China’s Xi promises 1bn COVID-19 vaccine doses to Africa

  1. When india/pakistan received masks from china, they were made from underwear clothes. I wonder what they'll put in those vaccines

  2. Right?! Like, dude, some people are acting as if the US was less of a psychopath than China and Russia. They all sucks in many ways, and are cool in many other ways.

  3. People forget there's a reason why everything countries send for charity always has American, European or Chinese flags in their package. So everyone knows who was so kind to help you.

  4. Yeah of course but that doesn’t mean we can’t be sinister. We have opposite ideologies. When we do something that benefits us of course we celebrate when they do it we get weary. You pick a side. If you value liberalism to the slightest, you pick the West.

  5. Why can’t we be adults and admit it can be both? Sometimes the motivation isn’t that important when the benefit of the action is there.

  6. Too busy trying to supply the US with 2 days worth of oil, so that he can save his image by some extra % points

  7. The US has already donated an absurd amount of vaccines because they purchased all the capacity early on

  8. We must Quickly build more American military bases in Africa to counteract this blatant Chinese vaccination invasion... The local people will call us heroes! Oh and will distribute some masks as well!

  9. China has been donating things to Africa for years to own the continent. Roads, highways, trains and other infrastructure. This is great news on Covid if it can happen. A place like the US could do the same but they dont have the long term patience to get the return on that investment.

  10. The US have been doing a lot of vaccine donation since Biden got in to be fair. And they do give a fuck ton of aid out. It's not like they just sit on their hands.

  11. Don't forget logistics. People somehow ignore the fact that Africa is fucking massive and it doesn't have the centralized nature China does, or even a fraction of it's infrastructure.

  12. Tbh I think there’s a lot of bot activity going on in this thread. Any move by any country to further vaccinate the world is great. But there’s a suspicious amount of “yay China” comments with no content to them that are highly upvoted.

  13. The difference is that the US only started donating vaccines after it realized its own population didn't want them...

  14. Fewer Covid carriers and fewer variants at Chinese borders and customs. Which is good for not only China but also most of the world.

  15. All. Natural ressources. Political . Military bases. Infrastructure.... Like always. But this time no need to debt trap. Just leak some viruses by Ill managing ...

  16. Historically, that's not the case. Yes, they do take the contracts for new roads and infrastructure, but that's beneficial for the country they're building in as well. I'm not saying it's a perfect deal by any means.

  17. The west has deserted Africa so China will buy the whole of mineral rich parts of Africa then they will rule with a rod of iron. The people of Africa will be Chinese slaves just like any others the Peoples Republican Army will see to that. God help Africa.

  18. All equipped with chips so they can sell everyone’s information and call them on the weekends from a “Likely Scammer” number

  19. I personally wouldn’t trust getting vaccinated from this assholes personal stash in a million year’s! He was sending Muslims to concentration camps and now he wants to help Muslims?? Doesn’t add up bud

  20. Whats the catch? No way a country like China or Russia does it for free. They want something just like they want to invade other countries lmao

  21. That was literally debunked, the company that tried that lost their license for overseas trade by the Chinese government, the port was returned, and a better deal was struck with debt forgiveness. Not everyone is as evil or predatory as the US and IMF.

  22. Great for Africa in the short term at least, bad for the world in the long term. Remember, the authoritarian CCP Chinese Government is basically committing genocide on it's own people (Uyghurs), kidnapping public figures (like the WTA star Peng Shuai), and trying to wipe out knowledge and discourse about anything that doesn't suit it. This is not a government we want gaining more power or influence, period.

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