Russia will only use nuclear weapons to defend sovereignty: Putin

  1. You can't be too far from the truth to even know that, existential war of what? They've been around way before the US came to be.

  2. So they plan to make votes of the property of Ukraine then they will consider it to be part of Russia and if Ukraine tries to take it back they are then going to threaten to use nuclear weapons.

  3. We are not threatening anyone but if you interfere ‘you will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history’

  4. Crazy to think how short the timelines are, many Russians today have parents who marched west, took land and held it just long enough for their kids to believe they still have a right to it. Propaganda seen as history can do some wild stuff

  5. They’ll claim the parts of Ukraine they invaded and stole from the Ukrainians belong to Russia, then nuke Ukraine for “threatening (Russian)…sovereignty” by trying to reclaim what rightfully belongs to Ukraine. And of course, the countries that provided weapons to Ukraine? By extension they threatened Russia’s sovereignty, too…

  6. Its obvious that there are going to be "Totally legitimate™ " referendums in the occupied regions of Ukraine and when the results come back in russias favour, they will claim that any attempt to re-take the land constitutes an invasion of russia. Nobody is going to believe it, but that's what they are going to do.

  7. Well said. Countries like Finland, Poland and Lithuania have been too close to the Russian border for too long, right?

  8. Failing to reply with a tactical nuke to the usage of the tactical nuke would lead to nuclear apocalypse. You cannot ever permit the use of tactical nukes. If Russia throws one nuke at Ukraine, if no one fires one nuke back at an equivalent target then it's all over as it means Russia will see this as a permit to nuke whoever they want and their neighbours get to deal with the fallout.

  9. I'll be honest. Ukraine doesn't really matter at all. Russia could wipe their entire population off the face of the map, and the news cycle would find something else to focus on by the end of the year.

  10. Right well Russia already claims land that isn’t theirs. What happens when they claim more and more land to only then say they’re “defending” themselves

  11. Why does Putin keep going on about fucking nukes. Like the world knows you have nukes, big whoop, stop goin g on about it already

  12. You can keep that crappy cold ass place you call a country. We don’t want it. It’s so bad there you keep trying to get out. Just STFU and quit invading your neighbors.

  13. The funny part is that no one wants to invade Russia. And to add to that if it keeps fighting the West the East may start to gain economic power inside Russia basically taking it over (belt roadway, debt traps).

  14. Or if we feel our sovereignty is threatened…or if he want to threaten someone’s sovereignty…of if we feel insulted…or if it’s a Tuesday.

  15. So in other words since he sees Crimea as Russia, any attack on Crimea is a reason to use nukes... So either he is scared that Ukraine will win and reclaim Kherson

  16. The whole arc here is to "annex" land from Ukraine and then call it Russian sovereign land. That's what it's all headed towards. Then, what to do at that juncture?

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