Taliban leader calls for help in first Afghan address

  1. They kind of fucked up their country from the get-go, not just because of their strict fundamentalist policies but because there are active measures in place to prevent them from getting foreign trade.

  2. This is the political equivalent of the Nihilists from the Big Lebowski ranting at the Dude and Walter, "it isn't fair! His girlfriend gave up her toe, we thought we would be getting million dollars!"

  3. What comes next? You've been freed Do you know how hard it is to lead? You're on your own Awesome, wow! Do you have a clue what happens now?

  4. Much like when Venice sacked Constantinople, the royalty and nobles families ran off with all of the government coffers. Afghanistan is now in a position where they are 100% broke because every bit of money has been siphoned from the country. I think the Taliban grossly underestimated the vast amount of corruption in the previous administration.

  5. I always hate seeing men try to control women under the guise of protection or dignity. These are simply excuses to control them, and too many women fall victim to this. Protection and dignity sound good, right? Nice sounding words. But there's a very fine line between these and control.

  6. The dignity of women = starving to death with their families with no power to escape / help/ change anything while a bunch of fanatical men run their country into the ground. Well done guys.

  7. You joke, but even if they did it wouldn't work. Democracy through mass voting does not work if the government isn't trusted and well established with security.

  8. Quick Summary: "We face so many challenges and difficulties. The Taliban are few, the people are many, we can't oppress you without assistance. If you could beat and arrest yourselves that would be of great help. Thank you and good night."

  9. Sounds like they looted all they can loot and 'promise' not to be terrorists so they can get aid and continue looting.

  10. Why would he ever want help from those infidels? Aren’t there Muslim nations with a shitload of money? Or do they use that oil money to just build the biggest towers in the desert?

  11. We’ve been doing some experiments in this. It turns out that filling one hand from Wish.com actually causes you to have two hands overflowing with shit.

  12. We should start sending them TikTok videos of us smashing Turkey dinners and Christmas hams and some thoughts and prayers.

  13. When 75% of a country's economy is solely based on international aid when that gets cut off they're not going to do too well. Getting rid of the infidels won't solve all your country's problems.

  14. I wish there was someone who was in their country they could have asked for help and training in running a society. Maybe they might have been able to ask someone how to turn fuel into electricity. Maybe there could have been someone there they could have asked how do you grow food AND be able to distribute enough of it around so noone starves. If only there were people who all ready have been doing this for a long time that the taliban could have gotten some advice from.

  15. There are probably a lot of female engineers/ professors/ scientists who could help if they weren’t banned from career roles.

  16. Excluding women from schools is saving women's dignity? Well we will also give you the dignity of solving your own issues. Maybe if more women were educated... just saying... you would have more people to help.

  17. I know this sounds harsh but let them crumble. See how beloved they are after their country collapses and they can’t blame anyone but themselves

  18. Look at this crapsack begging for help from infidels after spending all his working hours slaughtering innocent people. Need to reallocate your time there, Skippy.

  19. We spent so much to help and they didn’t want it. Now they’re begging for it? Yeah, I’m gonna have to say hard pass on that.

  20. I know that the US has already set aside funding and aid for the people of Afghanistan and is working with NGOs to support those people in need. But is this the best course of action?

  21. I think the best course of action would be invading Afghanistan again and execute anyone not cooperating, that's how countries were made in the old days and look how many countries still remain.

  22. Solution is to provide basic staple foods, distributed directly by charity workers. With a note specifying where the food came from.

  23. Much of the middle east was an intellectual and technological work horse in the 60s and 70s and were flourishing. Then the terrorist radicals came in an collapsed their own society for the sake of religious hegemony and radical purism.

  24. Oh boy, medieval barbarians are having trouble running a modern state after the whole “kill everyone against the revolution” phase is over. Who would’ve thought??

  25. Perhaps other Muslim nations can pitch in and may have more success helping? Culturally I just don’t think there’s much more the west can do that will result in lasting change. This is something that peer coaching may have a better success factor. Just a thought …

  26. the real tragedy here. From my point of view we can't support the taliban..the taliban are just fucking evil. They opress the people and kill and torture who doesn't follow their rediculus rules. But not helping the taliban also means not helping the people of Afghanistan eho are victims of these monsters. It's so sad..There is no scenario that is not terrible

  27. How about stepping down and having some elections, you stupid, diseased, glorified goat herder(fucker). Help yourself, douchebag

  28. Western Countries- "Just recognise that women have rights and let a few in the gov't and we'll give you tons of aid and loans..."

