Ukraine's president told Biden to 'calm down' Russian invasion warnings, saying he was creating unwanted panic: report

  1. Well, Ukraine is between a rock and a hard place here. If western countries don't do anything, Russians could just take another little piece of the country. But if they panic too much publicly, everybody will be scared of traveling to, investing, lending, or in general doing business with Ukraine.

  2. Ukrainian leaders are afraid talk of an imminent invasion are going to cause internal turmoil, and they don't want anyone to TALK about it because of that

  3. Ukraine wants it both ways, and I can't really blame them. They want to bitch at Germany for not allowing urgently needed weapons, but also they don't want the country simmering in panic for extended periods of time

  4. things suck in america because all our money goes to pointless military spending, so politicians/defense contractors are trying to shut us up by finding another issue to make a war out of

  5. Putin is attempting to limit foreign investment in Ukraine as doing so obviously hurts the Ukrainian economy. Zelensky may believe that US messaging is inadvertently helping Putin accomplish this goal.

  6. The US president would be blamed for sharing the view of his administration or not. He can't win on those grounds. So he might as well lean on his principles (not staying that I know what their are).

  7. I lost interest for a few minutes next thing I know Nukes are involved it's like they are trying to create headlines.

  8. At this point the real diplomacy is happening behind the scenes, and public statements like these are just as likely to be a way for Ukraine to save face (showing themselves to be anti-instigation) as they are to be some publicly leaked condemnation of their ostensible ally.

  9. The British comedy "Yes, Minister" had many great examples of this... I really ought to find out if there's a box-set or something. (Not streaming, because if it's a classic from 30 years ago someone might want access in another 30 :P )

  10. Talking with an uncle in taiwan a few weeks back about china and the whole war thing. Hes said only time people even talk about that is during election time or every 30min on american owned news. The american news makes it sound like china is flying sorties over taiwan. Look at taiwans ADIZ. Half of it is in mainland china and the "incursions" are literally at the very southwest corner. Almost no one is worries about an invasion.

  11. It is a big deal obviously but he also wants to make sure the Ukrainian economy and society don’t collapse just based on the fear of invasion. If you honestly were 100% convinced a foreign army would occupy your city would you bother going into work or school or would you be hoarding food, gas, medicine and trying to spend your money before it’s basically worthless? Zelensky wants to deter invasion but he also doesn’t want the Ukrainian society to collapse before a single shot is fired.

  12. Russia had 120k troops at the borders of Ukraine last year, it's about 130k now. This is worrying. But then again, Ukraine can mobilize up to 900k or so in 2 months' time. Maybe Russia wants Ukraine to start mobilizing and then pull a cold turkey and try this shit again and again until Ukraine either will become the boy who cried wolf or it will be significantly hurt economically. Both are win win for russia and they wouldn't even need to attack Ukraine.

  13. Russia shuffles troops every year. This year, they increased the troops count by 10k and only after Europe and US sent more military equipment to Ukraine, and this only happened when the media overplayed the threaten from Russia because there's nothing else for the media to rill up people. Basically, media scaled up the conflict and all nations aside Ukraine decided to play along to get some benefits out of this. Europe and US to sell more hardwares to Ukraine. Make no mistake, Ukraine still have to pay for all of these "support and help from Europe whole heart" equipment. Russia get to shut down Ukraine economic and stability and show Ukraine that they will die alone as neither US or NATO will send troops to help them. Ukraine is on a lose-lose streak here.

  14. France Germany Russia and Ukraine had peace talks this week. Nobody told the Biden admin and Biden called up Ukraine after MSNBC whipped him in to a panic.

  15. But this doesn't mean putin doesn't want something, he has actively requested every country near him to weaken themselves and devolve from NATO.

  16. Putin doesn’t get to tell countries they have to be buffet states for his “empire” though. It’s beyond arrogant.

  17. If anything it would be the media hyping the conflict. Biden has been actively trying to give Putin zero pretense to claim he’s invading. And now Putin is stuck; even a quarter measure is going to look terrible but also weak as hell. This seems like the best possible western posture right now. Keep in mind, diplomacy in the media is usually nonsense or posturing; all the major discussions are taking place quietly now.

  18. The last time Biden downplayed rhetoric about and preparations for the severity of a threat at the request of his foreign counterpart (Afghanistan), the capital quickly fell and he (Biden) was publicly excoriated …

  19. Except leaving afghanistan is something that should have happened 15 years sooner, and Russia invading Ukraine has nothing to do with the US

  20. Maybe a little panic is a good thing. Those 125,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s border aren’t imaginary— satellite imagery doesn’t lie.

