Russia issues threat to GPS satellites

  1. I would rather go back to using maps then having Russia take down our internet too. They are all talk and no play at this point

  2. God MapQuest was so damned bad. It would get you like 90% there and fuck up one turn. Got me lost every time.

  3. Researchers just published a paper on the feasibility of using starlink satelites to determine location. It was not quite as good a GPS, but it was more than good enough. There are more starlink satelites than russia has missiles.....

  4. Me in the backseat with the Mapquest piece of paper at 14 during a road trip: "Okay now get off this exit and head south on the freeway"

  5. It'd impact global logistics, aviation, etc. It'd almost instantly create the worst global recession since the Great Depression. It'd probably unite the world more than ever, almost all against Russia for causing it.

  6. Interestingly Google maps uses cell towers, and for some time they wanted to use wi-fi ssids as well, not sure if they ever implemented that far though.

  7. I just don't see how shooting down GPS could possibly be seen as anything other than an attack that would trigger NATO's article 5 mutual defence obligation.

  8. Fuckin Russia. They are getting pretty riled up lately. In the past week I have had alot of rando accounts argue with me about Russia... usually I'm regards to stuff that has nothing to do with Russia. I still can't make full sense of it but it seems coordinated and I am sure I'm not the only one this has been happening to as of recent..

  9. China as well. They both have their face saver accounts arguing heavily in their favor against any comments that portray them in a bad light.

  10. Can you use “Putin’s regime” next time? Russia doesn’t really want this, his authoritarian ass is doing this to its own citizens and now the world.

  11. Yep noticed the same for the last few years especially. You should check out foundations of geopolitics on Google. Read the summary of the translation on Wikipedia. Pretty much a word for word play by play of the last 20 years. It was written in the 90s. It's also called putin's handbook.

  12. Perhaps rando accounts target you because you saying things like "Fucking Russia" and Russians may not like that? (Please note that I'm not saying "Fuck your country" in return because we have tons of jerks just like you in Russia a healthy amount of jerks in any country is fine).

  13. OK, my phone uses Magellan Galileo and GLONAS too. If they take out out critical military infrastructure I'll still know exactly where my phone is when we nuke them. Destroying this sort of infrastructure would elicit a terrible response.

  14. The US wouldn't use nuclear weapons unless someone else used them first, and even then the leadership would think carefully.

  15. If they did then it would also take out their sats as they basically share the space height. Think of the dammage a few thousands plus debris could do to all the other objects in the same slice of space.

  16. This. There would be so much space debris, it would likely take out all low earth orbiting sats. Including their own systems. For Russia, there would be no turning back from this. It would truly be the end of Russia as we know it.

  17. Putin is playing directly from Hitler’s playbook. Crimea is Austria. Eastern Ukraine is the Sudentenland.

  18. Lmao. Thats my only reaction to this. Talk about a way to unify a huge group of governments and their civilians against you. Russia would get fucked and get broken into even smaller pieces than what happened to the Soviet Union.

  19. good plan, blow them up so the only really reliable usable weapons will be the ICBM's with nuclear warheads and the good old b52 stratofortress bombers that carry nukes.

  20. This is hilarious because the US military has alternate communication channels. This will also negatively impact the civilian population.

  21. Blockades are usually considered an act of war .... if we did that WE would be starting a war .... and no one with any brains wants WW III ... because everyone dies in that.

  22. Putin's getting old and never got his glorious war with all the military toys RU created. So, hes trying to start some shit.

  23. I don't think the ASAT missiles could even hit a GPS satellite. All ASAT missile tests have been on targets a few hundred km up, GPS satellites orbit at about 20,000km. It's just Putin blowing smoke again, he's been doing it for decades.

  24. It is a stretch but Russia has rockets that could take several ASAT missiles to LEO and then have them launch from there, without all that dense atmosphere they might well be able to reach geostationary orbits.

  25. That's fucking Kiselev flapping his mouth, not "Russia issues". It's like whoever is the chief talking head on Fox is not US government. His whole deal is to rile up outrage with zero accountability, he says a lot of shit none of that is official stance of the government.

  26. Russias test destroyed a satellite in low earth orbit, about 500km altitude, wheras GPS satellites orbit around 20 000 km. So taking one down is clearly a different beast altogether, and while I'm not saying Russia can't do it, I would say they haven't demonstrated the capability.

  27. India, Russia, China, and US have operational ASAT systems. Russia flexing this muscle is ridiculous. I would guess this is more for internal propaganda.

  28. Yeah Russia, that's a bad idea. See the civilized world isn't interested in going back to mapquest, and would rather see Moscow leveled. This is how you get anyone who has a job where they travel as road warriors, to volunteer to fight in hand to hand combat.

  29. It's worse than navigation. Many telecom companies use GPS as the timing source for digital circuits. This would break significant portions of the PSTN.

  30. I still don't know how to navigate my city and I moved here 5 years ago, and it's all bc I'm a lazy bastard that just follows my phone. I know a one mile radius around me, but besides that I couldn't tell you anything about this city lol without my phone.

  31. How can we not militarize space at this point? As far as I know this would be impossible to stop without putting something in space to shoot them out of the sky?

  32. What the hell "said Russian Channel One TV host Dmitry Kiselyov" you mean the guy who comes up with the most propaganda made up nonsense, how can you make news articles based on that...

  33. Someone tell Russia that they’re risking their own satellites, rocket launches and cosmonauts in orbit with the debris they’re creating. Oh wait, they know and don’t care.

