Israel coalition agrees to dissolve, hold new elections

  1. The coalition was created with a very fragile majority of 61/120 stretching from capitalist religious Zionists to social democratic liberal secular labor Zionists to conservative Palestinian Islamists. Which makes it very fragile.

  2. They have a multi=-party system, so sometimes a government will win majority of the seats in parliament that allows them to push any agenda they want with little opposition they have majority votes via their party members. But in this case, multiple parties formed a coalition to get to the majority mark and with defections or 1 of the parties part of a coalition might not have been happy the way the government aka the Prime Minister was doing, etc. So, they pulled their weight and the government in power is now a minority. Since, there is no clear majority, they have to hold elections again.

  3. It was a fragile coalition, and in the last week they had to pass a very important bill that have to be passed every 5 years. So the government would allowed Israeli citizens who are in the WB (visiting and living) to be under Israeli civil law. So if a citizen get arrested in the WB he could brought up to court and for the citizens to be able to vote in the next elections.

  4. They lost the majority due to a handful of defections, and basically could not even pass the recurring authorization to occupy the West Bank/give settlers treatment as if they live in Israel proper and well now they'll have elections again.

  5. It's very very complex, I'll try to give you a short explanation, but you should be aware that some major parts of the whole will still be missing from it.

  6. The world is going to have a shit fit. The world sees Netanyahu as a Putin/Trump gang member. So does the Israeli left.

  7. Not necessarily. The polls still show Israelis split down the middle. If the parties consolidate again, they might be able to regain control.

  8. The closed list system with no districting is pretty much built to fail if you don't have absolute majorities after an election.

  9. going on another election? things heating up at the southern border? corona starts spreading once more? man it sure feels like 2021

  10. That is exactly why you don't have proportional representation in elections. You just get coalition governments that don't agree with each other and have elections every half year. 🙄

  11. Still better then a 2 parties election system imo, where you vote for the party you can tolerate the most; not the one who aligned with your ideologies.

  12. Not really.. she and Bennet are two of the most hatred people in Israel as of now. Most likely both of them will have no political future or any public roles of any sort (at least for Bennet not as his current party leader.. maybe Lapid will add him to his party tho)

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