As Russia shuts down, Putin 'can't understand what's going on' with vaccine hesitancy

  1. A guy from Russia here. I have a lot of friends who are (or were) waiting on vaccination as long as they could. The most commonly quoted concern is that it's pushed by government so hard that they have doubts it's good for them. Yep, that's the level of trust people of Russia have for their government: if they are promoting something, it MUST be bad.

  2. Vaccine hesitancy is a direct outcome of a government/media that isn't serious and consistent with its message on the seriousness of Covid.

  3. These intelligence run ops both understand and misunderstand the new Information Age where everything is connected .

  4. Russian people don't trust their government. Before that soviet people didn't trust their government. Before that russian people didn't trust their government. I don't know if people there have ever trusted their government.

  5. He understands, just like the US government understands people's mistrust. But admitting that isn't the propaganda he wants them to hear. He picks his public statements carefully.

  6. Hell, on this one it's more of a "we've always been at war with Eastasia", no? He downplayed the virus just like his sycophants here in the US, and now they act surprised when the masses don't want to get the shot.

  7. As the preeminent authority on the definition of irony, Alannis Morrisette once said, irony is the true advice, that you just didn’t take.

  8. Wasn’t there a story recently of Russia blaming its citizens for the out of control infections lately?

  9. I am immigrant from USSR as well and your observation is correct. Yet I just can’t understand the logic of people who decided that their home country has too many problems, so they pick better country to move to, yet they continue living like they still live in USSR. It almost like there was no point to immigrate in the first place.

  10. The USSR wasn’t ever as upfront about its histories with medicine as the US. Did Russia have situations like the Tuskegee experiments or failed medicine like thalidomide that were reported enough to contribute to vax hesitancy?

  11. Russian government and state-sponsored media has spent a good chunk of time early in the pandemic running a pandemic-denying, anti-mask and anti-vaccination rhetoric. This is the fucking result of the efforts

  12. They have been spreading a lot of misinformation on state channels about foreign vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna. Logically, the Russian people think “if European vaccines are so bad, our vaccine must be even worse”. They shot themselves in the foot with this one.

  13. Putin pretending not to understand is just another facet of his disinformation plan. It gives the appearance that he's not fully culpable for these beliefs

  14. Putin's media propagandists spent months attacking Western-made vaccines by intentionally exaggerating side effects, linking them to microchips and 666.

  15. I know it's anecdotal but anyway. In Serbia, they had quite big selection of vacine and a lot of people who wanted to get vexed from sourounding countries (like Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia,...)but couldn't, were vexed in Serbia. Every single person I know who got covid, was vacinated with sputnik. I know of at least 2 instances where only one family member was vacinated by sputnik and later it was only person who got sick. To be fair I also know couple of people who were tested for antibodies after AZ, but this is most likely due to wrong storage (temperature).

  16. “Never underestimate the naivete of uneducated population that grew up under a Soviet education system, accustomed to believing every rumor because of lack of open and trustworthy official information.”

  17. Unfortunately, that doesn't help the millions who bought into this antivax bs. Many will end up sick or dead and Putin will reign for life.

  18. What? Did he think that stupid people are only Americans? We're just the loudest of the stupid; and furthermore only a really stupid person would fail to realize that stupid people are fuckin' everywhere.

  19. [Putin promotes antivax rhetoric globally, sees same rhetoric blowback in Russia itself] surprised pikachu face

  20. What's ironic is their internet research agency that pumps out propaganda 24/7 likely had a part and playing up the conservative media distrust of the vaccine

  21. He's a populist, he will always try to avoid doing anything that will make him less popular unless he absolutely has to. Mandating vaccinations and enforcing lockdowns are naturally unpopular among the people. Now he is taking some such steps because the numbers are getting out of control.

  22. They "kinda" did it already. But they can't really do it. If they try, they'll fail miserably (because it's a disorganised currupt regime that's been leeching funds from infrastructure) and this will not look good. Oh and what he has to lose? Well... everything? No need to rock that boat, grandpa's tired, you see.

  23. Extreme right wing ideology they fabricated and pushed online to the USA and elsewhere has turned back in on itself.

  24. Who knows if he even took one. He claimed to have sputnik but it was all behind closed doors. Given how paranoid he is i won't be surprised he didn't took any or used pfizer. Or used blood of virgins and toads. One of reasons general public hesitant to get a shot.

  25. Looks like the Russian people are telling Putin that they would rather die than have him be their leader! Since he either kills or jails anyone who runs against him, he has only left one other way for his people to have there say they want another leader and that is to DIE from COVID19!

  26. Putin is running into the same problem that the Republican party has in the US. Cutting the brake lines for political gain, while lacking the foresight to notice that they are rolling down a hill.

  27. I wonder why Russians distrust the government? It certainly can't be because of years of lying to their people.

  28. "Why is nobody trusting the vaccine I told them to trust? It's like they don't trust my regime built on lies and covert murder."

  29. Love how Reddit gives Russian people a pass for having an untrustworthy government. Like the USA doesn't have thousands of examples of the government lying to us horrifically.

  30. So, maybe they were so busy filling the American social medias with misinformation—- they started to believe it themselves?

  31. Maybe his own people started to fall for the very propaganda that his cyber security team has been passing to Americans all this time?

  32. Putin doesn't understand why Russians won't take the vaccine while his intelligence agency churns out anti-vaxx propaganda.

  33. It's nice how even Putin's order doesn't reflect COVID's reality of asymptomatic spread and delayed onset symptoms... I feel sad for the russian people.

