Female passenger reportedly breastfeeds cat on Delta flight

  1. Don't do it in public, because apparently muricas are puritans. Here in Italy most women breastfeed their kitties/puppies on farms/in the countryside.

  2. When asked for a comment the kitty in question replied, "Tough titty, but the milk's still good."

  3. If it had been a male passenger, would it have been any better/worse? Kitty in the photo has the same expression I had when I first read the headline.

  4. Not surprisingly, it looks like the only rule they could cite her for was taking the cat out of its crate. They didn't have that much foresight.

  5. Why are people shocked? People have done this all the time, for generations. My wife's mom on her farm did this all the time with piglets and the shepard dog. It's apparently comforting to both parties.

  6. I am all for a world in which all women can breastfeed into public without fear of ridicule or leering, but bruh. BRUH.

  7. I mean, she's probably just wanting to pass along COVID protection. It's understandable. My wife does the same with our year-old son.

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