  34. This should be much bigger news than it is. GPS is critical to virtually everything our world depends on for logistics. Air travel, maritime fishing and shipping, and ground based shipping would be severely hampered by even an interruption in service or a reduction in coverage.

  35. This only makes sense in a conflict.The military have many independent systems just as many governments have invested in their own satilites.So the military is not going to be suddenly blind. However the world depends on the communication satilites for just about everything.This threat has been understood from day one ( strengths and weaknesses are part of every type of technology). What exactly is the threat? or is this a post sensationalising a more mundane statement? Something like,we recently tested an anti- satilite system and it works,( which apparently happened quite recently). Let's be realistic,if Russia does something remotely like that the first response would be to close the borders around Russia, including backing up Ukraine.This is counterproductive for Russia, she needs to keep selling gas and oil to keep the economy going , that door would be shut directly, this statement makes no sense

  36. Nothing quite like threatening a war crime with zero substantial military impact on an opponent if you don’t get your way.

  37. Seems like Putin is hellbent on starting WW3, just so he can be remembered as a prick, just like his Idol with the tiny mustache.

  38. There were several days filled with headlines "space debris killing everybody" and then a tiny headline "It wasn't that bad"

  39. I know a guy who even several years after living in his own city would use Google maps to get back to his own home .

  40. honestly can we get a quote on what exactly was stated and in what context, because this sounds like war/fear mongering coming from the publisher

  41. The Russian State media has been war mongering for a really long time. They're literally on-par with North Korea media in terms posturing.

  42. Remember when everyone shit their pants laughing at the space force? Then Netflix smugly made a whole fucking comedy series about it? And it bombed? Pepperidge farm remembers.

  43. We should work on high power laser defense systems. Systems that could guide high power laser beams to blow up anything the Russians can put in the air.

  44. The u.s. has a new system as accurate as g.p.s. that doesn't require satellites to work . If putting wants Russia economy to crater by all mea s screw with g.p.s. kinda hard to be a world power when no body buys your products like their oil & natural gas for one two that will garentee a n.a.t.o . Expansion and upgrade

  45. It wouldn't take much to screw up lower earth orbit for everyone. GPS is further out but theres probably a way with just a few strategic launches

  46. Remember Russia want to take over Ukraine. NATO said “over my dead body” so Russia is telling the western nations to mind their own business or else they will make life painful.

  47. Thanks Putin this is just what the world needs, more instability. We all know you're very smart though so please go ahead and blow up GPS. I can't wait to see how wonderfully that works for the human race. Thank you for your advancements and contribution to society.

  48. Would this be the actual satellites that are being targeted? I remember a while back reading about GPS interference tests Russia was carrying out. So I could imagine they'd deploy that on a large scale.

  49. And then the US would respond and wipe out all of the GLONASS constellation, and there would be so much space debris flying around who knows what would survive.

  50. One problem: if we end up in a war and start destroying our satellites, as both the USA and Russia have satellite defense weapons, could trigger a chain reaction and destroy almost all satellites and space stations that hover around the earth. Parts of a destroyed satellite could hit another satellite which would be extremely badly damaged and its parts could hit the orbit of another satellite and so on.

  51. Yes yes Kessler. And no almost certainly not. GPS satellites are geostationary. They are really really far. And not many of them.

  52. Go ahead, Russia, blow them up. I'm tired of this boring dystopia. That said, they fucking won't do it because they're weak bitches.

  53. y'all played the new Ace combat? spoiler alert, they do this and cause a collision cascade that fucks the whole world's satellite network. It's called kessler syndrome and it's honestly kinda messed up how likely it is to happen if we dont do something about space debris, let alone shoot down satellites.

  54. In the running for the most redundant threat ever. You'd assume taking out each other's space assets is close to the very top of the list both for NATO and RF in case of conflict.

  55. I was shocked by that stupid anti sat missile test. How kin thick do you have to be to blow another sat up in high orbit. I think it was like 600km or something. That shit will be up there for decades. Man everyone new they could do this anyway, what is the point? To lock the whole species out of space? Take my ball home I am not playing any more?

  56. Aren't we just fucking tired of the idiot Russia? It's like the class bully that can't grow up. It's fucking embarrassing to have to witness this shit. Again and again and again.

  57. I don't think the statement that "Russia now has the tech to bring down GPS" is a threat. It's a statement of technical capability. I bet my ass NATO can state that NATO is capable of destroying GLONASS and it wouldn't be a threat either.

  58. In essence they either can’t take out our GPS and it’s posturing to try and ward off NATO help when they invade Ukraine likely the same week China invades Taiwan just to dilute the help available to each, or they can. If they can neutralize our nukes mutually assured destruction is gone so our only possible deterrent policy is to reestablish it. We need to say when you take out the first one, we launch using the rest of the system. Scary times we live in. Duck and cover.

  59. Russia thinks other nations can’t do this? Russia is smaller than California economically. Time to start ignoring these morons.

  60. Russia knows that US Military systems are already have protected/contingency plans for lost or disrupted GPS signals.

  61. Messing with google maps would be probably be a good way to get all Americans to support going to war against them

  62. Maybe the US needs to threaten Russia more, maybe that will help. In WWII the US promised to help Russia. Instead, after the war the US helped Germany rebuild, the same Germany that killed millions of Russians. Watch The Untold History of the United States, and Why We Fight.

  63. Putin is just bored at this point. He has all the money in the world and can't enjoy it because he's made so many enemies, home and abroad, so now in his paranoid KGB mind he's itching for a new war. He's just one of many many other warhawks in history who are itching for blood, just like George W. Bush, who want war just for the sake of it.

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