  21. It's not imaginary, but Ukraine and other European leaders know that it's not exactly unprecedented. Russia's been massing troops on Ukraine's border on and off since hostilities began in 2014...

  22. You are correct. What I find amazing is how the US on one side and Ukraine/France/Germany on the other side come to so different conclusions looking at the same evidence. US is convinced that the invasion is imminent, Ukraine/France/Germany interpret it as saber rattling…

  23. I dont think panic is ever a good thing, even a little of it. Ukrainians need to feel prepared, not panicked. Panic will cause them to lose the conflict before it even begins.

  24. Satellite imagery doesn’t lie doesn’t seem that reliable. Don’t you think there is some tech to distort or manipulate satellites to see something that isn’t there or to not see at all?

  25. We never let a crisis go to waste. Maximum panic and confusion means certain interests get away with things they otherwise wouldn’t have.

  26. Coming from the guy this president of Ukraine who was screaming from the top of his lungs that Putin was going to overthrow him in a coup and kill him. Me thinks the pressure of being the president of Ukraine is getting to him.

  27. hey everyone remember in 2014 when Russian army was definitely not going to invade Dombas. And they definitely did not shoot down a passenger plane.

  28. Biden’s been flopping on almost every campaign promise. He’ll take any distraction he can find at this point.

  29. Maybe Putin is conspiring with China, biding time until they have their Olympics, after which they can both put NATO's nuts in a noose. China has already publicly sided with Russia in the past, but having their moment of Olympic glory is paramount to them... they dont want to spoil that by getting involved beforehand. I hope I'm wrong but find it a worrying/plausible scenario.

  30. Zelensky is a clown. He had 0 prior experience before taking the presidency. He was president in a Ukrainian drama TV show then ran under the same party name as the show. He's the Ukrainian equivalent of Kevin Spacey running for office with America Works and winning. Poroshenko who he beat in 2019 was in bed with monied interests but at least he wasn't soft.

  31. Well, Zelensky also cracked jokes about protesters getting beaten and compared Ukraine to a porn actress, dodged the military draft 4 times and has a habit of doing stupid populist shit on daily basis. His credentials are funny at best, after all he’s a comedian by trade. Don’t take him too seriously just because he may say something that sort of makes sense.

  32. Wasn't Ukraine the ones waving the Flag of danger in the first place? I don't recall the US randomly saying, "oops Russia is going to attack!" Biden then said, "aight...if they aren't attacking we will do something when they do" Ukraine was like: "noooo dont say that!!"

  33. Ok we dont want to go to war so could you ask them if they want to go to war because if they dont we dont but let them know if they want to war we will war but we didnt start this. Thanks.

  34. I mean any politician is gonna use an opportunity to distract from domestic issues, but the Russians aren’t putting 125k troops on the border as a campaign strategy for Biden.

  35. Ukraine is trying to manage panic. What they don't want is hundreds of thousands of people starting to flee for the borders. While US intelligence has had some recent failures they are very good at reading these type of situations. Our surveillance can can pick up incredible detail down to whether they are putting gas in the tanks. I think the US is correct in its warning and I think Ukraine is right in trying to manage panic.

  36. It's in his interests to downplay what's going on, because to do otherwise would cause mass panic in Ukraine and tank the economy.

  37. When we provide massive military aid to Ukraine or anybody else for that matter, the U.S. Treasury writes more checks to Lockheed, General Dynamics, Remington and all the usual defense contractors

  38. Man, just stop electing super old people as leaders, they're too set in archaic ways, and tbh this world belomgs to the newer generations

  39. Russia: Man, we were just gonna show off at the border and maybe invade a little but when the USA started to prepare to help Ukraine? That's what pushed us to REALLY invade. That point is the cause. Damn USA meddling again.

  40. IF hes not worried then why is asking and taking military hardware the U.S. since 2021 sent 650 million dollars worth of "Lethal Aid" not counting the 200 million.last week and Britain sent another 6.5 million.

  41. 12 tank divisions,15000 support personnel, AA, mobile artillery and armed Russian infiltrators, I’m sorry, SYMPATHIZERS on the Ukrainian border.

  42. Zelensky obviously has the most experience when it comes to what tactics Russia has used against his country. But the troop buildup is pretty difficult to ignore, and they already took Crimea.

