Boris Johnson quietly reveals Zac Goldsmith, the millionaire minister he made a peer, gave him and his family a summer holiday at £25,000-a-night Marbella estate for FREE

  1. Fellas, what you are describing sounds a lot like a ‘quid pro quo’. This doesn’t sound like the type of funny business that any distinguished and honorable Tory would involve himself with. /s

  2. Its a full two years after he was made a peer and a year after he was given an extra post. I doubt someone gives someone peerage so two years later they can stay at their estate, thats starting to get a little conspiracy esque.

  3. It's 25k a week (if you Google it and look at multiple other sources). Not that it's much better but 25k per night would get you something along the lines of what another reply said like a knob suck by Ceasar himself.

  4. As an American, I feel your pain bro. If my grandmother wants to send me money, IRS wants to know. If she tries an electronic transfer, both banks charge $15-$30.

  5. We recently had anti-corruption training at my work. In essence "Any gift is too much. If it is absolutely necessary, get the approval of the anti-corruption officer in writing and try to spend as little as possible".

  6. Just a reminder these people just slashed universal credit & placed millions of people into poverty as a way to “save money”.

  7. They have been killing the poor for a decade already. Sadly Tory voters are cunts and wont stop voting to kill people. This probably doesnt even register as an issue to them.

  8. Oh yeah the millions on universal credit didn't need that £20 they'll be completely fine this winter having to choose between food or heating they're gonna love it for sure /s

  9. Boris also was at the whole environmental summit earlier this week, and I guarantee anything that costs $25,000/night had a gigantic environmental impact.

  10. They didn't 'slash' UC. They just returned it to the standard amount pre-covid bonus. It was always intended to be a temporary increase. If people complain about it a temporary boost being temporary, that'll teach them to never add a temporary boost again lol. People won't complain about something that never existed in the first place right?

  11. Something that costs 9million per year probably. That’s lots of industrial equipment, large villas/estates/commercial buildings/etc

  12. To a lot of people, they see 25k in the same way you see 50. If you're in a position where you're thinking "25k? Gee, can I afford that?" you aren't going to be considering staying at a place like this.

  13. Boris "You cannot blame me for such things, because just look at how wild and distracting my hair is, wouldn't you agree? Alright, moving to next topic."

  14. I mean given the Tories just protected one of their own who was found to have actively lobbied for personal interests and voted to overturn the independent authority and make it run by the government is pretty clear of the corruption in the party

  15. This should be interesting... Stripped to the bare minimum, this looks like Goldsmith bought a peerage from Johnson via a personal "gift" (read: bribe).

  16. For an MP of any other party this would be career ending. When a Tory does it it'll be forgotten about by the end of the week.

  17. Yep, we had a week of BBC starting every segment with "calls for Nicola Sturgeon to resign" over as it turned out completely unsubstantiated allegation that she spoke to one of Salmond's ex advisors.

  18. What amazes me most about Boris Johnson, a man who before he became prime minister was mostly known for being a liar and a cheat, somehow still manages to make headlines for being a liar a cheat. As if that will somehow change things. Conservatism truly is a mental illness.

  19. I live in Canada and every time I see him on the news the media depicts him saying something totally rational and more normal than American politicians. Like yesterday, they cut to 5 seconds of Boris at the climate summit saying we needed to do more, without mincing words. Here they portray him as an upright politician who tells the public the truth.

  20. Majority of people think the position makes you. "You're the PM, you couldn't possibly be less than the best kind of person in general"

  21. Becuase he's a liar and a cheat who will get rid of forigners, kill off the moochers ans scroungers, stop this who Political correctness gone mad nonsesense and make Britain great again.

  22. I absolutely hate when people say "well his personal life has nothing to do with his job and it's none of our business", it's got EVERYTHING to do with us. If we elect someone into a position of leadership I want to know exactly how they handle that role. I want to know they have integrity and have more ambition than to get their filthy weaselly end away

  23. Why the fuck do peers, especially hereditary ones even exist. Tear down the whole corrupt fucking system and rebuild it, ban 'elite' schools and see donations flood into the rest of the education system, implement HARD prison sentencing for blatant bribery like this, if someone votes for war make their kids the first in, STOP funding warfare and weapons exports using our fucking tax, build some youth centres and actually invest in local communities and see how fast society changes. This shit is unsustainable now us 'peons' have free, rapid access to information via the internet.

