Some thoughts about teaching the fundamentals

  1. I just got into HEMA about 2.5 months ago, but practiced various things years ago. The one that stuck with me the longest was Muay Thai and what stuck with me specifically was the fundamentals. That said, at 46 I'm, allegedly, wise enough to know that I need to focus on the fundamentals and relate anything "fancy" I learn back to them. I wasn't that way at 16-18 learning MT however, I wanted the fancy stuff (sure, even I fall prey to this in HEMA as well since I grew up watching Conan and other movies with their flashy moves).

  2. Last night at my club, we worked fundamentals with the new long sworders. It was as basic as how to come into the bind properly. Learning what your proper measure is, where to hit on the sword, what to happen if you're weak on weak / weak on strong / strong on strong. Coach had everyone practicing it in kit over and over again until we weeded things out like throwing strikes at the sword instead of the opponent. It was a brilliant lesson.

  3. The article is quite vague. But I agree that fundamentals are important however it is quite hard to agree on what is fundamental. for me the "versetzen" or parry is the most fundamental thing someone should learn. But it is also the thing I clash most often with, because most instructors see them as bad and prefer to teach directly countermoves. Quite similar to learning directly a kick to the head.

  4. I get the same reception when trying to explain to others that they must learn how to parry properly first before even doing some fancy single tempo counters. It's like teaching somebody how to do a flying armbar on their first night.

  5. I've actually been thinking of this quite recently which is a bit of a coincidence and was thinking how it relates to a tennis serve.

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