Japan to effectively close borders to all foreign visitors as omicron fears grow

  1. Worth noting that Japan was already effectively closed to all foreign visitors/tourists before omicron. They recently opened up a few weeks ago to students and business travellers but are closing the lid on it once again.

  2. Worth noting that even business travellers and students had to request a 25 page manifesto from the ministry they rely upon and submit a 15 pages letter acknowledging the fact they had to take temperature 15 days before and after flight, undertake 14 days of quarantine with mandatory smartphone app on which they could call you at any time. With PCR 72 hrs before and after flight of course.

  3. It’s been very difficult for families as they have in many cases barred travel to and from other countries. A friend of mine is a business interpreter for mostly Japanese firms, and has had to deal a huge amount with family reunification petitions.

  4. headline makes it sound like the borders where open to tourists , when in fact they have been closed for 2 years now almost ...

  5. My wife joked that last time they closed for over a century. I said there's no way in hell they'll close down for more then few months.

  6. Japanese vacation plans have been on hold for 2 years and running. At a certain point I'm going to call it and build my own backyard hot spring.

  7. I have flights to Japan in March that I purchased in April this year. I’ve realized more and more that trip isn’t happening and I doubt the airlines will refund me at all =\

  8. I am hearing they will allow a small number to visit by ship under a Dutch flag if confined on a man-made island off the coast of Nagasaki though

  9. I don't think this will stop mutating. Just saw a lady coughing all over the yogurt section with her mask pulled down. People are incredibly selfish and stupid. So just get vaccinated, wearing a mask and keep washing your hands.

  10. this is the way. If we don't want lockdowns then do the simple things and hope others care enough about avoiding lockdowns to do them to if they can.

  11. I get the feeling that a lot of countries responding to the new variant are going "nope, fuck that, we're not doing this again"

  12. Why does it seem countries are more worried about Omicron than they were delta? It seems that it isn't more deadly, most I could find was a longer incubation period where a carrier is infectious without showing symptoms

  13. Countries are still battling the delta strain, they don’t want an another variant to come in and makes things worse. Looking at what the delta variant did, its understandable everyone is preemptively trying to stop it from becoming a whole new thing. Also, this variant is still under study, so until we absolutely know for sure, countries aren’t taking any chances again.

  14. Cos if your hospitals are completely full of sick people, people who don't have covid begin to die from not being able to reach a hospital bed.

  15. We have no information that it’s not more deadly yet. The head of the ICU in one of SA’s hospitals said they’ve seen a significant increase in people in their 20’s and 30’s being hospitalized with moderate to severe disease, and hospitalizations in the Guateng Province of SA have tripled in the last two weeks.

  16. 50 new mutations. Most on the spike protein. We don’t know yet how well our vaccines, which focus on identifying the spike protein, will work yet.

  17. Barring foreigners is literally Japan’s only real Covid measure. They couldn’t do it during Delta because of the Olympics, and ended up with their worst wave yet.

  18. It’s clear how deadly it is. SA’s population is very very young so they don’t really have enough data to know how it effects older populations.

  19. Because worldwide there's only around 50 Omicron cases, not to mention that there hasnt been enough time for it to cause fatalities within positive cases.

  20. Because they realize the mistake they made with Delta which restrengthened a waning pandemic. They want to try and curb this one faster or at least appear to be doing so.

  21. The early estimate is that it's 500% more infectious than alpha. Delta is 70% more in comparison. Omi has a R0 of 14. Alpha is 2.79. Ebola is 18 in comparison (and it's referred to as one of the most contagious diseases known to man).

  22. Because they just wanna control you I feel like they pulled this shit too fast because people are starting to ask questions like this

  23. That’s a sucker bet. Cases have been going up for the past week already. The real question is how long it’ll take for Omicron sequencing to even get up and running here

  24. Almost 100%. If it happens to have somehow not reached Japan already, it will enter even if they completely close the border.

  25. I'm nearly certain it's not in Japan. They have an average of less than 100 cases a day, and very few people are allowed to enter the country in the first place

  26. I've been telling myself that since my last visit in February last year. Japan is my absolute favorite country to visit, and having not being there for almost 2 years now is giving me withdrawals.

  27. Why did Japan declare a state of emergency many times in the past, but the corona spread again and again?Isn't there a problem with entering Japan, as some experts have pointed out?There is some startling data to support this hypothesis.

  28. Yup, i am that guy that got hos tickets for summer of 2022 🤡 As soon as the news of a new variant came i felt that hole in my stomch🤡🤡🤡

  29. Same. My son is almost 2 and he hasn’t met his extended family in Japan since this all started.

  30. Was planning on visiting it during Summer next year, since my 2020 trip got canceled due to obvious reasons.

  31. Yuuuuuup. I was able to vacation there for December 2019, and get out right as the world was first starting to shut down. Originally I was meant to go back in December 2020. Then got pushed to October 2021. Now I'm looking at May 2022 and about to lose all hope.

  32. I’m in a similar boat I was supposed to go in October this year but cancelled and had my eye on October next year but I don’t wanna get my hopes up OTL

  33. Spanish flu was from February 1918 to April 1920. World travel is a little more common and advanced now, so that might give it legs compared to the last pandemic. Though our vaccine game is far better, so who knows?

  34. That depends on how fast we can get the R0 (rate of spread) below 1.0. Which is going to take a mix of vaccines (and boosters), better hygiene (masks, staying home when sick) and avoiding situations where you're packed together like sardines.