  24. I am 100% behind you on this. The problem we have is the majority of voting people in England are spongy, shit for brained idiots who keep voting in the fucking party decriminalising corruption. It is literally boggling my brain to buggery why this absolute horseshit is happening and why the CONS are just increasing in popularity.

  25. I definitely agree that the Peer system is messed up, but the truly frightening part is that the House of Lords actually has stopped the government from passing loads of horrendous laws. They're a lot of the time better for the people than the actual government we elect.

  26. While I agree that hereditary and spiritual peers are gross, as well as the appointment system for life peers being hilariously nepotist; I think that the advantages of having an unelected house strongly outweigh the disadvantages. Most of the disadvantages seem to revolve around it being "democratically illegitimate", but I see that non-democraticness as its strongest point. More democracy isn't always more better. If the House of Lords was changed to be elected, it would just end up being House of Commons 2: Electric Boogaloo. The House of Lords has shown itself more and more to be the chamber with the more sound individuals. The debates in there sound more like adults talking, there's far more respect, people can actually say what they think without fearing for the next campaign season or toeing the party line, there's a larger portion of members in that chamber that don't automatically side with one party.

  27. They are in the sphere of Gove and Cummings so haven't turned against Conservatives, just some Conservatives. The Mail was releasing a lot of critical stories about Hancock who seemed to have irked Cummings somewhat.

  28. The Daily Mail is strongly anti-Covid restrictions, including being against things like the furlough scheme. As such, they're very critical of the government which introduced them and are cosying up to Boris Johnson's rivals within the party.

  29. It's just distraction from the fact that yesterday the Conservatives were all guns blazing for legalising corruption for MPs and then today they've had to U turn, pointing the story about Goldsmith out is just a distraction from that as this kinda thing is revealed every week or two and nothing happens but it isn't normal for a party to try and legalise corruption.

  30. Based on headlines (i work in a convenience store so i see them every day) they have been anti-boris for a while now. And they do shame other tory MP's when they get caught out. But we are not near an election cycle. They are probably using these in between years as leverage so when corrupt prime minister Boris Johnson tells them when he's announcing an election they will demand all the favours or they wont back him. And it'll work.

  31. The paper is not a person, it has no political allegiance. The owners will push whatever narrative supports their own interests, and right now that's anti Boris Johnson. Possibly because despite being a massive cunt he's pursuing an aggressive policy to combat climate change and that threatens billionaire interests and investments, but that's just a guess.

  32. How could you not expect something like this from Boris fuckin Johnson. Obviously doesn't make it right but c'mon he's got scumbag written all over him.

  33. We didnt, but this country is so servile that nothing is technically treason, unless the wrinkled parasite attached to the throne says so.

  34. I'm all for not being poor as much as the next guy, but the title says he stayed for Free. What's the outrage about regarding this article? He didn't pay for it with our tax money, it was free. If he did pay for it, is he not free to spend his rich ass money as he wishes as long as it's not somehow dirty money? Rich powerful people, have rich powerful friends... Shocked Pikachu face. It's a big club, and you ain't in it.

  35. There is value in posting this shite tabloid. One of the most right-leaning of the newspapers in the UK, for them to be so critical of the PM is suggestive of a wider unease and weakening of his support.

  36. Peons should learn this one trick on how to keep on getting richer! Be born rich! Then you get all this stuff for free! Free from taxes. Free goodies and trips. Free from legal prosecution. /s

  37. It's so bizarre that rich people constantly are just given free shit all the time. Ever see a celeb gift bag at any event? They are like $5k worth of stuff for someone who doesn't need (or potentially even want) any of it.

  38. “Guys! Calm down! What kind of politician would I be if I was honest? Not a politician I’ll tell you that much hahahahahahahahahahahahaha right? Aaaaaaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha”

  39. Okay, so, I work a low level job. If I accepted a box of chocolates from a person I worked for, I would need to declare it to my boss, and would likely not be permitted to keep it.

