Hard to decide between the view and the book...

  1. Idk if this is your first time, but enjoy it! Blood of Elves is great, and it really made me start loving Ciri and made the games make so much more sense. I’m on Time of Contempt right now.

  2. Of the novels, I found Blood of Elves to be the weakest of the series, but still very enjoyable. Time of Contempt and Baptism of Fire were far and and away my favorites and are absolutely fantastic. You have some great reading after of you.

  3. Totally agree, blood of elves was really good, specially because of the interaction between Geralt (and the other Witchers) and Ciri and later Yen and Ciri.

  4. Doesn't 'Erbe' mean something more like 'heritage' or 'legacy'? How well does it fit into the narrative? It seems to me that it would be a somewhat awkward translation in context.

  5. Yes and no "Erbe" does mean legacy/heritage. The original title is "Blood of Elves" and the story revolves around the bloodline, and the gene that is in Ciri as well as in her mother if I rember the story correctly. So the translation is fine, maybe not as cryptic as the original title but still fitting.

  6. Erbe can technically also refer to your bloodline/ancestry. I'm guessing they chose this title for the alliteration. In general, the German translation of the witcher is really, really good

  7. Where can you buy a german translation? I’m learning german and would love to try and read it in another language

  8. I would think it’s because Blood in this context isn’t referring to their physical blood but rather their bloodline which

  9. Holy shit this title sounds like an order to slaughter whole village. One of the best book, hope you'll like it.

  10. this book in german read different compared to polish version, mostly like all of german for me

  11. I envy you for both the view and the book if you are reading it for the first time :) I would love to forget it and re-read it again

  12. I'm rereading it at the moment. First time was about ten years ago or longer. Enough so that my memory is kind of foggy. I remember some big reveals but most of the smaller stuff and all the various dynamics in relationships I don't remember. I enjoy ist reading it again.

  13. This is a bit misleading. It's not "der" as the article for a singular male noun but rather a plural genitive "der".

  14. Yall who downvoted me for saying its mediocre have no idea what a view is... Its a city its not anything particulary beautifull

  15. I can guarantee you that he likes every cover that sells well. I heard in one of the interviews that Russia is his biggest market now for the Witcher books. If you are from Russia please correct me if I’m wrong.

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