  34. Dude, you’ve lied, intimidated, cheated, stolen, imprisoned, intimidated, banned, conned and murdered your way into power for years and then wonder why people don’t trust your government?

  35. Russian propaganda is disgusting abroad, but it is much worse inside Russia. All source of russian language news is state propaganda and lies. Like north korea, nazi germany or the soviet union. There is no alternative since the wast majority only speaks russian. People still know it is lies, they are used to it.

  36. Can someone show me an example of Russian propaganda about the vaccine? All I hear is people saying it exists. I never see actual examples of what anyone is talking about.

  37. Dumbass has teams of trolls spreading vaccine and COVID disinformation and he can’t understand what’s going on?

  38. Oh he doesn’t understand? That’s hilarious…I’m sure if he asks the people he pays to do missinformation he can get the answers real quick. That genie won’t get back in the bottle? The army can fix it. Right? Imagine a highly religious people being persuaded by vaccine conspiracy theories. Incredible!

  39. Dear Putin, don't confuse "fear" and "trust". People don't trust your government. They fear your government. And this is precisely why governance on the basis of fear is ultimately bound to fail.

  40. Oh the irony. Putin helps create the narrative the vaccine isn’t safe in America to cause confusion and chaos… only to have it appear in his country too…

  41. If he really cared about his people being vaccinated he could just force them to get vaccinated. It is not like Russia is a real democracy and they really need to vote on it.

  42. As a Russian, I just hate that Sputnik is a shitty vaccine that most other countries don't want to consider (important to me as a tourist), and that we can't get any other vaccine legally here.

  43. Putin always pretends to not understand. He's always the only person in the room shrugging his shoulders and claiming that he has no idea why people think the Russian government spread misinformation and target other nations using hackers and troll farms as well.

  44. Whatttt? A government that relies on misinformation and fear can't get citizens to trust it? Whaaaat? Craazy. I mean that's just so crazy.

  45. Well we’ll if it isn’t the consequences of his own actions. His disinformation campaign was too good XD

  46. Who would’ve thought that Putin pushing trump into office would come back to bite Putin in the ass with his own country jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon. This is… too good

  47. A lot of anti-vacc sites were traced to Russian hybrid warfare projects, aimed at undermining western democratic institutions.

  48. It's really as if all the FUD Russia has helped spreading on vaccines in the EU and US, had spilled over in Russia. How ironic.

  49. Uses misinformation to damage his democratic adversaries. Adversaries soft power means damaging them through misinformation affects his country too. Surprised Pikachu face.

  50. Your chickens have come home to roost. And they seem to be real aggressive chickens with a taste for human flesh…

  51. Logically speaking, dead people has less value than people that is still alive. So the government probably is not plotting on something other than saving people’s life. But again, it is Russia land of impossible crazy thing that could happen

  52. I, too, am shocked a country whose governing motto is "fear everything and trust nobody" has trouble getting vaccinations done.

  53. Yeah, that's kind of what happens when your government is based on coercion and manipulation instead of the informed consent of the population. The people don't trust that your institutions works for their benefit.

  54. When you make homosexuality a crime, people are going to be backward socially. With Putin as your leader, people are going to be ambivalent about the government.

  55. Now his global psy ops propaganda that he unleashed during the 2016 American elections is affecting his own people and he wonders why. Unbelievable.

  56. This is where non-linear warfare gets you, Russia and America appear to be suffering from their own confusion and disinformation campaigns.

  57. Putin and Trump had the same experience. Put out misinformation about vaccines because they thought it would only hurt their opponents. Their opponents got the vaccine while their supporters were hesitant.

  58. Build a government off of fear and corruption then wonder why the populace doesn't want an injection verified by the government

  59. I wonder how much of the crazy anti-vax rhetoric in the US is being disseminated by the Russian government and then rippling back into Russia causing the same hesitancy.

  60. An entire nation full of right-wingers. Must be a nightmare to live there for the smart and enlightened Russians.

  61. Tbh if I was a Russian under Russian propaganda I wouldn't trust western medicines like how as an American I don't trust Sinovax. But at the same time Russians aren't stupid to how Putin mysteriously poisons and make opponents disappear in Russia.

  62. Tbf K wouldn't trust the guy internationally reveared for positioning people with needles with a vaccine either.

  63. When you shoot yourself in your own damn foot due to the anti-vax propaganda that your country shares on social media.

  64. Why do I get the impression that in Russia people are afraid to get the “oops you died” version of the Russian vaccine that’s meant to accidentally take out Putin’s rivals? Since Russia has shown repeatedly that they aren’t above poisoning their rivals. I would be hesitant to put that shit anywhere near my body also.

  65. Years investing in troll farms spreading misinformation for public manipulation and political gain, now is yielding a bad outcome. Karma.

  66. Maybe you shouldn't have fanned the irrational flames of conspiracy theorists around the world for short term political gain.

  67. I keep asking my parents why they hesitate. Im getting tired of the once you live as long as me you'll understand excuse. Stupid comes in all age brackets.

  68. Sometimes I feel like maybe Putin isn’t as great as the GOP thinks he is, and maybe he’s just a dick like everyone else says he is.

  69. Putin: puts trolls to work sowing mistrust in vaccines through coordinated social media and online campaigns to damage the US and undermine its vaccine program.

  70. So the anti vaccine propaganda that Russia has spread in the USA ( I assume the rest of the world ) is now crippling Russian economy.

  71. It’s the disinformation you spread into the US via your FB bots coming back to bite you in the ass, you murderous piece of shit.

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