  29. That’s not the deal at all. Never has been. It’s far more complicated than some womens rights crap everyone in the media and online is screeching about. They had a puppet gov’t for nearly 2 decades that received tons of cash and loans.

  30. Their situation is terrible and made worse by their pathetic ‘government’. They have to treat women like human beings with equal rights to Afghani men if they want any sympathy. Look at this backwards ‘leader’; he’s living in the dark ages by choice. Gives no mercy but begs for it. If they’re so great, they can get themselves out of the shit. All Afghani women should be allowed to or helped to leave the country. The Taliban will consequently be gone in less than a generation and good riddance.

  31. If you’re only capable of reading and understanding one book throughout your rigidly defined society, then your society hasn’t evolved far enough for a plea of help to be considered.

  32. Sorry assholes, you burned the bridge that the international community was using for 20 years to deliver that of assistance. The Taliban chose regression and had enough support from the locals to make it happen so they can all enjoy facing extinction together.

  33. Why not ask the women if they can help, I’m pretty sure there’s some quite brilliant minds among them

  34. Any money given to the Taliban will be used to buy weapons and make bombs to terrorize people. Don't send them any. Look at what Hamas did with the international aid they got. I wouldn't be surprised if the Taliban do the same thing.

  35. Afghans have been given opportunities to get their act together and consistently failed. Maybe it’s because tribalism is what they want. So be it as that’s what I see!

  36. It all sounds quite reasonable until you remember that this guy who "wants to help his people" forbids girls from attending schools and supports death by stoning for adultery or whatever the fuck these "compassionate" fucks do.

  37. I know this is an oversimplification. But we should have just given every woman in that country a rifle & training on how to use it. Would have been sooooo much cheaper & faster.

  38. If we knew the aid would go to the people not the grubs more then happy to give them Aid…….. but for some reason it won’t. And give your girls an education then you might have a better system. And not some crappy education till they are 12. Grow up Taliban

  39. Maybe using religious texts written when the average lifespan was in the 30s and half the world didn’t even know to throw away your shit isn’t the best form of government?

  40. 🤷‍♂️.. you reap what you sow ! maybe he needs the help of the women there , who he is suppressing

  41. You could just stand aside and allow the world to intervene, or, you know, host an election. Something tells me that won’t happen though. You’ll just continue being a choosing begged.

  42. Ask the womem Afghan people for help to rebuild the Government and stop harassing them and banning education for them. Until they realize that Male Taliban population will never be able to lift their country from despair, the more they'll see their country flush down the drain. #FreeAfghanWomen

  43. Couldn't give two fucks. Next step is using his own people as a threat by migration bombs. Nope. You made friends with China. They should help you.

  44. I do feel sorry for the children BUT until the people stand up to the freaks in the Taliban and take back their country from religious zealots there is really nothing for anyone outside to do for them. We can use the money wasted in Afghanistan to do good for our own citizens. The citizens of Afghanistan made a choice, the wrong choice it seems but only they can fix it from within. That is how I see it.

  45. Fuck these guys. What did they expect? That the world would bow to them? Completely blinded by their lust for power, and disillusioned by their beliefs.

  46. Afghanistan needs no help. It has the Taliban. It has no problems, the Taliban are tasked with fixing all problems. They succeeded at fixing all problems, that’s why they have chosen to hold onto power. This article is fake news, everything is fine.

  47. Just let them solve their own problems… this whole mess we have now in the Middle East is being created because of western interference either for oil or other resources but if we just stop interfering for like 20-40 years they’ll either clean up their own mess to an manageable level or just burn out. So doing nothing further is the best if Afghanistans population rises against the kafir occupation which call themselves Talib it is for the best.

  48. The Taliban are upset that some people may die and escape their religious control. "Only the people that we wish to die may be permitted to die. Besides that, I need a bigger palace.".

  49. It is much easier to conquer than it is to rule. Now it would be ironic if their troops and the locals rebel because they are starving and over the people in charge.

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