  43. Good for Ukrainian President, he should know his own countries situation! We need more Ukrainian news.

  44. IMO what’s going on here is Ukraine does not plan to resist a Russian invasion, rather the current government will cede control back again to Russia rather than risk the massive destructive actions of the Russian forces and weaponry lined up on their border.

  45. The commander of British forces in Singapore in 1941 refused to fortify the northern border because “preparing for an invasion would be bad for morale.”

  46. What if/ Russia invades Ukraine at the same time China invades Taiwan? Some things are more important than money and power.. legacy!

  47. the issue is americans are so buried in propaganda they believe its pragmatic and level-headed to think that putin, (or on any other given day Xi, or Kim Jong-un) is a literal comic book villain, and en-mass rattle off the most absurdly stupid rationales on why any of this is happening

  48. So many people are saying this is not going to happen with russia I honestly dont know if Russia is gonna invade Ukraine But many say that its a way for biden to distract the public from other things his administration is failing on.

  49. Zelensky must face Putin himself for talks to remain valuable. It cannot appear that NATO and the US are the only things stopping Russia from invading. This allows Ukraine to stand on its own against an active Russian elite troop movements ***with medics. This was scripted by the US after Putin moved troops early this morning quickly to the line for a Blitz.

  50. This is the kind of stuff that makes me realize we have no idea what's actually going on. Where the hell does one get accurate information?!

  51. I feel bad for the people in Ukraine now protesting for peace. Their lives are at risk. Biden seems to lack empathy.

  52. When you try to stand up to a bully picking on a smaller kid in class but the smaller kid goes “bro you need to calm down” so now you’re just confused and embarrassed

  53. Hahaha, you know the narrative is falling apart when the people you're supposed to be "protecting" tell you to chill the fuck out.

  54. "(CNN)A call between US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday "did not go well," a senior Ukrainian official told CNN, amid disagreements over the "risk levels" of a Russian attack."

  55. Now that Afghanistan is done, US needs a new boogeyman so that Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and other private defense contractors can make a fuckton of money again.

  56. A new boogeyman? Russia has been our single greatest geopolitical foe since the Cold War. And the US is not the one ordering Russian troops to line up on the Ukrainian border.

  57. Love how they sensationalize the “calm down” part as if Biden is being over aggressive. When Zelensky really asked to stop the out loud messaging. At least Biden didn’t send a fire and fury tweet to Putin.

  58. Our Ukrainian president is literally an idiot, a clown and a puppet of the oligarch Kolomoisky, who is under investigation by the FBI

  59. Because the U.S. needs conflict to keep justifying the absurd amount of tax payer's money that gets handed to the military for war profiteering to keep those pockets full.

  60. Just because the US's prediction is causing people to panic doesn't mean it's at all inaccurate.

  61. This is not just a country to freak out, this is a very real situation and not one the United States is at fault for. Russia is on the borders this is absolutely true, they're moving medical supplies in place which is very very concerning . He does not want the population to panic. Understandably, but we are, I'm trying to get my girlfriend and the baby back from Odessa right now. She had to go to the embassy today in Kiev to see about her documents. Trust me at least us, we are concern.

  62. ‘World tells USA to chill out and that starting a war in Europe for a popularity vote in America isn’t in European best interest’

  63. More awareness of the situation raises the political costs Russia will pay if it invades or if other funny business happens. Now that most countries have called on Russia to stand down their troops, every day they keep up mobilizing they pay a political price to do so.

  64. It’s amazing to watch all this because it’s starting to feel like Biden is trying to jump into war to distract how poorly he’s polling at right now

  65. Ukrainian President doesn’t need anyone stirring the pot of war. A war would just be between NATO and Russia leaving Ukraine as a battleground. Ukraine is just the small fry being used by the 2 big bullies to pick a fight.

  66. Imagine if this was Trump...Reddit would crucify him for purposely causing panic...but, democrats can do no wrong on Reddit.

  67. This is why there was that top post the other day saying it’s not so bad in Ukraine. They’re trying to stop people from panicking, but it’s really bad there. It is escalating. I know they still want people to go to work, behave as normal, but they could literally be invaded anytime Putin wishes.

  68. The US and UK are thirsty little bitches - hungry to send the poor off to a war where they can fight for ideological freedoms. Biden is a Joke -world leaders know this. Who wants to go to war ? US GOV

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