'Even Russians expect defeat,' says Zelenskyy As the war enters its sixth month, the Ukrainian president vows his forces will "inflict the highest possible damage on the enemy."

  1. We're only 5 months into Putin's 72-hour special military operation and everything is still going to plan, mkay?

  2. The average Russian loses no matter what. This war is incredibly expensive, they will pay for the war for years to come, their country became even more totalitarian, they may have lost friends or family already, and everything in life will be made much more difficult.

  3. Russia needs a societal revolution more than political one this time though. No civilized society can function properly with a nihilism and rejection of objective morality on such scale, which Russians seem to have engraved into their daily life.

  4. Red Dawn needs a remake where instead of Russia's invading all the US, it's one shitty country town, and they can't even succeed at that.

  5. Well it would be the first, since the October Revolution kicked off on the 7th of November. It's only because Russia was still using the broken Julian Calendar rather than the Gregorian Calendar that it appeared to happen on October 25th.

  6. and there I was thinking Ukraine was gonna go down in just a week or two, thinking it was gonna be guerilla warfare going forward.

  7. Highest possible damage without killing them would be the best. That way russians will see how much their country cares for war invalids. Streets filled with homeless peope with mutilated limbs.

  8. Absolutely true. Imagine if he'd been captured, murdered or just fucked off to another country to save his skin. His impact on the country should never be underestimated. He is everything the pathetic little man in the kremlin wishes he could be. And he rallies his citizens to a level the russians could only dream of.

  9. Ukraine is doing the unthinkable. They're standing toe to toe with someone tens time bigger and they're holding their own. The courage and determination of the Ukrainian people is outstanding - they revolted against a puppet government in 2013, have been in a quasi-state of war since 2014, and in 2022 are outright fighting for their independence.

  10. Spoken like a true proxy warrior. The only group that is benefiting from this war are defense contractors who get to build more boom boom toys for boys with small egos.

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