  35. Based on history, we have at least 50 years /s In all seriousness, making me sad here as I'm finally getting to a point financially that I can start to see the world and dis shit be hapnen.

  36. On the bright side, more time to save up for that trip I've been wanting to take since I was a kid...God I can't wait for Covid to no longer be this big of a burden to us

  37. It's worth noting that so many headlines like this make it seem like specific countries are reacting in a panicky way to a yet unquantified threat.

  38. The German federal foreign office states that it is fine as long as you don't have to leave the airport

  39. Ffs I recently booked for march because that was when they where opening to Aus. If this messes with that, I'm gonna lose my shit! Not even that I've invested money, the flights where paid for with money I was owed, but I can't keep taking the disappointment

  40. Even before Omicron, Japan had been effectively closed to foreign visitors. A few weeks ago, they opened up to students and business travelers, but now they are closing it again.

  41. Did the Spanish Flu go through this much rollercoaster action, or was that a more steady affair? Just curious if they dealt with the mutations and such. I guess if they had they may not have known it. I'm no expert on how far along science was at the turn of the century.

  42. While I do admire the way many Asian countries have combated Covid, you do realize that wearing a mask outdoors is little more than theater, right? Covid doesn't spread outdoors that much, especially if you're not bunched up in a massive crowd.

  43. Lol mate you'll be quite disappointed to find most of the world is not like Japan. In the Netherlands there were riots over a curfew to try and curb COVID spreading, and in Austria the lockdown was also met with protesting in the streets

  44. I isolated for 14 months (March 2020-May 2021). I wished at that time we in the US could take this seriously. I viewed anti-maskers and people who weren't isolated as the most selfish pieces of shit in the world. But things have changed. We have a vaccine that is highly effective at preventing death and hospitalization against Covid, and there's no evidence yet this variant will circumvent that protection. Lockdown isn't the default. Lockdown has serious mental, physical, & financial health consequences for people. Lockdown should only be an option when the evidence is clear that's what needed. Rn, the evidence is far from suggesting that. In fact, there's reason to believe this variant is actually weaker than Delta, in which case we'd prefer it to take over as the predominant variant.

  45. Just wish England would take note of this. Japan has it down from what I’ve read from news articles about border closures, impeccable test and trace etc.

  46. People are getting sick of the fearmongering. It’s been 2 years of this horseshit. Omicron sounds about as threatening as Lurr

  47. I think this is the strategy countries should do when a new variant arrives. Close border for two weeks. Just two weeks though, will give enough time to figure out how bad the variant is, and doesn't stigmatize and disincentivize countries for proactively reporting information about variants.

  48. If the borders are closed for non-Japanese, it’s going to be especially hard to blame foreigners when omicron arrives there. Which, of course, won’t stop J-gov from doing just that.

  49. Don't! Your life is worth it. It may seem dark today, but tomorrow can improve. You have value and meaning. Your pain is real, but it doesn't have to last forever. You can get help. Call 1-800-273-8255 they want to talk to you.

  50. Pointless. Look at NZ. Nothing they've done kept out any variant for good. Just delaying the inevitable and making things difficult for no reason. The whole point of having a vaccine is to stop being so fucking paranoid.

  51. New Zealand has had a total of 43 Covid deaths over nearly two years with a population of five million. They are clearly doing something right in terms of their Covid response. Travel restrictions won't keep any virus or variant out, but it does slow the spread and buy countries some time. It's up to the countries whether they make good use of that time or not.

  52. Agreed. The response needs to be get everyone possible vaccinated, then get back to living our lives. We can't perpetually sacrifice our mental health, careers, friendships, and happiness for a virus we have an amazing vaccine for, just because a new variant pops up. Unless there is clear evidence the variant is vaccine resistant, which if I was betting man, I'd say there never will be, because almost every scientist I've read on the subject is confident these vaccines will at the very least prevent death serious cases and death from any variant it could throw at us.

  53. Best we give power to a select few millionaires and billionaires so they can make the scary cold monster go away

  54. Absolutely hysterical overreaction. I feel horrible for all of the people who haven't seen their family in years. Enough is enough.

  55. There goes my opportunity to visit the country for a business trip in January and staying a bit long for powder hunting.

  56. Oh now that the Olympics are over they in a hurry to close up shop. Not like we had anything going on a month or so ago.

  57. Cases here have flat lined to almost nothing too. So something is working. Vaccines plus no infected tourists.

  58. I’ve been working on obtaining my Spouse Visa for about a month now (wife and son live in Japan, haven’t been able to see them since Feb 2020) I can’t believe this is happening all I wanted was to spend Christmas with my son.

  59. Japan cannot effectively close borders as american army will give no shit to their rule and bring virus to them as gift.

  60. Interesting Japan is one of those places like Sweden who seems yield to the constitution and not go overboard with police powers in 2020. I am afraid many others countries including the US particularly the coast states are going to take much more drastic measures restricting citizens activities in the coming months.

  61. The virus is not red or blue. COVID has no political affiliation. The pandemic will end eventually once all the unvaxxed have learned that.

  62. The news was about a change in immigration law to allow foreign blue-collar workers to stay indefinitely and bring family over, this border closure doesn't affect any of that as it is a different topic. What it will affect is international students, business travels and everyone else but tourists that was planning on flying to the country after it just had reopened its borders for them a few weeks ago. Very unlucky timing.

  63. Long term work visas ( greater than 6 months ) can get it with their families. It's just the tourists and short business visas for meeting type stuff that can't get in now.

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