looking to move to area

  1. I live in Winston/Clemons and use spectrum for 1GB. It was $110 but went up after 6 months to $125 without notice. It works pretty good, but it’s also dealing with spectrum so..

  2. I get 1gbps from AT&T for $40/mo. That’s promo pricing, but I’ve been able to talk myself into between 40-50/mo for the last couple of years. That’s after Spectrum stopped playing ball and wouldn’t give me decent breaks anymore.

  3. What sort of hoops do you need to go through to get that rate? I just recently lost my promo and am paying $80 a month now.

  4. I don’t know how to find out their coverage areas, but I just got 1Gb ATT fiber for $70/month (on the south side of town)

  5. Here are the rate cards for spectrum if you need them, they have 1gb but is not fiber direct. You would most likely get a 1yr promo first. These are their standard rates.

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