‘Motorcade of shame’: outrage over pro-Russia displays at Berlin rally

  1. It's just that idiots in other nations can hardly speak english, so you don't see them online unless you're from that specific country

  2. I'm convinced Russia is projecting about the Ukraine Nazis. I mean sure, some might be, but Germany is now their biggest economic Ally. And if I had to guess where the Nazis are, I might just start there!

  3. Calling an entire country‘uneducated morons’ when one can’t spell fascists correctly? lol the irony!

  4. Just yesterday, my wife sent me a photo of a whiteboard at her work, where some one wrote, “I love Mother Russia.” Then several others wrote, “YES!!!.”

  5. As a Russian who doesn't support the current regime, I am very tired of such Russians. They live in democracy, but they dare to convince the whole world that life in Russia is perfect under Putin. They even shit on Russian opposition, call them traitors. If I had an opportunity, I would have sent them to live in a small Russian town, where they wouldn't have constant access to clean water and medical help (European prisons often look better then Russian hospitals in small towns)

  6. This. I don’t understand the irony, supporting people’s misery and oppression while not wanting any of that for yourself.

  7. Wonder how long until our idiots pull that shit. Surprised it was even Germans who did this first and not Y'all Qaeda.

  8. It's more useful for Russia to cause this kind of dissension in Germany right now, and I'd bet big money that they're behind this like they were behind the "trucker" convoys in Canada, NZ, and the US.

  9. Well it’ll definitely be Y’all Quaeda. Russians in America wouldn’t do this bc, ya know….Americans are armed AF. Not worth the risk, I’d think

  10. It is a big deal when they harass the refugees arriving in Berlin under the protection of the police.

  11. Here in my city of L.A., a trucker caravan was planning on driving to the Superbowl smack in the center of the city to show their disapproval of Biden, and their support for Trump.

  12. Qnuts tried a rally in Atlanta ~year ago. They never showed up due to "credible threats." If Germans are getting tired of these turds in the punchbowl may I recommend threatening violence to them and their loved ones?

  13. Fun Fact: most russians in germany were germans that lived there after ww2 or are from caucasia (or somewhere else with the same war story).

  14. Well, all these mf’s should leave germany and should go to russia if they love it so much. Fuckin pricks.

  15. Germany has a huge problem with integrating immigrants generally and this is part of it. They tend to get more nationalistic the longer they stay here and the reasons for it are very complex.

  16. I'm not surprised. Berlin has a very large Russian immigrant community who have been here for ages and are very much still within the Russian information space.

  17. Oh come on. Confusion? All you had to do was have Russian and Ukrainian flags and people would have understood. Having only Russian flags?

  18. If idiots want to identify themselves as such by wearing/flying a Zwastika, better for the rest of us to know who the psychopath's among us are.

  19. Being someone who is friends with Russian American people it's time to distinguish between "Russians" and Putin's zealots.

  20. Quite the contrary, this approach has been in place for way too long, and it is now time to abandon it and face the reality: the vast majority of Russians are OK with this, from vocal support to gleeful embrace, silent acceptance, cynical indifference. The "bad government, good people" thing is ungrounded in this case, it's an empty platitude.

  21. That's a lot of people whos belongings could be confiscated and given to the ukrainian refugees, free flats and new jobs.

  22. Generalizing is the doorway to hate. "All Democrats", "All Republicans", "All Hispanics", "All Americans", "All Catholics", there's good and bad in everything and everywhere. This is just my opinion, it's still a free world so feel free to disagree.

  23. You are the only one using the "all" word. The point is that the vast majority of Russians are OK with Putin and/or the war. It's not a matter of opinion, it's an observable fact.

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