/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 25, Part 1 (Thread #156)

  1. If I had to choose between who is more believable, Putin or Nestle I would take Putin. Between Ukraine and Nestle it's not even close. Nestle can get bent.

  2. Does anyone know the % of the vote required from NATO to agree to a peacekeeping mission? I can't seem to find the answer.

  3. If I'm not wrong, it's at the security council where Russia and China have a veto that such deicision is taken.

  4. No. I mean, putting everything else aside (and that's a lot), who would trust Russia to not just execute/torture those who do surrender?

  5. And as someone with Russian friends, I hope they have an awful time obtaining visas. Cowards. (I have Russian friends with family who have been arrested for protests)

  6. The bots are now trying a new font for their Russian genocide comment. As if that will keep them from being reported and deleted.

  7. Honestly if I were Russian I would be as well terrified by the arrests, but I would try some nifty protesting. Like I am thinking of putting on a t-shirt that says "no to war" or "stop war" (something generic and not directly linkable with the war but obviously hinting at it) and instead of amassing at a local square, just walk around the city doing "normal" stuff. Bonus if you get your friends/family to do it as well. Or a t-shirt with awful lots of blue and yellow tints.

  8. They arrested an 18 year-old college student for hanging a "no to war" banner from her dorm window, and have arrested people holding signs that said "two words" or were simply blank. They also detained, if not arrested, someone who was in support of the war who dared to talk to journalists near anti-war protests. You would have to be super-subtle to have a chance of avoiding arrest, I'm afraid

  9. Do Russians really believe that piece of shit Putin and his cronies is good for them? Most of Russia is a 3rd World country (pre sanctions and war) the only people making money were corrupt criminals doing as Putin said.

  10. Yeah, I'm sure people were quite annoyed with Churchill when he spent all of 1940 and 1941 begging for weapons while his country was under bombardment and the U.S. sat "neutral".

  11. What can happen is that Poland or Slovakia can send some of their units into Ukraine, while US units can backfill for them and hold down the fort at home. That way, the US can keep going "Not touching you Russia! Not touching you!"

  12. Any NATO member is autonomous. They can deploy as they see fit anywhere in the world. This is a tacit nod by the US to aggressive use of force by say Poland or the like.

  13. This just looks like it's saying that if NATO countries deploy troops inside Ukraine, it's not NATO, but those individual countries acting.

  14. Indirect support of logistics and information. Continue to support territorial integrity. Article 5 still in place. If Russia or Belarus attack NATO territory, then it's invoked. If they attack NATO Country troops within Ukraine, it might not be.

  15. The rough idea would be that if countries in nato send troops in and they engage in combat that wouldn’t be covered; however, should Russia launch an attack on their territories or would be. The idea is that these nations don’t have nukes so it’s not as risky to escalate, but they are protected but the US so as long as the conflict doesn’t go into Russia the risk of Russia attacking their territory is still low

  16. This is a reiteration of what has already been said - Poland and whoever can ask NATO to do a peacekeeping mission, but that isn’t going to happen. If Poland or whoever wants to enter the war, then they can.

  17. Putting troops in Ukraine is a choice countries can make on their own. Article 5 is defensive only, so an offensive move by a NATO country would not trigger it.

  18. I would say that they're free to join the war as sovereign countries, but Article 5 wouldn't go into full effect. However, since America is the linchpin of NATO, and the countries that seem the most willing to go have much smaller armies, we'd likely supply them with all the best stuff that they can operate.

  19. Article 5 is if they get attacked on their own territory. If they send in troops and they die it would not qualify as article 5.

  20. Regarding Mariupol, is there a chance they are trying to get a surrender because they are low on munitions? Or will they switch to more war-crimey tactics?

  21. Putin wants to make it look like any atrocities they commit are Ukraine's fault for not surrendering the city. He knows they likely won't surrender, which gives him an excuse to level what remains of the city.

  22. It is more that Russia wants to both encircle the Eastern Ukranian forces and reinforce Kherson. They cannot do that if they have to put their forces into taking Mariupol. Supplies do matter but right now the problem is that their army is simply spread too thin (which really makes you wonder how they ever expected to hold the country itself).

  23. It's pretty obvious why they want a surrender. A house-to-house urban warfare op to wipe out resistance could take months, when they need to replenish troops on other fronts.

