Palestinian activists ban ‘LGBT party’ in Ramallah

  1. But some uni kids once told me that being pro-LGBT is being anti-imperialist is being pro-Palestine! Has someone tried calling the Hamas diversity and intersectionality department? /s

  2. I’d say the fact Palestinians have had their land stolen and been ushered into open air prisons to be dehumanized and murdered the bigger issue than HAMAS.

  3. And they say the reason why the country is a shithole is because israel is bombing them. Newsflash, it wouldnt be an issue if they werent violently intolerant of everything including the LGBTQ community.

  4. Palestinian people have a right not to be run off their own land and treated like prisoners. They don't have a right to oppress sexual and gender minorities. That was incredibly easy for me to say. Not rocket science.

  5. Don't you have some Palestinian people to kick off the land where generations of their families have lived. You know, because a scroll from 4500 years ago says so?

  6. I don't understand why anyone on the left would support the extreme right wing, theocratic, terroristic and violent Palestinian cause. The Palestinians are not trying to set up a progressive utopia. They're trying to set up a theocratic, extreme right wing dictatorship, something that goes against everything the left believes in. It's time for the left to stop supporting this cause that does not represent the values of the left.

  7. Because they aren't white, I mean technically neither are Israelis but they are not typically considered an "oppressed minority".

  8. I think there's a difference between supporting the Palestinian government's actions and supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle against the oppression by the Israeli government. Someone doesn't have to be perfect or even good for you to recognize that they are being wronged.

  9. Because they're an occupied people, or people living under apartheid, or refugees from decades ago. Supporting self determination and decent living is a humane value, regardless of your political leanings. The Palestinian cause is not an extreme right-wing, theocratic one, just that some Palestinians are using those tools to achieve it. You can be left-wing and support the cause, while not condoning misguided ways to get to it.

  10. That is quite unfair. Beyond the politics, Ireland has huge support of Palestinian autonomy because we see them as a small group of people struggling for independence from bigger powers, and that reflects our own experiences. Same for Cuba and thr Kurds. This story does not reflect the diversity of thought or of people from there and your response is devoid of experience, knowledge or understanding.

  11. You can be anti-imperialist without particularly liking the country being imperialised. Hot take maybe, but a people should not be forced into an open-air prison and stomped on by a massive imperial boot repeatedly no matter what they believe. I'm trans and there's no way I'm stepping foot in Palestine, but I still don't support their oppression even if I'd very much rather they didn't treat LGBT people like shit.

  12. Preparing for the downvotes but I don't think a country's shitty policies after decades of disenfranchisement should be used to post hoc justify imperialism

  13. True and false at the same time. The Azov battalion only exists because of the Crimea invasion. Extremism starts to creep up when a national situation is dire. I think that the same thing can be said for Palestine. Hamas would not have been that popular if relations with Israël were fine.

  14. Also as if there aren’t many vocal pro lgbtq Palestinian activists. This is a typical pink-washing, smoke-screen by israel

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