  40. Is it even going to be possible to get this lying twat, his wifey and his cronies out of office? The only thing worse than Boris and Carrie would be Rees-Mogg, the flippant fuck. Can the UK possibly fathom just how much money the Tories have stolen from the coffers in some way, shape or form in the last 2 years? It's disgusting.

  41. When are we actually going to do something about our fucked up government? We have over 2 years until the next general election, plenty of time for these cunt to ruin us beyond repair. Fuck having these ‘elite’ wankers govern us any more, they’re fucking laughing at us

  42. I really don't understand how these people are even alive with the crazy shit they pull. If you cross the wrong person in reality while at a stop light you could be killed over it. How have these people not been killed by someone for these obscene acts of corruption?

  43. Makes you fucking wonder doesn't it... people murder each other over the pettiest of things at the drop of a hat, but only people who have a positive influence seem to be maliciously targeted.

  44. Is there any point to his admitting anything else? At this point, it's just rubbing our noses in the government corruption. We get it, we're all working for these fucking douchebags.

  45. Technically the Queen gave him the peerage but potato potato (there really isn’t a good way to show that analogy in text form 🤣)

  46. Wasn't it obvious this guy was a imbecile when he said he wasn't going to take precautions against covid and then contracted covid like 3 days after his statements. I bet Trump didn't wear masks either when he got it. Damn does the majority love putting the most dense people in the highest positions of power. No wonder we are in the middle of a worsening climate crisis.

  47. UK is an absolute joke. Just blatant corruption non-stop, with millions in poverty. "Vote brexit! We'll look after our own!" Yeah, right.

  48. The Prime Minister discreetly uncovered in the most recent rundown of ministerial interests that Lord Goldsmith permitted him, Carrie and Wilfred, to remain at his £25,000-per-night bequest close to Marbella without installment.

  49. It’s not free one way or another the people of the UK paid for it. Not only has BoJo stole from us he stole from us and gave it to his mate. Who let him us his place in payment for “free”.

  50. Man, tories are just pure scum. Anyone who still supports this man and his party is some extreme level of either stupid or vile.

  51. Why is this allowed? This is a clear form of corruption, yet we all sit here and constantly allow our political leaders to do as they wish. We used to be one of the most powerful countries in the World, yet we don't even have a democracy that works, England is an embarrassment and a joke and our recent leaders should be ashamed of themselves for the state they've put us in.

  52. Somehow they're using stories of sleaze to distract you from their previous story of sleaze.

  53. I actually fucking hate people that voted for him. The fact that England continuosly votes for them makes them deserve the shit show they get. Cunts.

  54. It's when someone is made "a peer of the realm". It made a lot more sense back when the class system was in strict operation because it elevated someone above their original class.

  55. Recently, there was an interview in Hong Kong with expats living in the UK. They were asked why they like Boris Johnson and they expressed approval in part due to his funny character, unkept hair, and charisma.

  56. Doing some research on where they pulled that fucking number from, I found that just two weeks ago the British tabloid reports were still speaking of 25k a week. Inflation must be rough in the UK.

  57. The Goldsmiths are multi- millionaires and this is probably their own house that they weren’t using at the time. It’s not like they paid for Boris to go on holiday. I’d do the same for my mates if I had an extra house. Boris is shameless but this is a non-story.

  58. I imagine Hilton and even motel owners have allowed friends and family to stay in their businesses for free as well. Nothing wrong, it's natural to treat friends and family.

  59. How dare I give my friend public offices. How dare I, being an official, take gifts from my friends or before I give them said public office.

  60. No no, it was so ol boris can make a telephone call to a charity, that makes it all ok, corruption is as corruption does

  61. It's been long known that the rich get titles and knighthoods for " service" to the government... The queen doesn't decide who gets the honours.Her personal honour given by her own choice is the order of the garter. Thankfully there is an input by the public who nominate a person who helps the community in unselfish acts ,or someone who has dedicated their lives to help others, the OBE CBE, can be given in gratitude and presented by the queen herself.

  62. Oh wow, a member of British government received an emomulment. How scandalous, good thing that this isn't happening on the daily, right chaps?/s

  63. "for FREE" Hmmmm...somehow I don't think it was actually 'free' since Boris made him a "peer" of some kind I assume this was a trade.

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