  24. I just rewatched Bidens speech where he recognized the Ukrainian representative and said how brave they are, then immediately said nato would never ever step in. It just seems so cold and craven but I understand why

  25. An Austrian analyst said Russian troops have been sitting in Brest for months now, that positioning with the latest talking points coming from Pravda and Lavrov….

  26. Zelensky is a literal godsend for the Ukrainian people, their PR department is just on such a high level, while the Russians looks like absolute unhinged douchebags to the entire world.

  27. Well the русские have Lavrov. I wonder if he gets confused about wiping his mouth or his ass when he takes a shit. Shit is coming out of both ends.

  28. It was obvious weeks ago that Putins mafia couldn't control Ukraine, yet the idiot backed himself into a corner, there is no way out now for Putin botox head, to claim a victory here.

  29. If these are Russia's hypersonic missiles then the us is pretty relieved. These are only hypersonic technically and still very easy targets for our missile defense systems.

  30. For those thinking Russia will let Mariupol surrender, here's a quote of how Russia views the brave Ukrainian defenders:

  31. Whenever I read "Azov nazis did..." by Russian media I read "Russia did...". Makes it a lot easier. So Russia admittedly killing hundreds of civilians in Mariupol.

  32. Hey, don't be so cynical. They might let a few thousand people escape before "finding nazi Azov saboteurs" amongst the evacuees, sending them back, and then bombing it to hell.

  33. The Mariupol situation looks like it’s about to somehow even escalate worse. It’s pretty much hell on earth as it is.

  34. Gotta say kudos to the Americans here. Your tax paying dollars sending S-300s and Switchblade-300s (hopefully 600s too) might very well turn the tide in this war.

  35. If we're good for any one thing, it's being a kick-ass military power. Kind of a sad thing to be known for, but, unfortunately, it appears to still be necessary in today's world. :/

  36. As an American who's seen my country use its military in a lot of questionable foreign conflicts, it feels good to see us unambiguously on the right side for once.

  37. For the decades of crumbling infrastructure, decaying schools and expensive absurd health insurance, we better get something. Fuck.

  38. I hate seeing Ukrainians dying in this fight, but the alternative is America getting involved directly leading to WW3. Any expense going to fight Ruzzia is the best investment in what will be Putin's downfall. Glory to Ukraine.

  39. As an American I am pretty sure our support is equally split as pro Ukraine, pro democracy, and fuck Russia in this one.

  40. Putrid and his mafia will be on Raman noodles soon and for what? All that mafia of idiots has done is...bankrupt Russia, shown the World their army is useless in modern warfare, and united the West against them, and their energy sales (thats only Russia's main way of making money)

  41. Not many. But Azov knows the terrain and if you look at combat footage reddit, they are taking 5-10 russians for every soldier they lose. I dont support them from what I have read, but they certainly know their business.

  42. They're not "left wing" parties, they're parties tied to Russia. The largest one of the banned parties was led by a personal friend of Putin.

  43. I honestly wish we did that here in the US with Trump and most of the GOP (they’re constantly in praise of Putin and saying “both sides are to blame” in this conflict).

  44. It wasn't under the radar, he literally announced it in a speech. Also these parties still tried to promote russian interests during the war.

  45. I don't understand this position. Yes their losses are higher than anyone planned but they have most of the black sea coast at this point. If they break it will be economically or if someone takes out Putin, not because they are run off the field militarily

  46. Whatever they will do with Mariupol this is the end of Russia. Not in the war, sadly, but not even China would support them in the future.

  47. Putin will die sooner or later, and the power vacuum may be enough for Russia to remake itself in a new form. Then these crimes will be packaged as “Putin’s war”, and the Russian people will be portrayed as his unfortunate victims.

  48. We’ll see. China is hard to get a read on, and it’s not like they give a fuck abt crimes against humanity or whatever, what with the Uighers and all

  49. If you read between the lines it looks like the US is moving troops into NATO countries to backfill as they have done all the other weaponry which will enable NATO countries to move forward.

  50. Yes. If they could take it they just would. So they are blustering to try and get a surrender they cannot achieve with force.

  51. It's basically cover. They're about to fully Dresden the place and this is an attempt to shift the blame to the defenders. "See if you had just surrendered we only would have commited half of the war crimes!"

  52. Mariupol is in the Donetsk Oblast. I assume Palputin is trying to solidify his hold on Donetsk with the capture of Mariupol or will level the city out of sheer spite just to send a message to Ukraine and the world.

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