Czech Republic Selects F-35, Plans To Order 24

  1. No doubt the aircraft is worth every penny but where are these EU nations getting the money to drop on these aircraft?

  2. The Czech Republic had a GDP of 280 billions USD in 2021, they are not some third world country on the verge of starvation so I'm sure they can come up with a financial plan to pay for a couple dozen F35. Especially since these payment are usually made over many years.

  3. All nations have baseline defense spending. So even when Greece or whatever is struggling to pay debts, it’s still spending 1-2% of GDP of defense, year after year. A lot of the times these are figures that are written right into the constitution. Every year they have to spend 2% of the gdp on something for defense.

  4. They're F35s not imperial stare destroyers. They run about 80 million a pop, so ya for Greece or the Czechs these are big budget items but within budget.

  5. Members of NATO are required to spend certain percentage of GDP on defense, it doesn't matter whether they are in debt or not. Most of them still don't. I believe only Poland and USA actually reach the target.

  6. Except it isn't. The programme itself has been a lumbering and expensive mess at times, but the end product is good.

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