have to accept that these words have lost their original meaning, at least to some people.

  22. Seriously. People exaggerate on Reddit on what a real introvert is. People sure like to put labels on themselves to feel "special".

  23. My whole thing is that I will be totally normal one-on-one and then another person I'm uncomfortable around joins in and I'm quiet again.

  24. I started going to a new person to cut my hair yesterday and she made a comment about "not having to people today" and we commiserated about being super introverts. I'm going to enjoy spending half an hour with her every 3-4 months.

  25. I think this has to do with a misunderstanding with extroversion and introversion. Usually you learn that extroverts like being around people and introverts don't, but it's moreso about how one prefers to process knowledge.

  26. This picture is of two dead manti, who have been manipulated to be posed like they are pictured. So yeah pretty relatable.

  27. I’m the extrovert friend and I just kind of pick up introverts and add them to my introvert friend hoard as I go along like a fucking rock collection

  28. This is my best bud and me lmao. When we're around each other we're both worried the other won't be included enough, so we end up making a reciprocal effort. It's like pulling one another up by our respective bootstraps.

  29. I completely relate to this lol. Me and my introverted friend act like goofballs when it's just us.

  30. I used to hate buying drugs when the dealer wanted to hang out and smoke. I would be so relieved when we were able to leave with the drugs and have that damn first-high-of-the-day cigarette.

  31. I have a friend like this! He and I met through Xbox about 8 or 9 years ago (although he already knew my cousin from when he lived out west). He was invited to join a Minecraft seed a few of my established friends had started. I would spend my time trolling him and sabotaging his builds. Somehow we were able to bond over that. Now I'd consider him one of my best friends.

  32. It‘s just so rare. You know why introverts often have less friends then extroverts? Because both deciding to leave house to go to the same place , meeting each other AND come in contact is very, VERY rare

  33. My best friend and I are usually pretty quiet in the workplace. Just keep our heads down and do our jobs. But when we're in the same room together you'd think there were some bored housewives there with how much we talk. TBC we do still get our work done.

  34. But sometimes the friend is so introvert that his introversion just shuts all your attempts down to juice it up and you get a weird silence. No matter how many interesting questions you throw or how many discussion opening things you say; especially if you're not a funny/fun to be around person.

  35. When the other person is also reserved, it feels like there is less expectation to hold a conversation and generally act like a normal person, so it ironically becomes easier to do so

  36. You can relax because you know there isn't any chance they're going to bust out with some crazy shit like "oh I invited 15 people over to play Pictionary and after that we're all going to the karaoke bar! which song are you going to pick?".

  37. When there’s others around in earshot of your conversation, they get that dazed blank look, because your fellow hermit friend is the only one who gets you and vice versa and you can be totally weird together. It feels so good.

  38. I had an anthropology professor at university who told the class that close friends among the Apache do exactly this: looking each other directly in the eye, shaking hands, and imitating "white person" mannerisms for fun.

  39. Me and my friends are all introverts. We only go out like once a month and we dont do much when were out but just to look at extroverts and like study them? Idk we just want to be as social so we look at people. Its like watching birds cuz you wanna know how to fly.

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